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X-COM XCOM 2 + War of the Chosen Expansion Thread

Discussion in 'Tactical Gaming' started by Morgoth, May 26, 2015.

  1. Grunker RPG Codex Ghost Patron

    Oct 19, 2009
  2. oasis789 Arcane

    Oct 9, 2012

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  3. MadMaxHellfire Arcane

    Mar 3, 2010
    that's stuff from long war 2.
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  4. gurugeorge Arcane Patron

    Aug 3, 2019
    London, UK
    Strap Yourselves In
    Is LW2 any good? Last time I played WOTC the general opinion seemed to be that it wasn't as good as LW was with the earlier XCOM, and people were mixing and matching mods from various sources.
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  5. Galdred Studio Draconis Patron Developer

    May 6, 2011
    Middle Empire
    If I recall, their goal was to mimick LW2 on the strategic level without changing the tactical component too much, and without making the game longer.
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  6. MadMaxHellfire Arcane

    Mar 3, 2010
    it's the only reason to ever touch that horrible trainwreck that xcom2 is. can't help you further because last time i played it it's been 2 years ago and it might have changed a lot. or perhaps it didn't at all, and i can tell you it does wonders but the base is still xcom2, and no human performs miracles.
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  7. cvv Arcane Patron

    Mar 30, 2013
    Kingdom of Bohemia
    It's incredibly hardcore and anal. Meaning it's great if you're into that sort of stuff. To me though it seemed like a bit of a mutant - a popamole console game with an aspie layer grafted onto it.
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  8. cvv Arcane Patron

    Mar 30, 2013
    Kingdom of Bohemia
    A bit of a Saturday Night XCOM entertainment.

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  9. MadMaxHellfire Arcane

    Mar 3, 2010
    put it that way, i see this as an absolute win.
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  10. ArchAngel Arcane Sad Loser

    Mar 16, 2015
    Then it is pointless as combat in Xcom 2 is as bad as strategic level.
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  11. Galdred Studio Draconis Patron Developer

    May 6, 2011
    Middle Empire
    I strongly disagree with it: the real killer for me is the pod system, but there are mods that improve it a lot (there is even a mod that activates all pods at once, but the results are pretty weird, with all the opponents charging across the map in a single big firefight...), and not adding LW2 stuff to the tactical layer makes it easier to work with these.
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  12. gurugeorge Arcane Patron

    Aug 3, 2019
    London, UK
    Strap Yourselves In
    Christopher Odd's doing a 200-mod (mostly fixes and cosmetics ofc) playthrough of XCOM 2 WOTC on YT based on the Covert Infiltration mod and a few other key ones. After watching a couple of eps, it looks like fun if anyone's thinking of firing up XCOM 2 WOTC again.

    One of the mods he's using has "protocols" which fold some of the stuff that was formerly in weapon mods and perk picks into predeterrmined 3-level growth paths for the specializations alongside the perk picks (e.g. sniper has "Brace" as his signature trick that accrues better stats in the three level increments), freeing up some room for more interesting and varied perks and mods.
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  13. Ironmonk Savant

    Sep 29, 2014
    The base of his playthrough is "Covert Infiltration" + "Proficiency Classes" + "Weapon and Item Overhaul"

    I got inspired and installed again, but after a few attempts I gave up on BOTH mods, there is so many incompatibilities with other cool mods that you really have to compromise... well, I couldn't.

    Besides, Proficiency Classes increase the amount of classes and to me personally this is bad because even if you increase the amount of soldiers you can take to tactical, you can never get one of each. This might not be a deal breaker for some though.

    Covert Infiltration looks nice, but in practice I really didn't see the point... lots of new things that if you think deeply, its just useless fluffy... very few things I really liked, but in the end, its sum was less than what the other mods I had to left out added.

    In the end, I'm playing without both and enjoying a lot more. Although as always, it take a few restarts to calibrate the difficulty with all the difficult+ mods & easy+ mods together.

    From my 362 mods installed, only around 30 can be considered cosmetics... all others are fixes, improvements, changes, features, new stuff, etc
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  14. gurugeorge Arcane Patron

    Aug 3, 2019
    London, UK
    Strap Yourselves In
    Interesting. Could you give your modlist, if it's easily possible? Are you using a mixture of Nexus and Steam mods (so presumably you'd use the XCOM Launcher?) After watching some of the Odd videos I'm definitely getting a hankering to play it again :)
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  15. Ironmonk Savant

    Sep 29, 2014
    I'm using the Alternative Mod Launcher

    And only steam workshop.

