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Wasteland Wasteland 2 - what's your general opinion?


Titans Canyon as faulty as it is in many ways is the best location in the game. Unfortunately its a fluke in overall design which you will discover as you go on.
Of course you are enjoying it now. Its all new to you. You see everything for the first time. You might even think its good for what it is after you "finish it" but that doesnt change the actual quality of the game.

Enjoy it as much as you can, by all means.
(there wont be any second playthrough thats for sure)


Aug 30, 2005
is cold
I rarely go for a second playthrough now days anyway. Even with games that warrant that. It's good if i even finish one to begin with.

Abu Antar

Turn-based Poster
Jan 19, 2014
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I finally beat the games a few days ago:

I beat Wasteland 2 the other day. STEAM says 90 hours played but the run that I completed probably took 75 hours. I restarted once when I realized that the skill points and attributes I had distributed to my characters wouldn't work in the long run. I did that at after having played for five hours. I also idled for about 10 hours.

Overall, I thought the game was decent. I don't regret backing the game at all, even if there were things about the game that I didn't like. The combat is serviceable but mostly, it was about killing the enemies as fast as possible before they would charge you. That's basically every encounter in a nutshell. Different weapons were good in different situations, so that's a plus. The fact that you could split up your characters and attack the enemies from both sides was also good.

Attribute distribution felt like it didn't matter that much after you had created your characters. I just pumped one until I got more action points. Skill point distribution, I have no problem with. What bothered me about the skills was the fact that when you use one, it takes forever to tell me if I am going to succeed or not. I hated that. Just tell me directly if I failed or not. That padded the game length quite a bit, I think. When you realize you failed to open a lock with a 91% chance after ten seconds, that kind of pisses you off.

I liked the questing in Arizona more than the questing in Los Angeles, but I liked the writing more in the second part. Los Angeles just didn't feel as fun even if it was a bit more open ended. The progression in Arizona felt a bit more linear. The story in general and the writing were mid tier in my opinion. It can't compare to games like Fallout 1, 2 or New Vegas. It's better than Bethesda and BioWare writing, but that is probably not saying much. Comparison to a newer game would be Divinity: Original Sin. It has better writing than that, but gameplay is not up to par. I don't know how much choices and consequences matter and I honestly won't find out because I don't see myself replaying the game anytime soon.

The voice acting was cheesy but in a good way in my opinion. I liked it. The soundtrack is good, but it felt like there weren't many tracks. One annoying thing about the audio was the sounds enemies made. Wtf was that about?

I hope inXile got some good experience working on Wasteland 2 and that we see improvements for Torment.


- unworthy of being called Wasteland 2.
Already put me in a bad vibe when i realised just how much in common the two really had. Would have been an entirely different story if the title did not reflect the original one at all. And advertised accordingly obviously.
I know your answer to this one but in all honesty, hype and sales are their issue, not mine. Mine is to criticise the outcome. I will look differently at a 'Wasteland 2' and quite differently at say, InXile's 'Desert Rangers'

- unworthy of being categorised along the games following the spirit of Wasteland, ie Fallout and Fallout 2
Saying incline because thanks to BF the Kickstarter craze begun is one thing, and i too both agree and am glad about it
Saying incline because some decades later a title pops up that fails to even go near what we had back then (options, variety, land mass, stealth)? ie fails to even emulate the ready, the already offered?
Radically a different thing. But to each their own

- moving on to looking at it on its own merit?
If i allowed me to judge it based on what they were supposed to make of it, based on the potential said team was credited as having/bringing to the table? ..disappointing..
If i left that too aside? lol, why finally! We have reached bottom something positive!

Good atmosphere, overall tone/mood, enough good one-liners and phrases to outweight the bad, pleasant graphics, but rather souless for my taste. Just one more Unity plasticity out there to resemble all those others before and after it. Even so however, an enjoyable setting for you to be immersed in. Combat however, which is what i at least would primarily focus on? When they finally decide to balance it enough so that Rifles are no longer alpha and omega, when certain skills are no longer entirely useless and a cause of restarting the game from scratch, i will make sure to get back to you on that one.

"I don't care newfag. Did you finish it or not?"
No. I really want to like it more, i really want my 'second' impression to convince me i am being unreasonably harsh on them. So i am waiting for that re-re-balancing major patch. Assuming that is still a priority.

Am sorry to say that i had quite a diffrent mentality towards InXile before W2, and quite a different one now. Different enough for me to know in advance that neither Torment nor BT deserve any amount of money in advance. For me that is, just my opinion :)
Bitter? No, honestly not. Just disillusioned. Was and still am more than happy to pay in advance elsewhere. See.. Larian?


Mar 2, 2015
Finished the game a few months ago; Steam says 87 hours so probably took 80 or so, Ranger difficulty. Overall I had a positive experience with the game, but it really started to drag after a while. Probably because there is too much combat and it all boils down to enemies getting destroyed by assault rifles and the gamma ray blaster. Writing is better than other recent rpgs, but nothing that would compel me to play the game again. Would have been better if they cut some of the content and spent much more time on combat/encounter design.

Not happy that the company is now porting their game/games to console too. Hope that doesn't affect Torment.


Barely Literate
Mar 22, 2015
I'm really digging it after just finishing up Arizona.

Combat is fun, great setting. A few dodgy graphics here and there but a really nice feel to it.


