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The Codex of Roguelikes

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Occasionally Fatal, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. dextermorgan Arcane

    Aug 24, 2009
    ^Beat me to it. I have a long bus ride tomorrow, will try to explore it a bit and post impressions.
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  2. dextermorgan Arcane

    Aug 24, 2009
    Found this while googling something Cataclysm related. It's not roguelike-specific but there's tones of them there.
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  3. Emily Arcane

    Mar 21, 2012
    Anyone knows some game similar to Elona? (semi roguelike I guess. But also has life simulator, guilds, arena, rank progression, story etc )
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  4. TripJack Prestigious Gentleman Hedonist

    Aug 9, 2008
    i have seen several people say that Elona is comparable to or was influenced by ADOM??
    never played elona (animu is gross) so i have no idea how accurate that is +M
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  5. Emily Arcane

    Mar 21, 2012
    it is not animu at all, other then portraits but those can be made custom anyway. Yes it was influenced by ADOM but it is very different, it has some systems from it tough, and the way spells work
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  6. Damned Registrations Prestigious Gentleman Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist

    Damned Registrations
    Feb 24, 2007
    If anything I'd say something like Unreal World or Cataclysm DDA are the most similar. It's the open world aspect that really sets Elona apart imo. Nothing I know of is really similar though; Elona broke a lot of moulds, wrapping together random and set dungeons/towns, trading and various non combat skills, a material based random equipment system, and a ton of very random shit.
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  7. Emily Arcane

    Mar 21, 2012
    I played unreal world already, It was good but it lacked challenge/goals. After the initial hardship of obtaining food there is nothing left.
    Havent played Cataclysm though so I might try it.
    It is too bad I have never seen anything similar to Elona as well, it boggles my mind that such a game even exists. I hear that the original author is not making it anymore which is a damn shame.. 10/10 game if I ever saw one Elona would qualify for it.
    I played Elona+ a bit, but vanilla is much better, at least in my opinion, much more focused. While Elona+ adds so much shit it turns game much easier and makes you OP
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  8. Grimwulf Arcane Patron Vatnik

    Oct 1, 2014
    Kodex Kommunistic Kastle
    Yarr! Unreal World 3.20 is coming. Beta is already availiable for lifetime supporters. Since others don't even get to see changelog, I'll share it with Codex. Coz URW is fucking great.

    Show Spoiler

    Version: 3.20 (beta)

    ** Saved characters from version 3.18-> are compatible with this version. **

    - SLD 2 migration accomplished - freely resizable game window, compatibility and future

    UrW now uses SDL 2, SDL_image 2 and SDL_mixer 2 libraries. Migration to SDL 2 is
    necessary to allow bigger graphics overhaul to take place in the future and to remove
    several bottlenecks and compatibility problems in handling the keyboard and graphics.

    From developer's point of view SDL 2 migration stands as an investment for the future.

    From player's point of view the three most notable changes from moving to SDL 2 are:

    * Game window is now freely resizable. (But otherwise there are no changes in
    graphics or screen layout.)
    * Variety of graphic initialization and full screen problems are history.
    * Keyboard layout related problems (eg. DVORAK) are history.

    - added: configuration option to set preferred resizing mode

    LOGICAL_RESIZE option in urw_ini.txt defines if the logical size and aspect ratio
    should be maintained upon resizing the window or not.
    Possible values are YES and NO. It's set to YES by default.

    - setup menu removed - everything is now configured via urw_ini.txt

    All the configuration options are now set by editing urw_ini.txt in the installation
    folder. The actual setup menu has been removed from the main game-screen, but setup
    selection remains only to display info to go edit urw_ini.txt.

    Self-explanatory setup menu options now appear urw_ini.txt as follows:


    - added: scandinavian letters allowed in character names

    In character folder names scandinavian letters are encoded to hex values.

    - changed: character loading menu shows true names of the characters

    Previously it showed (the first 8 letters of) character folder names.

    - added: an incomplete list of credits to main menu

    - added: true crop cycle for villages - harvesting, stocking and sowing

    All the villages now properly harvest their fields, stock the products and sow the
    fields again in the spring. Villages start harvesting the crops as soon as majority of
    plants have ripened, and continue until everything has been harvested.
    Start of the harvest season is first noticed by bundles of turnips appearing in the villages,
    followed by peas, and then beans and grains.

    Pod type plants are stored in bags, root vegetables are just stocked somewhere on their
    own and seeds are stored in boxes and baskets. Notice that not all the containers are necessarily
    completely full. Availability of farm products and seeds in villages is naturally most abundant
    in autumn, reserves will be consumed during the winter, and there's usually only little left in
    the spring. And yes, you can now also get seeds from the villages.

    Crop cycle is maintained year after year if there's sufficient population in the village.

    - added: two new containers - birch-bark box and birch-bark basket

    * birch-bark box

    Light and small container which villagers use for storing small seeds. It can hold 1 lbs.
    There's a separate graphic tile for this item:
    (tile drawn by Brian Shapiro)

    * birch-bark basket

    Rather large container which villagers use for storing big seeds. It can hold 15 lbs.
    There's a separate graphic tile for this item:
    (tile drawn by Brian Shapiro)

    - adjusted: container capacities

    Wooden tub can now hold 10 lbs. (was 8 lbs)
    Bag can now hold 20 lbs. (was 10 lbs)
    Wooden bowl can now hold 6 lbs. (was 4 lbs)
    Wooden cup can now hold 3 lbs. (was 2 lbs)

    These factors only apply to newly created items. Containers that were created in earlier versions
    have the old capacities.

    - added: proper empty container weights and load calculations

    Containers didn't really have their own effective empty weights and attempts to calculate true
    loads of filled or emptied containers were confusing and failed. Now containers have proper empty
    weights and load calculations are working properly.

    These factors only apply to newly created items. Containers that were created in earlier versions
    probably now have zero empty weight.

    - balanced and checked: farm product values

    No changes in grain price.
    Root vegetables prices have been doubled.
    Pod type plant (beans and peas) prices are increased by 50%.
    Flour value has been halved, and it's now about 50% more valuable than the grains itself.
    Small seeds, such as turnip seeds, aren't considered very valuable and have a low nominal price.
    All the foodstuff prices are foremostly based on their true nutritional value, but these few
    adjustments give better balance to relative prices of these farm products.

    - adjusted: seed weights

    Turnip seeds, and other small seeds, are now lot more lighter than previously.
    There are some balancing in pea and grain weighs too, but those aren't dramatic.

    - added: "Stop your tasks" companion command

    This makes your companion to stop all the tasks he/she was doing.

    - added: group commands for pets and companions

    You can now give group commands to your pets and companions eg. to make them
    all attack the same target at once.

    * group commands for pets

    Group command mode can be activated after you've chosen to talk or shout to one
    of your dogs. If there are multiple dogs within sight or hearing range "Group
    command" selection appears in animal commands menu. After you've activated it
    the command you then choose will be given to all the dogs in range.
    'Eat' and 'Attack' are possible group commands for dogs. Eat command still requires
    first talking to a dog in your sight.

    * group commands for companions

    Group command mode can be activated after you've chosen to talk to one of your
    companions. If there are multiple companions within a close range "Group
    command" selection appears in companions commands menu. After you've activated it
    the command you then choose will be given to all the companions in range.
    'Attack', 'Fell trees', 'Make a fire' and 'Stop your tasks' are possible group
    commands for companions.

    - added: an option to ask NPCs what they want in a trade

    There's now "What of my items you'd prefer in this trade?" chat option available
    during trading. Upon using it NPCs will let you know the items they prefer, or
    how they feel about the trade in general. Regardless of what they say you can still
    offer any items you want, but usually their thoughts and wishlists are good and
    fair advises.

    - balanced: robber demands and speaking them out

    * You can now ask robbers what items they want exactly. This helps to decide whether
    you really want to hand over your goods or not.

    * Robbers demands have been reasoned and can vary

    In general robbers now prefer value and quality over quantity. Even if you a had
    lots of gear with you robbers are usually satisfied with a dozen of most precious
    ones. Most importantly they don't want to rob all of your clothes and armours
    anymore, but only the most valuable ones. There's also variation in robber's
    demands and some can be happy with only a few very valuable items.

    - added: seals!

    There are two types of seals: the ringed seal and the grey seal.
    Both live in the sea and can be found on all the coastal regions of the UnReal World.
    The grey seal is more common than the ringed seal.
    (In reality certain subspecies of ringed seals should exists in big lakes of Kiesse too,
    but adding them stays for later.)

    Seals spend most of their days in the water but do regularly come ashore to rest
    and pass time in certain locations. During open water season they rest on rocky surfaces
    of the utmost skerries and islets of the sea. In the winter they do live near the edge
    of the ice, spending the lazy hours on the ice.

    For more information about the seals see game encyclopedia entries [F1] for RINGED SEAL
    and GREY SEAL.

    * Meat yield from seals is very low compared to their weight, but their fat yield is

    * Seal-tribe village restocking has been adjusted to feature a proper level of seal
    furs and meat.

    To allow compatibility with modded tilesets there's a separate sprite files for seals:
    truegfx/av_gseal.png, truegfx/av_rseal.png

    - added: aquatic animals can dive under the water

    They do it especially when escaping. As diving animals disappear from your sight they
    are pretty much impossible to be hunted while diving.

    - added: feathers

    Skinning a bird now also gives you its' feathers. Number of feathers obtained depends
    on the bird size and ranges roughly from 12 to 100. It's assumed that you want to keep
    only the good wing and tail feathers.

    * You can also find naturally dropped feathers.

    * Feathers are categorized as tools.

    * Crafting an arrow now requires three feathers per arrow. Crafting a blunt arrow now
    also requires tying equipment as the feathers need to be attached to the shaft.

    To allow compatibility with modded tilesets there's a separate sprite file for feathers:

    - added: new birds

    Raven, goshawk, hazel grouse, kuikka, goldeneye, willow grouse and eagle owl.

    Find briefing of the new birds below and see their game encyclopedia [F1] entries
    for more info.

    * Raven

    Ravens prefer extensive areas of forest and exist throughout UnReal World in rather
    scarce number. They are mainly scavengers feeding on carcasses of dead animals, but
    their diet may also vary widely and ravens can be considered quite omnivorous.

    * Goshawk

    Goshawks are strongly built hawks. They nest in older forests throughout UnReal World
    and hunt other birds and small mammals, sometimes as large as hares. Goshawks are
    migratory birds, leaving in late autumn and returning in spring.

    * Eagle owl

    The eagle owl is a very large owl. They have large heads with striking ear tufts and
    fiercely glowing orange-coloured eyes. Eagle owls breed in scarce number in forests
    almost throughout UnReal World, except for the unforested mountainous areas of the
    extreme north. Eagle owls are birds of prey and hunt hares, small mammals and birds.
    They are active at night and very efficient hunters.

    * Willow grouse

    Medium-sized and least numerous of all the forest game birds, but nevertheless found
    all around UnReal World and commonly hunted for meat. Willow grouse can thrive in
    very diverse terrain, but primarily occupies sparse pine forests, mires and slopes
    of cliffs and fjells. They are accustomed to cold, harsh and rugged environment, but
    favour having birch and alder trees around their territory.

    * Hazel grouse

    The smallest and the second most common forest game birds found in Unreal World.
    Adults mate in early spring and nest on the ground.
    They prefer thick forests with both conifers and leaf trees.
    In thick forests hazel grouses can survive better from goshawks.

    * Goldeneye

    Common aquatic birds breeding around inland and marine waters.
    Goldeneyes are migratory birds. They leave in autumn and are among the first migratory
    birds to return in early spring.

    * Kuikka

    Kuikka is a rather large aquatic bird named after its' distinctive call.
    Kuikka breeds throughout Unreal World by wilderness lakes with clear water.
    It eats fish, typically perch and roach. Kuikkas are migratory birds, leaving quite
    early in autumn and returning in spring.