    Show Spoiler
    Enemy (Chosen, Rulers, etc) (12):
       Chosen Entourage (No Chosen Followers)                                                   ChosenEntourageNoChosen            
       [WOTC] Upgraded Rulers                                                                   UpgradedRulers                     Revamp;Hard+
       Avatar Buffs                                                                             AvatarBuffs                         REvamp;Hard+
       [WOTC] Rulers Regen                                                                     RulersRegen                         Revamp;Hard+
       Chosen Dark Events Fix                                                                   ChosenDarkEventsFix                
       Chosen Dialogue Tweaks                                                                   AssassinShotgunLines              
       A Better Chosen                                                                         ABetterChosen                       Essential;Hard+;Revamp
       Restored Chosen Traits                                                                   RestoredChosenTraits               Cool Stuff
       Ruler Reactions Revised - WotC                                                           RulerReactionsRevised               Cool Stuff;Easy+
       [WOTC] Rulers Pause Timers                                                               WOTC_Rulers_Pause_Timers          
       [WOTC] Populated Chosen Chambers                                                         PopulatedChosenChambers             Revamp;Hard+
       [WOTC] Chosen Weaponry Fix                                                               ChosenWeaponryFix                  
    Cosmetic (16):
       Skirmisher Cape                                                                         SkirmisherCloak                     Cool Stuff
       Free the Hood - WotC                                                                     FreetheHood-WotC                   Essential
       WOTC - Configurable Headshots                                                           LEBPortrait                         Essential
       Faction Torso Gears for all                                                             FactionTorsoGearsforall             Cool Stuff
       Full Character Customization From Start                                                 FullCharacterCustomizationFromStart    Essential
       Props Unbound (WOTC Compatible)                                                         PropsUnbound                      
       Add Part Names                                                                           AddedPartNames                     Mod Resource
       [WOTC] Commander Avatar Restoration                                                     ProperCommanderAvatarWOTC          
       [WOTC] Skirmisher Head Fix                                                               SeamlessSkirmisherHeads            
       [WotC] Resistance Warrior Fix                                                           ResistanceWarriorFix              
       [WOTC] Helmet Glass Fix Complete Edition                                                 GlassFix                          
       [WOTC] Pistol Friendly Skirmishers Torso Decos                                           WOTC_NewSkirmishersDecos          
       Red Headband - WotC compatible                                                           RedHeadband                         Cool Stuff
       [WOTC+TLP] Remove Rizzo                                                                 RemoveRizzo                        
       Disable Old World Hero                                                                   DisableOldWorldHero                
       [WOTC] Plasma Grenade Icon Fix                                                           WOTC_PlasmaGrenadeIconFix          
    Enemy (New) (18):
       [WOTC] Advent Psi Ops                                                                   AdventCommandos                     Cool Stuff;Has Corpse;Equipment;Extra Loot;Localization Edits;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Sectoid Abductor                                                                 SectoidAbductor                     Cool Stuff;Vanilla Corpse
       [WOTC] Berserker Omega                                                                   BerserkerOmega                     Hard+
       [WOTC] EU Berserker                                                                     EUBerserker                         Cool Stuff;Vanilla Corpse
       [WOTC] Bio Division 2.0                                                                 BioDivision                         Equipment;Has Corpse;Essential;Localization Edits
       [WotC] World War L                                                                       WorldWarLost                       Hard+;Cool Stuff;Revamp;Extra Loot
       [WOTC] Advent Medic                                                                     WOTCAdventMedic                     Essential;Vanilla Corpse;Extra Loot
       [WOTC] Corrupt Avatar                                                                   WOTCCorruptAvatar                   Equipment;Hard+;Has Corpse;Cool Stuff
       Children Of The King 2.0 [WOTC]                                                         ChildrenOfTheKingNew               Cool Stuff;Equipment;Has Corpse
       A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen                                                       ABetterADVENTWaroftheChosen         Hard+
       ABA: Better DLC                                                                         ABetterADVENTDLC                   Hard+
       [WoTC]ADVENT Duelist                                                                     AdventDuelist_WoTC                 Equipment;Cool Stuff;Has Corpse;Localization Edits;Config Edited
       ADVENT Warlock - WotC                                                                   WotC_AshlynneAdvWarlock             Equipment;Has Corpse;Config Edited;Localization Edits
       Black ICE Codex - WotC                                                                   WotC_AshlynneBlackIceCodex         Equipment;Has Corpse;Localization Edits
       Muton Destroyer - WotC                                                                   WotC_AshlynneMutonDestroyer         Equipment;Has Corpse;Localization Edits
       Flame Viper - WotC                                                                       WotC_AshlynneFlameViper             Equipment;Has Corpse;Config Edited;Localization Edits
       [WOTC] Choose Your Aliens                                                               ChooseYourAliens                   Essential
       [WOTC] Valentines Viper                                                                 ValentinesViper                     Cool Stuff;Has Corpse;Localization Edits;Config Edited;Extra Loot
    Tactical (22):
       Unblockable Flamethrowers                                                               LWStyleFlamethrowers               Hard+;Cool Stuff
       Sensor Fences                                                                           SensorFences                       Hard+;Cool Stuff;Incompatible
       Configurable Protect Device                                                             ConfigurableProtectDevice           Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] New Target Icons                                                                 WOTCNewTargetIcons                 Essential
       [WotC] Gotcha Again                                                                     WOTCGotchaAgain                     Essential
       Free Camera Rotation                                                                     FreeCameraRotation                 Essential
       Stop Wasting My Time - WotC                                                             StopWastingMyTime                   Essential
       WOTC - Extended Information!                                                             WOTC_DisplayHitChance               Essential
       WotC Enhanced AoE Preview                                                               WotCEnhancedAoEPreview             Cool Stuff
       Yet Another F1                                                                           YetAnotherF1                       Essential
       Turrets Are Cover [WOTC]                                                                 TurretCoverWOTC                     Essential
       WotC: Show Will Loss                                                                     WotC_VisualizeWillEvents          
       [WOTC] Tactical UI Kill Counter Redux                                                   WOTC_TacCounters                  
       [WOTC] Unit Flag Extended                                                               WOTCLootIndicator_Extended        
       [WOTC] YAF1 Profile Extension                                                           WOTC_YAF1_RustyExtension          
       [WOTC] More Target Icons 2020                                                           WOTC_2020TargetIcons              
       [WOTC] Passive Icons Core Collection Edition                                             WOTCPassiveIcons_CC                
       Custom Soldiers Evac Zone Fix                                                           AlliesUnknownEvacZoneFix          
       Increased Cover Bonus (WotC)                                                             IncreasedCover                     REvamp
       [WOTC] Cover Damage Reduction                                                           CoverDamageReduction_WOTC           Disadvantage;Config Edited
       [WOTC] YAF1 Autopsy Required Extension                                                   YetAnotherF1_AutopsyRequired      
       [WOTC] Soldier Info Redux                                                               WOTCTacticalXP                    
    Mission Generation (15):
       Avenger Defense Bondmates Fix                                                           BondmatesSpawnFix                   Essential
       [WOTC] Allow For Larger Squads                                                           [WOTC]AllowForLargerSquads         Essential
       [WOTC] One squad on new Avenger defense                                                 SingleDefenseSquad                
       [WOTC] Leviathan Extended Squad Size                                                     WOTC_LeviathanExpandedSS          
       Diverse Aliens By Force Level WOTC                                                       DiverseAliensByForceLevelWOTC      
       Armor Chance for Unarmored Units [WOTC]                                                 ArmorChanceForUnarmoredUnits      
       [WOTC] Golden Path Missions Revamp                                                       GoldenPathMissionsRevamp           Revamp;Hard+
       [WOTC] Chosen Avenger Defense Revamped                                                   AvengerDefenseRedo                
       [WOTC] Randomized Gatecrasher Loadouts                                                   WOTCRandomGatecrasherLoadouts      
       Expose Chosen Weakness                                                                   ExposeChosenWeakness              
       Landed UFOs From Day 1 WOTC                                                             LandedUFOsFromDay1                
       More Resistance Ops                                                                     MoreResistanceOps                  
       Covert Action Missions                                                                   CovertActionMissions              
       Multiple Covert Actions                                                                 MUltipleCovertActions              
       Sabotage Covert Action Rebalance                                                         DoomRemovalNerf                    
    General Fixes and Tweaks (12):
       Perk Psi Cloud The Mind Bug Fix                                                         PerkPsiCloudTheMindBugFix          
       Device DoT Fix                                                                           DeviceDoTFix                       Cool Stuff;Revamp
       [WOTC] End of Mission Quotes Fix                                                         EndofMissionQuotes                
       Tower Detection Fix [WOTC]                                                               TowerDetectionFixWOTC              
       [WOTC Only] Move End Interrupt Fix                                                       MoveEndInterruptFix                
       [WOTC] Sniper Defense Fix                                                               SniperDefense                      
       (WOTC+TLP) TLP Attitude Voice Fix                                                       GiveNewAttitudesPersonality        
       [WotC+Classic] Reliable Smoke                                                           SmokeStopsFlanks                   Essential
       [WOTC] R.A.G.E. Armor Tech Fix                                                           WOTC_RAGEArmorTechFix              
       [WOTC] Core Collection Meta Mod                                                         WOTCCoreCollection                
       Smooth Scrolling                                                                         SmoothScrolling                    
       Hunker Down Flanking Fix WOTC                                                           HunkerDownFlankingFixWOTC          
    Audio (3):
       Soundtrack Restoration - WotC + TLE                                                     SoundtrackRestoration               Cool Stuff
       XCOM Old War Heroes VoicePack collection                                                 XCOMOldWarHeroesVoicePack           Cool Stuff
       Exalt Voice Pack                                                                         ExaltVoicePack                    
    Equipments (19):
       [WOTC] Reusable Hunter Axe                                                               WOTCReusableHunterAxe               Essential
       [WotC] Weapon Fixes                                                                     WepUpgradeFix                       Revamp;Cool Stuff
       Improved Smoke Defense WOTC                                                             ImprovedSmokeDefense               Revamp
       [WotC] Shield Defence                                                                   ShieldDefence                      
       Improved Rocket Targeting                                                               FixedRocketTargeting              
       [WOTC] Incendiary Grenade Damage Fix +                                                   WOTC_IncendiaryGrenadeDamageFixPlus   
       [WOTC] Iridar's Vest and Plating Overhaul                                               WOTCPlatingInVestSlot               Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WotC] Mimic Beacon Overhaul                                                             MimicBeaconFix                    
       Heavy Weapon Tweaks - WotC                                                               HeavyWeaponTweaks-WotC            
       [WOTC] Dedicated Pistol Slot 2.0                                                         WOTC_PistolSlot                     Essential;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Iridar's Armor Overhaul                                                           WOTCDefensiveItemOverhaul2         Revamp;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Complete Pistol Overhaul (with Coil and Laser tier support)                       WOTC_Complete_Pistol_Overhaul       Revamp;Config Edited
       Medikit Expansion Redux                                                                 MedikitExpansionRedux              
       Scouting Protocol WOTC                                                                   ScoutingProtocolWOTC              
       [WOTC] SPARK Repair Fix                                                                 SPARKRepairFix                     OK!
       Three Tier Claymores                                                                     ThreeTierClaymores                
       [WOTC] Gremlins Grab Loot                                                               WOTC_GremlinLoot                   Cool Stuff;Easy+
       [WOTC] Iridar's Autopistol Overhaul                                                     WOTCAutopistolRebalance            
       [WOTC] Extra Abilities for Chosen Weapons                                               MoreChosenWeaponAbilities           Config Edited
    Class (6):
       [WOTC] Mechatronic Warfare: Total SPARK Overhaul                                         MechatronicWarfare                 Revamp;Cool Stuff;Essential
       [WOTC] More Psi Abilities                                                               IridarsPsiOverhaul                 Cool Stuff;Config Edited;Essential
       [WOTC] Psionic Implants                                                                 WOTC_MorePsiAmps                   Cool Stuff
       Metal Over Flesh Redux                                                                   MetalOverFleshRedux                 Cool Stuff
       Psionic Class WOTC                                                                       PsionicClass                       Essential;Revamp
