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The STEAM Sales and Releases Thread

Jan 21, 2023
Game about painting models might be removed from Steam - CD Project demands it due to DLC with their projects.

Already removed apparently

I also noticed that if you owned Mass Effect 2 already, you get a new version of the OG game added to your account. This time with all DLC. Reviews say this "new" version requires EA Launcher in the bakground but the game's pagge doesn't specify it.

Baron Dupek

Jul 23, 2013
Kitchen sink
Overpriced Arkanoid got discount

I play Model Builder. What happened exactly?
There was DLC with characters from CD Projekt's games - Silverhand, Ciri and Geralt (in kimono) and CDP ordered devs to not only pull out the DLC, but also base game from the Steam. Why? Who knows, maybe CD's ego raised to Nintendo's level of petiness?

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