    To allow compatibility with modded tilesets there are separate sprite files birds:
    truegfx/av_goshawk.png etc.

    - added: audio samples for birds

    Now we can actually hear ravens, goshawks, swans, kuikkas, hazel grouses and eagle
    owls calling.

    How talkative the birds are depends on the species and time of the year.
    Hazel grouses are most talkative in the spring and late summer, eagle owls call almost
    exclusively n the winter, kuikkas keep calling mostly during early summer season etc.

    - added: birds lay eggs

    All the ground nesting birds now lay eggs. Depending on the species eggs are laid in
    Swidden month (April), Seedtime month (June) or Fallow month (July). Aquatic birds
    lay eggs on islets and skerries, or nearby the shore among vegetation, and finding
    their eggs is relatively doable if you have patience. Eggs of forest birds are much
    harder to find.

    Of the forest birds capercaillie, black grouse, willow grouse and hazel grouse all
    nest on the ground.

    (Traditionally mostly the eggs of ground nesting birds have had importance to eke
    out diet. Eggs of tree nesting birds is a curiosity that was intentionally left out
    this time.)

    - overhauled: animal populations

    Creation of animal populations has been thoroughly checked, adjusted and balanced.
    These adjustments concern not only the commonness and relative number of animals, but
    also their natural habitats. Frequency of big game remains quite the same as it was,
    and most notable changes are seen in populations of small animals and birds.

    In general you can now expect more varied and greater number of wildlife to exist in
    the world, but natural habitat of animals has a much greater role than before. You
    can't expect to find any forest animals in any type of forest.

    Few examples:
    Gluttons and ravens prefer large intact coniferous woodland areas.
    And so do pine-martens - but they also like cliffs and caverns nearby their home
    forests. Badgers mostly occupy mixed or leaf tree forests - preferably with some
    wetlands nearby. Weasels aren't too picky about their habitat as long as there's enough
    trees and vegetation to provide coverage - but they tend to avoid too open areas.
    etc. etc. etc.

    With balanced and overhauled animal populations in use you are bound to find more
    animals and more different species within smaller area than before. It's possible
    that an area of 5x5 wilderness tiles (500x500 meters) can have a dozen of different
    forest birds, three hares, two squirrels, a fox and a badger around. It's possible -
    but naturally not always the case. And despite of more wildlife existing it's not
    evident that you'll get to spot it from a close (or hunting) distance.

    To learn more about changes in habitat and population adjustments see updated
    game encyclopedia [F1] pages for:


    Even though artic foxes are most common in the north they can be now met also
    elsewhere. Even back in 1800's arctic foxes have been said to be somewhat common
    in southern Finland so we assume that some populations have wandered and existed
    all around UnReal World. NPCs of other than northern cultures can now also stock
    artic fox furs.

    - changed: arrows are now slightly more valuable (because of feathers in the mix)

    - added: all cutting weapons work for cutting carcassess - but knife is preferred

    You get fewer cuts from the carcass when using other than a knife.

    - added: hauling information messages if you try to haul items while wading

    Hauling while wading isn't possible, but there was no message to clarify this.
    Now the game tells you that it's not possible and suggest to push items to the shore

    - added: sauna stove

    There are no fireplaces in saunas anymore, but sauna stoves instead. Sauna stove
    appearance and usage is similar to fireplace. Having this new sauna stove tile has
    no specific usage yet but preceeds the future sauna related improvements.

    - improved: lighting effect of fires

    Lighted area is now roundish and its' radius depends on size of the fire. As the fire gradually
    goes down you also see decrease in lit area. This affects to both campfires and lit fireplaces.

    - added: precise time passing featured on bunch of new tasks

    Added for general diy crafting, making and repairing clothes, timbercraft tasks (logs,
    boards, firewood etc.), hideworking tasks (cleaning, curing, tanning), digging a pit,
    preparing the soil, grinding flour.

    - added: option to stand still until not fatigued

    This option is available in movement and rest actions menu, or can it be activated
    by [ALT] + [-] hotkey.

