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Elder Scrolls Will the Elder Scrolls 6 have more depth than Morrowind

Can it get worse

  • No

    Votes: 28 12.5%
  • Yes

    Votes: 181 80.8%
  • No but it wont get much better

    Votes: 15 6.7%

  • Total voters


Zionist Agent
Jul 28, 2018
Bethesda never made RPGs, they made poorly disguised open world adventure games with shitty combat systems and admittedly a pretty fun magic and alchemy system (a long time ago).
If you can max out every attribute and skill, it's not an RPG. It invalidates any and all character building choices except racial abilities and birthsigns.


Just got off the phone with Todd Howard, some notes:

-He has been keeping tabs on Obsidian's Avowed and assures, "Not even in the same fuckin' league" as a Bethesda title. Refers to Josh Sawyer as a weiner-schnitzel. Had trouble saying it due to constantly laughing, took three attempts.

-Says that TESVI will be "an intricate marriage of The Elder Scrolls franchise", when asked to elaborate he merely responded with, "You'll see. You'll all see."

-The Microsoft deal was less of helping a struggling company and more of a "meeting of the titans." Claims Bethesda is on the same level as Jesus Christ "if he owned a company."

-When asked about the RPG mechanics of TESVI he merely laughed and told me, "You ask a lot for an interviewer." I don't know what that means.

-Wishes everyone a merry Christmas and to stay in your vaults.
Nov 23, 2017
The only good thing that comes out of Bethesda games are porn mods anyways. I'd be interested to see the % of Skyrim PC players who have at least one porn/nudity mod installed.

I'm going to wildly assume it's upwards of 50%.

They should just bring nudity back. Really, they should have done that with Skyrim since unlike Morrowind and Oblivion they weren't going for a Teen. Post-Cyberpunk 2077 there doesn't seem to be any reason not to do nudity, now there's a clear high profile example of what you can do without getting a AO rating.

Not opposed to it but when the novelty of tits and dicks wears off after 10 minutes, you're still stuck playing a shitty game.

I didn't say I'd be playing it. Anyways, novelty is all Betheada Game Studios games have, they may as well pack as much of it in as they can. There's lots of stuff they should be doing to make their games better, some of which would probably involve bringing in outside help to make things like combat not total shit; but just adding nudity is a very simple thing they can do that'd at least be interesting.

I kind of doubt they'd do this, but given how unlike when they made Oblivion and Skyrim they don't have some other big at the moment fantasy series to fall back on aesthetically, they should just fall back on the pulp fantasy aesthetic they once had in Daggerfall. It's the kind of thing that would visually set them apart from basically every other fantasy game made. Although looking up Hammerfall just now, if ever there was a time to fall back on that pulp fantasy of Frank Frazetta and Esteban Maroto then Hammerfall's vast desert seems like a good place for it.


Apr 8, 2015
Combat in Morrowind was shit. It should have been more actiony given the game takes the language of an action game where you have direct control over a character but then slaps the rules of something like Diablo onto it. Morrowind's non abstract control mechanics mixed with the rules of a abstract system, and how it was all presented to the player was a terrible mix that didn't work.

1) Despite it's controls, Morrowind is very much a cRPG, yes the controls are that of traditional 3D action games but nothing else in the game's mechanics and design is

2) Plus even the controls are just a simplified version of Daggerfall's controls and overall they're what you find in Ultima Underworld, System Shock 2 and Arx Fatallis - you do you also want to argue that these cRPG's would be better off if they had embraced more Action mechanics?

3) Morrowind had been in development since 1997 and came out in May 2002 (being already delayed before this date); the first good 3D Brawlers (DMC, Onimusha and Severance) all came out in 2001, so there was no way, time, nor money a primarily RPG dev could've come up and implement a new and massively different combat system, requiring vast amounts of technical (good animation ain't easy yo) and design modifications
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