I'm a spicy fellow.
Oct 28, 2010
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I had horrible first impressions, but they are improving. The game is not perfect at all, it has some rough edges, but it's enjoyable enough, even though I absolutely suck and am playing on the Seasoned difficulty level.


Sep 26, 2012
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After finally finishing the game recently, I think it's very good overall - would easily have been my GotY in 2012 or 2013 and is in my personal top 3 of 2014. :greatjob:

My playthrough on Ranger difficulty took about 80 hours and it did drag a bit near the end, but nowhere near as bad as - to give another recent example - Lords of Xulima. It's also true that there are still some bugs and issues but nothing gamebreaking. The writing is (mostly) good, often rather hilarious and the combat is fun and sufficiently challenging, though somewhat imbalanced (which could have been improved by now - I finished the game before the latest balance patch). Bodes pretty well for TToN!


Nov 25, 2012
Shadorwun: Hong Kong
I got bored during the AG center, which means I probably played it less than Grimrock 2, yet somehow I feel like I should come back, probably start anew, and give it a second chance. But now I'll probably wait for the GOTY version.


Mar 2, 2015
AG Center. Man, I don't know what were they thinking. It played like a demo level designed to artificially bloat play time needed to complete it. Great example of bad level design.

I couldn't shake this impression till I stopped playing (just before entering Canyon of Titan, I think).
Dissapointed by it overall; combat as well.

I will wait for the GOTY as well, I still think it deserves a second chance, it did some things right.


Zionist Agent
Mar 5, 2012
It started very promising, I had a lot of fun trying different parties and just playing the game. However, by the time I got to the canyon with the crazy monks, everything started to feel repetitive and boring so I just quit. That was in November and I still haven't continued, but I'm sure I'll feel like completing the game eventually.


Was there any words on the editor maybe?

man, ive slammed AG center and highpool both so much i bored myself with it. kinda the worst thing about it to me is that its all so unnecessary... why not instead just make a better more interesting location using same assets and all?

why it just had to be like it all is ?

why design badgers and plant them all over? why not something better ? buy some mutants and creatures from that store ffs...
they could have made a stretch goal for every creature more, hmh.


Aug 27, 2014
Le Balkans
Is there an ETA on the GOTY version? I'm itching for a replay, but would wait for a improved and patched up version of it.


Jan 6, 2015
I guess they may have hyped it too much by saying it'll be like the original and Fallout put in one. I was expecting too much, maybe. I'm not sure, but I really got bored with it. Just too repetitive, and at times, the dialogue was overly long just for the sake of being overly long. I'll give it a second chance when the Xbone version comes out for the PC or whatever they'll call it (GoTY edition?).

It's funny because I was expecting less from Pillars of Eternity and more from Wasteland: 2. Turns out the opposite happened and Pillars of Eternity delivered more than Wasteland: 2.


Dec 19, 2014
I guess they may have hyped it too much by saying it'll be like the original and Fallout

No. This is Wasteland 2. Not Fallout 3.

Did you ever play Wasteland?

I don't see your point.This game plays nothing like the original Wasteland so he's kinda right,this game has more in common with Fallout than the original game ,so why not make comparison?
The game is bad compared to the original game and hundreds of miles behind Fallout.


Jan 15, 2010
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So I came to this town called Rodia, seemed like a nice place if it werent for armed bandits acting like assholes to everyone, and your locals were scared, hungry and also diseased.

Being such a good samaritan I decided to help out, first thing I choose to help about was the mysterious sickness plaguing the townsfolk, no point of starting a rebellion if people cant even stand.

I went to a doctor and offered to help, he said that he needs a microscope to find out the cause of the illness and he mentioned that the disease first started showing with the farmers.

Before leaving to find the microscope at the other end of the state I decided to check out the farm and have a few talks with locals.

After some questioning I came to information that people who got sick all drink water from a nearby well, so I decided to check it out.

It was your pretty standard well with nothing really out of ordinary about it but when I looked in I was shocked to notice a corpse floating inside.

First I tried to pull it out but couldnt find anything to help me reach it so I went back to Doc for help.

Me: Doc, I think I found the answer to the epidemic.

Doc: Did you find the microscope?

Me: No, but I found corpse in the well I think thats what made people sick.

Doc: I really need that microscope, you better hurry with that.

Me: But, the corps, the well, I think you should look it up.

Doc: God dammit man, I need that microscope, lives are at stake you need to hurry.

Me: ....

So I went to get the fucking microscope after days of travel, (God knows how many people died in meantime) and ran straight to Doc.

Me: Here is your microscope, did you maybe take care of that corpse while I was gone?

Doc: Thank you for the microscope, now I can get to bottom of this.

Me: ...

Few minutes later.

Doc: I came to a discovery, it seems like the disease is due exposure to bacteria that finds itself on rotting flesh.

Me: There is a corpse in the well.

Doc: I have and idea, it might be that a source of food or water is contaminated so you should check food storages and wells.

Me: There is a fucking corpse in the fucking well.

Doc: No time to talk, you need to hurry and find that source of disease!

Me: ...

Goes to the well, see corpse floating inside, try to pull it out, still no luck, go back.

Me: There is a corpse in the well.

Doc: I knew it, good thing you got us this microscope or we would be in trouble. Now I need you to pull the corpse out from the well...

Me: I already tried that few times but just couldnt...

Doc: With this ten meter rope and large iron hook I was keeping in my back pocket.

Me: Fuck you

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