    - added: unpaid category & standardized hotkeys to inventory filtering

    * There's now "unpaid" category within inventory filter menu (TAB) showing all
    your unpaid/taken items.

    * Shortcut keys for item types have been standardized.
    w - weapons, a - armours & clothing, c - containers, h - hides & skins etc.

    - added: direction is told in sound based messages

    Eg. "You hear a tree falling down in the east.", "You hear rustle of wings from
    the north." etc.

    - changed: e[X]changing weapons now costs a turn

    - changed: raw meat and raw fish now floats

    To avoid accidentally losing meat or fish when operating with a kill or catch by
    the shore.

    - modding fix: incorrect weight of modded [patchwise] cookery items

    For example:
    If you made batch of 5 cookery items which required 2.5 lbs of raw materials
    all together you got 5 cookery items each weighing 2.5 lbs - even though you
    should have gotten 5 cookery items each weighing 0.5 lbs. (2.5 / 5 = 0.5)

    - changed: only the items that don't float can be buried in bogs

    - removed: wheat bread

    Old item which didn't fit in the word. There's no wheat.

    - fixed: cave crashes (specifically with .rpm package on Fedora)

    - fixed: location with traps spawning copies of earlier creatures at the area

    It was very rare occasion, but when triggered you could have same type of NPCs
    spawning at the area day after day.

    - fixed: container price wasn't taken into account in item price calculations

    - fixed: villagers knowing your breaches without seeing you in action

    Sight check was broken which caused villagers to magically be aware of your minor breaches
    such as harvesting their crops or building a fire. Minor breaches are now properly based on
    NPC sight so if they don't see you in action they don't know you did it. You still shouldn't
    try to push your luck by building fires or felling trees near the village center, because
    the guilty one is sometimes also easily guessed.

    - fixed: light from fires shined through obstacles

    Fires use line-of-sight mechanics now, and the light from fires reaches only where it
    actually can.

    - fixed: hiding mode not cancelled when hauling items

    - fixed: "source of livelihood" game course task was weight based

    Now true nutritional value of the food you are carrying is taken into account.

    - fixed: fighting leashed pets not following the player character

    - fixed: wooden tub price decreased (to one third)

    - fixed: multiple entries for "human shaped figure in distance" displayed (so that you
    can't guess if a world map wanderer is actually party of robbers)

    - fixed: being asked if you want to swim when entering zoom maps with deep water

    Character was properly located on dry land, but the question appeared nevertheless.

    - fixed: "impact doesn't penetrate your armor" displayed for unarmoured characters

    There's now "The impact doesn't hurt you." alternative.

    - fixed: repairing a piece of clothing with itself

    - fixed: bug potential with old animals getting removed from zoomed-in maps

    There was a vulnerability which might have caused old animals to rarely disappear from
    zoomed-in maps. It's secured now and animals should never just disappear suddenly.

    - fixed: rowing mode got cancelled when moving without a paddle or sesta in launched watercraft

    This resulted in watercraft not being properly transported with you between world and
    zoom maps.

    - fixed: it was possible to start hiding while rowing, swimming, or hauling items

    - fixed: spots of lichen or other ground cover appearing in the water - old topography bug.

    - fixed: nettles (and other grass plants) worked as {hemp} in diy requirements

    - fixed: tied pets sometimes followed you onto world map and got stuck there

    This fix isn't verified, so report back if this issue still persists.

    - fixed: pets staying on burning fires

    - fixed: birds couldn't fly over high cliffs

    - fixed: being able to set nets on ice if there was a hole in the ice nearby

    - fixed: saving between midning and morning caused various morning related checks to be
    skipped the next morning - you couldn't milk your cow, wounds didn't heal,
    skill flags weren't reset.

    For migrated characters a bugged morning check skip may occur upon reload if you
    had saved between midnight and morning, but after the next save it's all synchronised
    and fixed.

    - fixed: injury score from old injuries occasionally being added to new frostbites

    - fixed: NPC crops growing in water (on fields next to a lake)

    - fixed: robbers picking up items they couldn't carry made the items disappear

    - fixed: wilderness location where angry villagers or robbers might throw you away not
    properly randomized

    Previously only the north-west location was chosen, now there's proper randomized

    - fixed: free sauna items

    Sauna scoops and tubs of water aren't free to take anymore.

    - fixed & balanced: skiing and walking in the snow

    * In addition to being fatiguing, walking in the snow is now also about 20% slower.

    * Skiing skill matters and skiing is now also fatiguing, but always faster and easier
    than than walking in the snow.

    Now your skiing skill determines how fatiguing it is for you to ski. The more
    skilled you are, the less of an effort it is to ski. Only highly skilled skiers get
    close to zero fatigue accumulation anymore, but skiing skill still improves quite
    fast so most characters can build up decent skiing skills during single winter.
    In any case skiing is always faster and less fatiguing than walking in the snow.

    * Skiing is cancelled and you are notified to remove your skis when the time of the
    year doesn't suit skiing.

    - fixed: food in NPC villages/camps never spoils - old exploit

    - fixed: setting bait to a direction you can't see wasted the bait

    - fixed: hauling not cancelled when pushing a hauled carcass

    - fixed: skinning ignored carcass beneath another one

    - fixed: being able to build ceiling and floor on the same tile where it was already built

    - fixed: "and X more..." not calculating correctly the number of items being prepared

    - fixed: hiding from robbers was impossible during the phase when they come to talk to you

    - fixed: missed shots that hit a group member of the original target didn't cause
    a morale check

    - fixed: sleeping or unconscious creatures prevented hiding

    Entering hiding mode wasn't possible if you were in "sight" of sleeping or unconscious

    - fixed: shield protection glitches

    They protected too much in neutral position and too little when held on the left side.

    - fixed: cancelling tasks skipped the possible morning maintenance and physical condition

    - fixed: creatures standing on cellar were invisible

    - fixed: when milking into a container filled with water the contents weren't emptied first

    - fixed: small animals (eg. squirrels and hares) being able to wade

    - fixed: foreign traders messed up item tags in the villages and made the items

    - fixed: location selection dialog closes when choosing a location you can't see

    - fixed: villagers stocking stale food

    - fixed: skin not obtained if skinning got cancelled during the last minute

    If the skinning task got cancelled due to exhaustion (or whatever) at the very last
    moment of the skinning process you didn't obtain the hide, but the animal was still
    marked skinned.

    - fixed: spoiled food items occasionally not stacking

    This was related to markers of their original quality. The conflicting markers are now
    cleared upon spoilage. Notice that the old non-stacking spoiled food items your
    character may have will remain non-stacking.

    - fixed: stale tag persisting upon cooking

    You might get "Roasted stale perch" etc. Now stale tag disappears properly upon
    cooking, and the results of cooking stale food items aren't delicious.

    - fixed: waking up to strange noises when falling asleep from exhaustion while rowing
    or running

    - fixed: animals might freeze for moment upon escaping if their escape destination was
    badly chosen

    - fixed: drinking from containers taking too much time

    - fixed: villagers joining the robbers when they enter the village area

    - fixed: NPC/villager reactions to robbers was broken

    Now both the wandering NPCs and villagers react properly to presence of robbers.
    They rarely attack the robbers right away but keep them on eye. If the robbers cross
    the line by coming too close, then the people don't hesitate to attack them.

    - fixed: terrestial animals sleeping in shallow water

    - fixed: repeated deathblows with [3] fail to keep the previous aiming zone if any menu
    selections or certain actions (eg. sleeping) were made in between the deathblows

    - fixed: leashed animals not properly freed upon getting defeated and thrown away from the
    location by robbers or villagers

    Now your animals are unleashed. You may, or may not find them again.

