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turn-based combat

  1. Latro

    Incline Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion - Wuxia Pixelated Isometric Open-World Sandbox RPG with Turn-Based Combat

    If you liked Tales of Wuxia and wanted more of that without the minigame grind you’ll probably love this. Pretty addicting game leaving EA in about two weeks Jinn You’ll like it.
  2. CryptRat

    Adventurer Academy - Heroes of the New Dawn - a school setting traditional blobber made with RPG Maker

    First thing first, there's a demo included, so you can give the game a try before buying it for $10 : https://lordofpotatos.itch.io/adventurer-academy-heroes-of-the-new-dawn. I played the demo for about 1h30, the game seems cool enough. I did not reach the end of the demo so for sure there's...
  3. Tower of Nibiru - Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

    I'm an amateur 3d artist and game developer working on a solo project (Tower of Nibiru) that will hopefully be my first commercial release. It's still in early development, but it's starting to look and feel like a real game, so I figured I'd start posting my plans and progress here. Features...
  4. Moaning_Clock

    Indie The Blood Mage

  5. cyborgboy95

    Indie Gods of Sand - Bloody Gladiatorial Combat RPG

  6. Tyranicon

    Indie Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall - Isometric Cyberpunk Vampire RPG

    As promised, here’s my next overly-ambitious RPG project as I’m starting to finish up my current game. Posting this on the Codex first, as I shitpost here enough and would like to gather some prestigious opinions. This is all conceptual/prototype stage, so expect some roughness. Here’s the...
  7. mercyRPG

    Incline Vote for the Helherron Title Screen combat result!

    In the Making™ The turn-based, party-based dark fantasy RPG - HELHERRON - is getting a new title screen! On this screen a Combat Scene depicts our hated most beloved proud heroes, who foolishly dared to enter the perilous Dungeon of the Demon Ba'Dong! On this Most Tumultuous and Epic Title...
  8. Timeslip

    KickStarter Prometheus Wept - turn-based RPG from Vigilantes developer - Demo Available

    Prometheus Wept is a turn based RPG set in a near-future Earth, where our digital technology has been disabled by a devastating cyber-attack. The game offers squad-level combat, simultaneous battles between cyberspace and the physical world, meaningful choices, deep character progression and an...
  9. ANtY

    Glorious Companions - TB RPG where you lead a mercenary company - now available on Early Access

    https://gloriouscompanions.com I'd love to know your opinions on what we're working on here, guys. I know the gameplay is still lacking in a lot of ways but we're working very hard to make this game the best it can be. Mind that we're only two friends who work on this game in their free...
  10. Safav Hamon

    Turn-based combat mode in Deadfire

    This time it's not an April Fools joke. Tested and fully playable.
  11. Strange Fellow

    KickStarter Island, a Robinson Crusoe simulator

    Since making threads about interesting Kickstarter games is apparently allowed on this forum, I want in. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/109415457/island/ http://www.islandthegame.com/ Island is a roleplay and strategy game where you play as a castaway in the eighteenth century. Inspired...
  12. 1manstudio

    Indie Rabbit Hole - A RPG Adventure

    Hey all!! I wanted to talk about and show you all a game that we have been working on at @1manstudio. It is a RPG Adventure Indie Game, set in a Dark Wonderland. The game is called Rabbit Hole, and to avoid TL;DR, you can read about it on the Rabbit Hole website. A Quick Summary of The...
  13. Craig Stern

    Summoners Fate

    Posting this as a favor for a game dev friend of mine! The creator of Hero Mages (linky) is now Kickstarting a new game called Summoners Fate. Summoners Fate is a fantasy turn-based tactics game / CCG hybrid, complete with destructible terrain, knockback abilities, environmental hazards, a...
  14. How would you create a Gladiator/Duel style turn based RPG?

    I have an ich for some single character turn based combat games. I got into Sword and Sandals Steam version(not sure about other versions) and it doesn't have much depth. Domina is good but too much of an action game. Age of Decadence/Dungeon Rats has depth but its too much RNG. Shigatari is...
  15. CryptRat

    KickStarter DEMIURGOS: Path of the Leviathan, an alternative history adventure RPG

    UPDATE - Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/546845775/demiurgos-path-of-the-leviathan * * * Vote on Greenlight : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=902207367 Detailed info directly on their site : https://www.demiurgos.de/ The shorter Steam Description ...
  16. Strange Matter

    A lovecraftian XCOM => Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu

    Hey guys ! A good friend of mine who is hanging around a lot on this forum suggested I post here to talk about my project. I am not going to lie to you: I created an account specifically for that purpose :roll: But hey, I didn't know this place and I really AM a huge strategy fan (COH2...
  17. The Brazilian Slaughter

    In Progress Let''s Play: The X-COM Files 0.5.2b Alpha! BLIND! ITS BAAAACK!!

    The X-COM Files Extraterrestrials are real, they are here and not for peace. They hide in shadows, behind masks and cloaks, the traitorous and unaware, human proxies and puppets. Vast shadow conspiracies work together against mankind, and no one knows who they are. They can be anyone, they...

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