       [WOTC] Shiv Mod                                                                         firebornshiv                       Cool Stuff
    Avenger (8):
       [WOTC] Facility Clearing UI Indicator Fix                                               FacilityClearingUIIndicatorFixWOTC    Essential
       [WOTC] Better Laboratory                                                                 BetterLabs_WOTC                     Easy+;Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       Instant Avenger Menus - WotC                                                             InstantAvengerMenus                 Essential
       Core Room Slots                                                                         CoreRoomSlots                       Config Edited
       Facilities+                                                                             FacilitiesPlus                     Config Edited
       [WOTC] Expanded ROBOTICS Repair Facility v2                                             WOTC_MoreEngineeringRepairSlots    
       All Armour Avenger                                                                       VIPunderlayShenanigans            
       Infirmary Healing Rate Changer                                                           InfirmaryHealingRateChanger        
    Civilians and Resistance (4):
       [WOTC] Civilians Revamped                                                               CiviliansRevamped                   Revamp
       [WOTC] Militia Overhaul Plus                                                             MilitiaOverhaulPlus                 Cool Stuff;Revamp
       XCOM Civilian Defense WOTC                                                               XCOMCivilianDefenseWOTC            
       [WOTC] Better Double Agents for ABA                                                     BetterDoubleAgentsforABA          
    Enemy Abilities (18):
       [WOTC] Advent General Revamp                                                             AdventGeneralRevamp                 REvamp;Hard+;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Adv Priest Revamped                                                               AdvPriestRevamped                   Revamp;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Berserker Revamped                                                               CXBerserkerRevamped                 Revamp;Cool Stuff
       Chryssalid Mutations                                                                     ChryssalidMutations                 Revamp;Hard+
       [WOTC] Spectre Revamp                                                                   CXSpectreRevamp                     Revamp;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] ADVENT Suppression (Includes ABA Support)                                         WOTCAdventSuppression               Revamp
       [WOTC] Fair Lost Targeting                                                               FairLostTargeting                   Revamp;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] More Psionic Units                                                               MorePsionicUnits                   Revamp;Essential
       Spectre Vanish Fix                                                                       SpectreVanishFix                   Revamp
       [WOTC] ADVENT Reinforcements (Includes ABA Support)                                     WOTCAdventReinforcements           Hard+;Cool Stuff
       Sectopod Stance Bonuses WOTC                                                             SectopodStanceBonusesWOTC           Revamp
       Purifiers Always Explode                                                                 PurifiersAlwaysExplode            
       [WOTC] Poisonous Lost                                                                   WOTC_PoisonousLost                
       [WotC] Neonate Chryssalids                                                               NeonateChryssalids                
       [WOTC] Advent Purifier Revamp                                                           AdventPurifierRevamp              
       Everyone Gets Hunker Down WOTC                                                           EveryoneGetsHunkerDownWOTC        
       No Full Cover Grabs                                                                     NoFullCoverGrabs                  
       Advent Turret Improvements                                                               AdventTurretImprovements          
    Barracks (24):
       Gravely Wounded Scars                                                                   GravelyWoundedScars                 Cool Stuff
       [WotC] I'm the Commander here                                                           ImTheCommanderHere                 Easy+;Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WotC] Armory Camera Tweak                                                               WotC_ArmoryCameraTweak            
       Load from character pool                                                                 Loadfromcharacterpool               Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Reliable Wounds                                                                   WOTCReliableWounds                 Essential
       (WOTC) UI Mod for Defense/Mobility/Psi                                                   UIModificationWOTC                 Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists                                                           DetailedSoldierListWOTC             Essential
       [WOTC] Stats on New Promotion Screen                                                     NewPromotionStats                   Essential
       [WOTC] Extended Personnel Info                                                           ExtendedPersonnelInfo               Essential
       WotC: robojumper's Squad Select                                                         robojumperSquadSelect_WotC         Essential
       WOTC Use My Class                                                                       WOTCUseMyClass                    
       WotC: Color Coded Bonds                                                                 WotC_ColorCodedBonds              
       [WOTC] Show All Class Counts                                                             WOTCShowAllClassCounts            
       [WOTC] Standardised Resources Bar                                                       WOTC_StandardisedResourcesBar      
       [WOTC] Choose My Class                                                                   WOTC_ChooseMyClass                 Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Better Armory Item Stats                                                         ArmouryCrit                        
       [WOTC] Coloured PCS Icons                                                               WOTC_RustyPCSIcons                
       [WOTC] Community Promotion Screen                                                       X2WOTCCommunityPromotionScreen     Essential
       [WotC] UI - Colored Weapon Tiers                                                         WotC_Misc_ColoredWeaponTierText     Config Edited
       [WotC] No Drop Down Lists With Controller Support                                       NoDropDownListsForControllers       Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Open Squad Select at any time                                                     SquadSelectAtAnyTime               Covert Infiltration
       Remove Weapon Upgrades                                                                   RemoveWeaponUpgradesWOTC          
       Robo-Squad Size Enhanced                                                                 MoreSquadSizeUpgrades              
       All Soldiers Gain XP - WotC                                                             AllSoldiersGainXP                   Essential
       Restored SITREPs                                                                         RestoredSITREPs                     Config Edited;Not Really Good
       More Starting Soldiers (WotC)                                                           MoreStartingSoldiers               Config Edited;Added to my Config Mod
    Rewards and Loot (11):
       [WOTC] Loot Pinatas Light                                                               LootPinatasLight                   Easy+;Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Corpse Drops Revamped                                                             CXCorpseDropsRevamped               Easy+;Cool Stuff
       Extract Corpses WOTC                                                                     ExtractCorpsesWOTC                 Essential;Easy+;Cool Stuff;Equipment;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Loot Mind Control                                                                 LootMindControlWOTC                 Essential
       WOTC Flawless                                                                           WOTCFlawless                       Easy+;Essential;Config Edited
       (WOTC) Zombies Don't Count                                                               ZombiesDontCountWOTC               Essential
       [WOTC] Overflow Ability Points                                                           OverflowAP                         Easy+;Essential
       Pyrrhic Victories                                                                       CatastrophicVictories              
       [WOTC] Loot Post Mover                                                                   WOTCLootPostMover                   Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] AP Farming                                                                       WOTC_APFarming                     Config Edited
       Fulton Rewards                                                                           FultonInterrogations              
    Geoscape (21):
       [WOTC] Modify Continent Bonus                                                           ModifyContinentBonusWOTC           Cool Stuff
       Blackmarket Usage                                                                       BlackmarketUsage                   Cool Stuff;Partially Functional;Essential
       Pause Scanning [WOTC]                                                                   PauseHealWOTC                       Essential
       [WOTC] Force Level Display                                                               ForceLevelDisplay                  
       WOTC Show Enemies and Terrain on Mission Planning                                       WOTC_ShowEnemiesOnMissionPlanning    Cool Stuff
       Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix                                                             SabotageFix                         Essential
       Insider Knowledge Fix                                                                   StocksInsiderKnowledgeFix           Essential
       Additional Dark Actions                                                                 AdditionalDarkActions               Cool Stuff
       Additional Mission Types Redux                                                           AdditionalMissionTypesRedux         Cool Stuff
       Corrupt Avatar - Elder's Corruption                                                     CAElderCurse                       Hard+
       More Mission SITREPs                                                                     MoreMissionSITREPs                
       [WOTC] Sell Heavy Weapons                                                               SellHeavyWeapons                   Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] More Dark Events: Enemy Stat Boosts                                               DarkEventStats                     Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] More Dark Events: Enemy Abilities                                                 DarkEventAbilities                 Cool Stuff
       More Cities WotC                                                                         MoreCitiesWotC                     Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Hours Instead of Days                                                             HoursInsteadofDaysWOTC             Essential
       Upcoming Events [WotC]                                                                   UpcomingEvents                     Essential
       Avatar Facility Re-Curve [WOTC]                                                         AvatarFacilityReCurve              
       [WOTC] Sensible Mission Penalties                                                       SensibleMissionPenalties_WOTC      
       Black Market Trades Intel                                                               BlackMarketTradesIntel             Essential;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Accurate Situation Report                                                         AccurateSituationReport             Covert Infiltration
    Animation (9):
       (WOTC+TLP) Plasma Fan Fire Fix                                                           PlasmaFanFireFix                  
       [WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire (and other abilities)                                       CinematicRapidFireW                
       [WOTC] Faster Reload Animations                                                         FasterReloadAnimationsWOTC         Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Less Overwatch Lock Ups!                                                         OverwatchLockupFix                 Essential
       (WOTC) Zip Mode Combat Protocol Camera Fix                                               CombatProtocolCamera              
       WOTC Suppression Visualization Fix                                                       WOTCSuppressionVisualizationFix    
       Drone Reveal Animation                                                                   DroneRevealMatinee                
       [WOTC] Gun Raise Animation                                                               WOTC_GunRaisedAnim                
       [WOTC] Alien Armor Customization by Iridar                                               AlienArmorCustomization            
    Class Abilities (27):
       [WOTC] Accurate Covering Fire                                                           WOTC_AccurateCoveringFire          
       Evac All - WotC                                                                         EvacAll_WotC                       Essential
       [WOTC] Free Reload Anytime                                                               FreeReloadAnytimeWOTC               Essential
       Scaling Skulljack Chance WOTC                                                           ScalingSkulljackChanceWOTC         Essential
       [WOTC] Carry Unit Fix                                                                   WotCCarryUnitFix                   Essential
       [WotC] Better Grappling!                                                                 GrappleFix                         Cool Stuff
       [WotC] Free Reload Anytime Fix                                                           FreeReloadsAnytimeFix              
       Bondmates With More Benefits                                                             MoreBondmateBenefits               Easy+;Cool Stuff;Revamp;Config Edited
       Overwatch All/Others WotC                                                               OverwatchAllWotC                   Essential
       [WOTC] Reliable Ever Vigilant                                                           WOTC_ReliableEverVigilant          
       [WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors                                                         WOTC_CostBasedAbilityColors        
       [WOTC] Cooldown Teamwork                                                                 CooldownBondmateAbilities          
       [WOTC] Supreme Focus                                                                     SupremeFocus                      
       [WOTC] Tempest Combat                                                                   TempestCombat                      
       [WOTC] Critical Skirmishing                                                             CriticalSkirmishing                 Cool Stuff
       AWC Squadsight Fix                                                                       AWCSquadsightFix                  
       Whiplash Overhaul                                                                       WhiplashOverhaul                  
       [WOTC] Hero Armor Equality                                                               HeroArmorEquality                   Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Not Enough Skirmishing                                                           CooldownSkirmisher                 Cool Stuff
       [WotC] Revival Protocol Fixes                                                           RevivalProtocolFixes              
       [WOTC] Ability Interaction Fixes                                                         AWCCostFixW                         Essential
       [WOTC] Suppressable Targeting Abilities                                                 SuppressableTargetingAbilitiesWOTC   
       [WOTC] Electrical Damage Consistency                                                     ConsistentElectricalDamage        
       [WOTC] Ablative Padding                                                                 WOTC_AblativePadding              
       [WOTC] Full Padding                                                                     WOTC_FullPadding                  
       [WOTC] Gremlin Revamp                                                                   GremlinRevamp                      
       [WOTC] Marauder Affects Pistol                                                           WOTC_MarauderPistol                 Ability Editor can do this
    CORE (5):
       X2WOTCCommunityHighlander v1.22.5                                                       X2WOTCCommunityHighlander           Essential;Mod Resource
       [WotC] Mod Config Menu                                                                   ModConfigMenu                       Essential;Mod Resource
       [WOTC] Alien Hunters Community Highlander                                               DLC2CommunityHighlander            
       Reward Decks Refresher                                                                   RewardDecksRefresher               Essential
       TLP: Unlocker                                                                           TLP_UnlockEverything               Essential
    FX (5):
       [WOTC] Advent Flashlights                                                               [WOTC]AdventFlashlights             Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Impact FX                                                                         PersistentImpacts                  
       [WOTC] Mec Micro Missile Launcher Color Fix                                             [WOTC]MecLauncherColorFix          
       Post Process Status Effects                                                             PostProcessStatusEffects          
       [WOTC] Fix Impact FX                                                                     WOTCFixImpactFX                    
    Technology and Research (9):
       WotC Vest Slot                                                                           WotC_VestSlot                      
       DLC Breakthroughs Support                                                               SPARKWeaponBreakthroughs           Essential
       [WOTC] Reinforced Underlay Plus                                                         WOTCRustyUnderlay                  
       [WOTC] Show Tech Rewards                                                                 WOTC_ShowTechRewards              
       No Class Requirements For Breakthroughs                                                 NoClassReqsForBreakthroughs        
       [WotC] Melee Weapon Breakthrough                                                         MeleeBreakthrough                  
       Interchangeable Upgrades/PCS By Default                                                 InterchangeableUpgradesPCSByDefault    Config Edited
       [WOTC] Locked and Loaded                                                                 WOTC_LockedAndLoaded               Cool Stuff;Easy+
       Armor Breakthroughs Increase Armor                                                       ArmorBreakthroughsIncreaseArmor     Unused
    Difficulty (11):
       Enhanced Status Penalties WOTC                                                           BlindDisorientRemovesDodge         Revamp
       Failed Hack Reinforces HackDefense                                                       FailedHackReinforcesHackDefense     Revamp;Easy+
       Panic Mod WOTC                                                                           PanicModWOTC                       Revamp
       [WOTC] Yellow Alert Gameplay V2.0                                                       YellowAlert                         Revamp
       Less Enemy Spacing [WOTC]                                                               LessEnemySpacing                  
       [WOTC] Consequences of Capture                                                           WOTC_ConsequencesOfCapture        
       [WOTC] Damage Calculation Tweaks                                                         DamageCalculationTweaks            
       [WOTC] Morale System                                                                     WOTC_MoraleSystem                   Cool Stuff
       [WotC] Mind Controlled Soldiers Bleed Out                                               MindControlBleedout                
       [WOTC] EU Aim Rolls                                                                     EUAimRollsWOTC                     Essential
       Better Second Wave Mod Support                                                           BetterSecondWaveSupport            
    Resources (11):
       Missing Packages Fix - Parcels and Maps Edition                                         MissingPackagesFix_ParcelsMaps     Essential
       Missing Packages Fix + Resource                                                         Missing_FX_Package_Resource         Essential
       Maps by Vozati [WotC Edition]                                                           MapsbyVozatiChosenEdition           Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Periphery Fixes                                                                   WOTCPeripheryFixes                
       [WOTC] Additional Soldier Console Commands                                               WOTC_SoldierConsoleCommands        
       One Million Colours                                                                     OneMillionColours                  
       One Million Colours Plugin For WOTC                                                     OneMillionColoursPluginForWOTC    
       One Million Spark Colours                                                               OneMillionSparkColours            
       [WOTC] Iridar's Template Master - Core                                                   WOTCIridarTemplateMaster          
       [WOTC] Waterfowl's Map Pack                                                             [WOTC]Waterfowl'sMapPack          
       Even More Maps! [WOTC]                                                                   EvenMoreMaps![WOTC]                
    Equipments (New) (17):
       [WOTC] Iridar's ADVENT Pistol 2.0                                                       WOTCADVENTPistol                   Possible Useless;Config Edited
       [WOTC] LW2 Utility Plating                                                               WOTC_LW2_Plating                   Equipment;Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Playable Titan Armor                                                             PlayableTitanArmor                 Equipment
       [WOTC] Superheavy Battlesuits                                                           SuperheavyBattlesuits               Equipment;Cool Stuff
       Beam Grenade Launcher                                                                   BeamGrenadeLauncher                 Equipment;Essential;Localization Edits
       Additional Vest Types                                                                   MZVestMod                           Config Edited;Localization Edits
       WotC Microstim Implants                                                                 WotCWalkerServos                   Equipment;Cool Stuff
       SPARK Launchers Redux                                                                   SPARKLaunchersRedux                 Cool Stuff;Equipment;Localization Edits
       [WOTC] Frost Munitions                                                                   WOTC_FrostMunitions                 Config Edited
       [WOTC] Avenger DeJanker                                                                 NelVlesis_Icon_Overrides          
       Additional Ammo Types                                                                   MZAmmoMod                           Config Edited;Localization Edits;Cool Stuff
       [WotC] EU Psi Armor                                                                     EUPsiArmor                        
       Cut Content Psionics [WOTC]                                                             CutContentPsionicsWOTC             Config Edited
       [WOTC] System Infiltration 2.2                                                           WOTCSystemInfiltration             Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Warlock's Crown                                                                   WOTC_Warlock_Rifle_Psi             Config Edited;Localization Edits
