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  1. Jarmaro

    Fallout Which fan-made Fallout game is the best?

    I played Fallout 1, kinda liked it. Fallout 2 I bounced off after a few hours, the tone, references, humor and other stuff I'm not american enough to understand knocked me away from it. But. I know there are fan-made full Fallout games, such as Fallout: Resurrection, Fallout: Soreno and others...
  2. Ryan muller

    Fallout 2 was always incline

    No, Fallout 1 isnt better than 2 Fallout 1's better pacing and sense of urgency werent enough to justify it being better than its sequel and you should accept it. Not only density of content but quality itself is consistently higher on the sequel and i will discuss some of those points here...
  3. rusty_shackleford

    Fallout I hate the Desert Rangers becoming NCR lapdogs.

    In Fallout New Vegas the rangers feel like nothing more than political attack dogs doing the work of the NCR. Why am I not also mentioning Fallout 2 here as well? I have a good reason, read on. It's impossible to disentangle the Rangers in Fallout from the Rangers in Wasteland. They are...
  4. smaug

    Fallout Fallout General Thread

    Why don't we already have a general thread for these games? Currently playing Fallout 2 and I ran into an obnoxious issue. In Fallout 1 whenever I changed the resolution to 800x600 Windowed mode, the game now boots up in it automatically. In Fallout 2 despite this boots up in 640x480, is there...
  5. zool

    Fallout Mutants Rising - fanmade Fallout TC

    Have a look at this recently released screenshot of the FO2 dialogue editor (right-hand part). I couldn't not post it here. :lol: More seriously, the guys doing this Mutants Rising mod look like they are serious about staying true to the Fallout spirit, and their leader and main coder Chris...
  6. perfectslumbers

    Project Van Buren, A Recreation of the Original Fallout 3

    http://projectvanburen.com/ "Project Van Buren was born in 2017 as an attempt to recreate the original Fallout 3, a 3D isometric computer role-playing game codenamed Van Buren, that was developed by now-defunct Black Isle Studios before the project’s cancellation in late 2003. Blending together...
  7. MicoSelva

    Fallout RPG history and development on YouTube (mostly Black Isle, post links to others)

    Hey, bros. Over the years I have been watching, and re-watching a lot of YT videos dedicated to history and development of Interplay (mostly Black Isle) era RPGs, and their derivatives from later years. At some point I started to lose track of what I have already watched and what I did not...
  8. Wened

    Jagged Alliance JA2 Straciatella and FT with Redux and Equilibrium mods

    Hi. I do not want to make separate threads so i will put all my questions into one. Currently im Playing Jagged Alliance 2 moded with Straciatella (Just bugfixes, no new content). Its my first run ever (seriously) and im strugling cause of how the interface works and how little is comunicated...
  9. Falksi

    What Makes Games Wank - Gaming Contradictions

    Good game, bad game & everything in-between is obviously pretty subjective to a fair degree. But these debates seem to center around the same aspects such as gameplay, writing, RPG elements & their implementation etc. What I've noticed over the years, and something which I feel doesn't get...
  10. