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R-E-D-A-X-I-U-M wants YOU for Testing

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R-E-D-A-X-I-U-M wants YOU for Testing

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 12 April 2021, 22:16:30

Tags: R-E-D-A-X-I-U-M

Prosper and FEDSMOKER would like you guys to check out their game, per this thread. It's currently a very early alpha, but playable. There's even a linux version available. Here's a partial list of all the features:
  • Exploration
    There are many locations to discover. Each designed to be as open as possible with lots of ground to cover.
  • Monsters
    There are many species and not all of them are friendly. Some of them not even indigenous.
  • Npcs
    Who lives or dies should be your choice. Only you know what you want.

    Most characters will move around and keep busy. Others may have more organized and/or criminal intent.

    Dialog freely with them to learn more, and get tasks.
  • Factions
    There are many factions including the big three. Pick sides as you wish, but not without consequence.
    Be sure to pay attention that they are who they say. There are grey areas within them as well.
  • Stats/Character Attributes
    Four types. Affecting this such as damage, defense, health etc.
  • Items
    There are many armors and weapon with their own mods. Your equipment will breakdown when used,
    so it may be a good idea to keep alternative until you can do repairs.
  • Combat Skills
    As you level up you will be able to invest in different skills. Skills each come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are struggling to beat an opponent you may want to try a different skill. The combat interface makes picking one over the other simple.

    However combat is not just about bruteforce, consider defensive practices!

There's a much larger list of features in that thread mentioned above.

Cheers, Prosper!

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