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Hardsuit Labs

Hardsuit Labs

Articles associated with this tag:

16-Jul-2021 Chris Avellone: What the Fuck Happened to Bloodlines 2?
23-Feb-2021 Bloodlines 2 no longer being developed by Hardsuit Labs, delayed past 2021
19-Aug-2020 Brian Mitsoda fired from Bloodlines 2
14-Aug-2020 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #13: Production in the Age of COVID-19
11-Aug-2020 Bloodlines 2 delayed to 2021
23-Jul-2020 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #12: Putting the 'Blood' in Bloodlines
14-Jun-2020 Bloodlines 2 Damsel Reveal Trailer at the Paradox Insider
8-May-2020 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #11: Working from Haven + Come Dance Trailer at Inside Xbox
30-Mar-2020 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #10: Sidequests and Traversal
31-Jan-2020 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #9: New Year, New Milestone
19-Dec-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #8: Celebrating Bloodlines 2 Alpha and the Holidays
13-Nov-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #7: PDXCON Recap
19-Oct-2019 Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse announcements at PDXCON 2019
16-Oct-2019 Bloodlines 2 delayed to later in 2020
5-Oct-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #6: Environment Design
8-Sep-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #5: FEEDback - UX Design in Bloodlines 2
25-Aug-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #4: Writing Bloodlines 2
19-Aug-2019 Gamescom 2019: Wasteland 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodlines 2
12-Aug-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #3: Tabletop to Desktop - Vampire: The Masquerade V5 and Bloodlines 2
27-Jul-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #2: Bloodlines 2 Game Pillars
12-Jun-2019 Bloodlines 2 E3 2019 Demo Gameplay Footage and Previews
11-Jun-2019 PC Gaming Show at E3 2019: Bloodlines 2 Gameplay Trailer
30-May-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Malkavian
23-May-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Ventrue
15-May-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Toreador
8-May-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Tremere
2-May-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Brujah
24-Apr-2019 Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Thinbloods
22-Apr-2019 Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #1: Who is Hardsuit Labs?
22-Mar-2019 Paradox announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 with Brian Mitsoda onboard as narrative lead
24-Feb-2019 Paradox might be announcing a Vampire: The Masquerade RPG on March 21st, possibly by Hardsuit Labs

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