    - fixed: wading on land if you were too fatigued/penalized to move at all and tried to
    start wading

    - fixed: sauna scoops and wooden tubs disappearing from villages

    - fixed: carcasses tagged as partially skinned even if the skinning wasn't allowed
    (ie. while swimming)

    - fixed: arrow-in-loading bug: NPCs could shoot you while the map was only loading

    I know how I'll spend my weekend.
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  9. Emily Arcane

    Mar 21, 2012
    How will you play it? Again with fishing?
    ^ Top  
  10. Grimwulf Arcane Patron Vatnik

    Oct 1, 2014
    Kodex Kommunistic Kastle
    I usually prefer active hunting, combined with bigass trapwalls. Shooting elks in the face just feels right.
    ^ Top  
  11. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009
    What? You coward! True men just smash elks in the face with their axes! (Preferably when they are helpless in pits!).
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  12. TripJack Prestigious Gentleman Hedonist

    Aug 9, 2008
    anything that looks japanese is animu :troll:

    10/10 you say? hmmmm... i have seen many mentions of the game being heavy on grinding, is this not so?
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  13. Grimwulf Arcane Patron Vatnik

    Oct 1, 2014
    Kodex Kommunistic Kastle
    What kind of bloothirsty bastard hunts an ELK with an AXE? Don't you care about fur quality?

    Depends on how you play it. Pianist doesn't see any grinding at all, for instance. He just PAHTY all day long.
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  14. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009
    All I care is meat, lots and lots of delicious elk cuts!
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  15. dextermorgan Arcane

    Aug 24, 2009
    Not sure I'd recommend it in its current state. There's a serious bug active both in stable and develop causing massive performance hits if there are many items on the active map. Since DDA is a everything-and-a-kitchen-sink type of a game, if you have a tendency to hoard you may end up with your base becoming so slow it's unplayable.
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  16. pakoito Arcane Patron

    Jun 7, 2012
    So is Dungeonmans any good?
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  17. TripJack Prestigious Gentleman Hedonist

    Aug 9, 2008
  18. That screenshot there's just to tease you, bro. This thing here is Russian language-only, a cute little roguelike that no one outside of the Siberian mountain range will ever get a chance to play.


    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 10, 2014
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  19. Grimwulf Arcane Patron Vatnik

    Oct 1, 2014
    Kodex Kommunistic Kastle
    It's pre-alpha. Most likely won't be finished ever.
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  20. TripJack Prestigious Gentleman Hedonist

    Aug 9, 2008
    tragic :cry:

    art style looks very similar to this weird russian sidescrolling game from a few years back:
    same dev?
    ah yes it is the same guy 'sbd3', maybe this one will get an eventual english release too
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  21. Grimwulf Arcane Patron Vatnik

    Oct 1, 2014
    Kodex Kommunistic Kastle
    The guy can often be found on rus 4chan (, sometimes showing his new games/demos/art and such.
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  22. getter77 Augur

    Oct 12, 2008
    GA, USA
    Yes, it had a great many updates since the Kickstarter ended and is on excellent footing for post release support to come---fantastic soundtrack too.
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  23. dehimos Augur

    Jan 11, 2011
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  24. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009
    Arrrgh, was just about to post it, and was thinking "Surely, nobody on the Codex will beat me to it, URR is not that popular there!".

    Let me just copy the release highlights and link some screenshots:

    - Explore massive and varied feudal cities (each able to support a population of ~300,000+), each with its own range of districts, architectural styles, and buildings influenced by the political and religious choices of its civilization.

    - Discover nomadic fortresses in the desert, enclosed by walls and with an emphasis on strong defence and open-air markets.

    - Farms and towns now also generate within the countryside, which in the future will be important stops on your travels, and sources of occasional markets and information.

    - Hunter-gatherer civilizations now have settlements, laid out in complex geometric patterns, built from a range of materials, and containing cryptic shrines…

    - A huge range of new ‘l’ook graphics for almost everything new in the game, and for a range of items/features/terrains which did not possess graphics in the past.

    - Improved world map generation – now includes rare marshland areas, and a significantly overhauled polar biome, now featuring ice as well as snow.

    - Introduction of strategic-layer movement around cities, a note on the pricing of city districts, and the unique coinage of each civilization, which will be activated in version 0.9.

    - Significant expansion of variety of religion and civilization generation.

    - A range of bug-fixes and optimizations on roads, settlement generation, coats of arms, line of sight, generating certain aspects of rivers, and more.




    More here:
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