       [WOTC] Iridar's ADVENT Arsenal - Ghost Templates                                         WOTCIridarAdventArsenalGhostTemplates   
       [WOTC] Iridar's ADVENT Arsenal - Vanilla Balance                                         WOTCIridarAdventArsenal            
    Cosmetic (New) (7):
       FTH Capnbubs Addon - WotC                                                               FTHCapnbubsAddon                  
       Ravenmores Digital Camo Pack                                                             RavenmoresDigitalCamoPack          
       Capnbubs Accessories - WotC                                                             CapnbubsAccessories-WotC           Cool Stuff
       More Nations and Names WotC                                                             MoreNationsandNamesWotC             Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] XCOM Flag                                                                         XCOMFlag                          
       Faction Flags                                                                           FactionFlags                      
       Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things)                     EmptyWOTCDecoSlotsforXCOMSoldiers    Mod Resource
    Class Abilities (New) (13):
       More Traits                                                                             MoreTraits                         Cool Stuff
       Psionically Guided Bullets                                                               PsionicallyGuidedBullets           Revamp;Cool STuff
       [WOTC] Hand to Hand Abilities                                                           WOTCKickAndPunchEveryone           Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] First Aid by Iridar                                                               WOTCFirstAid                      
       [WOTC] Stabilize Me                                                                     WotC_StabilizeMe                   Cool Stuff
       Mitzruti's Perk Pack                                                                     MitzrutiPerkPack                   Mod Resource
       [WOTC] Extended Perk Pack                                                               WOTC_ExtendedPerkPack               Mod Resource
       [WOTC LW2] Classes Perk Pack                                                             WOTCLW2PerkPack                     Mod Resource
       [WOTC] Bstar's Perk Pack                                                                 BstarsPerkPack                     Mod Resource
       [WotC] Gene Mods                                                                         WotC_Gameplay_GeneModding          
       [WOTC] AWC Expanded                                                                     AWCExpanded                         Cool Stuff;Revamp;Load Order is Critical;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Pistol Expert Ability                                                             WOTC_Gunslinger                    
       Mitzruti's Perk Pack - DLC Extension                                                     CryoPerkPack                       Mod Resource
    Recruits and Recruitment (9):
       Resistance Weapon Upgrades WotC                                                         ResistanceWeaponUpgradesWotC      
       WotC: Starting Spark                                                                     WotCStartingSpark                   Essential;Easy+
       [WotC] Jane Kelly Starting Soldier                                                       WotCJaneKelly                       Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Rescue Denmother                                                                 WOTCRescueDenmother                 Cool Stuff
       Starting Traits                                                                         StartingTraits                     Cool Stuff
       Recruit Multiple Heroes From All                                                         HeroesFromAll                       Essential
       Always Recruit and Rescue                                                               RecruitandRescue                   Essential
       Starting Staff - WotC + Vanilla                                                         StartingStaff                       Easy+
       [WOTC] Rustys Recruits Redux                                                             WOTC_RustyRecruitScreen             Config Edited
    Editor (Abilities, Items, etc) (7):
       [WOTC] Item Editor                                                                       ItemEditor                         Mod Resource;Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       WotC Mod Everything Reloaded                                                             WotCModEverythingReloaded           Mod Resource
       [WOTC] Ability Editor                                                                   AbilityEditor                       Essential;Mod Resource;Cool Stuff;Config Edited
       [WOTC] WSR Weapon Skin Replacer - Core                                                   zzzWeaponSkinReplacer              
       [WOTC] WSR Weapon Skin Replacer - Configuration                                         zzzWeaponSkinReplacerConfig        
       [WOTC] XSkin by Iridar                                                                   WOTCXSkin                          
       Ability To Slot Reassignment                                                             AbilityToSlotReassignment           Config Edited
    Equipment (Upgrades) (7):
       [WOTC] Configurable Chosen Weapons Upgrades                                             ConfigurableChosenWeaponsUpgrades    Essential;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Restrict Weapon Upgrades                                                         WOTC_RestrictedUpgrades             REvamp;Config Edited
       [WOTC] Visual Attachments for Pistols (Supports Coil, Laser and Primary Secondaries)    WOTC_PIstol_Attachments             Config Edited
       [WOTC] Better Repeater Fixed                                                             WOTC_BetterRepeaterFixed          
       Configure Upgrade Slots                                                                 ConfigureUpgradeSlots               Essential;Config Edited
       Revised Weapon Upgrades                                                                 RevisedWeaponUpgrades               Revamp;Config Edited
       [WOTC] [TLP] Configurable TLP Weapon Upgrades                                           WOTC_CustomizeTLPUpgrades           Essential;Config Edited
       Lightweight Strategy Overhaul                                                           LightStrategyChanges              
       [WotC] Remove Dark Event (Grim Horizon Lite)                                             RemoveDarkEvent                     Cool Stuff;Essential;Hard+
       [WOTC] Corrosive Rounds                                                                 WOTC_CorrosiveRounds               Cool Stuff
       Remove TLP Items                                                                         RemoveTLPItems                     Cool Stuff
       [WOTC] Grim Horizon Fix                                                                 GrimHorizonFix                    
       One squad on original Avenger defense                                                   OnesquadonoriginalAvengerdefense    Essential
       [WOTC] Configure Avenger Defense XCOM Reinforcement                                     WOTCIncreaseAvengerDefenseSpawn     Essential;Config Edited
       Alpha's Workshop Overhaul                                                               AlphaWorkshop                       Cool Stuff;Revamp
       [WOTC] Shredstorm Cannon Build Fix                                                       WOTC_ShredstormCannonBuildFix      
       [WOTC] Proving Ground Overhaul V2                                                       WOTC_PGOverhaul                     Cool Stuff;Essential
       [WOTC] PGO: Custom Projects & Bridges                                                   WOTC_PGOCustomProjectsAndBridges    Essential;Config Edited
       Remove Missing Mods for WotC                                                             WOTC_RemoveMissingMods             Essential
       [WOTC] Between The Eyes Extended                                                         WOTC_BTE_Extended                  
    MY MODS (1):
       [WOTC] My Config Edits                                                                   MyConfigEditsWOTC                                       Essential;Localization Edits;Config Edited

    You can check my tags for additional information... you will see a lot of "Config Edits", it took a long time to fine tuning everything.
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  16. gurugeorge Arcane Patron

    Aug 3, 2019
    London, UK
    Strap Yourselves In
    Thanks for the info!
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  17. mastroego Arcane

    Apr 10, 2013
    It does seem like it'll take a month to install.
    But I'll try I suppose when I'm done with the current Long War Rebalance attempt.
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  18. mastroego Arcane

    Apr 10, 2013
    Hm,, so suppose I'll try and recreate this setup with a great deal of patience.
    What do I do, install X-Com 2, and then hunt down every single piece and press subscribe?
    How does this interact with the alternate launcher? Perhaps I used it already, I don't remember.
    Also, I suppose your config EDITS are made in a way to make this all play together. Did you upload them somewhere?
    Thanks in advance :)
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  19. Iluvcheezcake Liturgist

    Aug 27, 2014
    Le Balkans
    Hm, wouldnt that be called Poopsockingman?
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  20. Ironmonk Savant

    Sep 29, 2014
    1. Install Xcom2
    2. Download the Alternative Mod Launcher
    3. You can save this list I posted into a .txt file and load it into the Alternative Mod Launcher, this way will be easier to look for the mods (IIRC you can subscribe directly from it)
    4. I have a separated .txt with all my edits as backup, so I can post it here later and you just have to copy/paste it over the code they change for each mod (you do this inside the AML).

    Keep in mind that with that amount of mods I have, its not really well balanced... the way it is, its more common to have a easy time... but some times you get a fucking nightmare mission.

    So, even during my current playthrough, I'm doing tweaks in pursuit of a balanced difficulty (a endless task unfortunately).

    If I'm to describe my setup, I would say the core of my list is equipment based:
    "Dedicated Pistol Slots" + "Grenade Slots" (default) + "Vest Slots" (default) + "Ammo Slots" (bought at the GTS) + "Base 6 + 4 Upgrades for Soldiers"...
    Everything else is built around it.

    But yeah, it would be easier to just load my list and remove/tweak what you don't like... I rarely get crashes, and it happens usually during reloading a save in tactical mode or at finishing a mission also on tactical mode. So you just have to save regularly to avoid big losses.
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  21. mastroego Arcane

    Apr 10, 2013
    Do you use any of the Long War classes / Long War weapons mods?
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  22. Ironmonk Savant

    Sep 29, 2014
    No... but I'm using LW2 perk pack mod as part of a overhaul of the "XCOM random perks", with a pool of around 50 new random perks for each class.

    For Classes Revamps:
    - Psionics WOTC for Psi Operative
    - Mechatronic Warfare for Sparks

    New Classes:
    - Shiv Mod
    - Keeper Class from Rescue Denmother mod
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  23. mastroego Arcane

    Apr 10, 2013
    Thanks Ironmonk.
    I'll stay tuned for that collection of text edits of yours, when you have time.
    I'm in absolutely NO hurry, I'm going through a run of LWR, I mean to start this side project (and I do mean the installation task) at a relaxed pace ;)
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  24. Ironmonk Savant

    Sep 29, 2014
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  25. Anthedon Arcane Patron

    Jan 1, 2015
    Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    362 mods? What Elder Scrolls game is this?
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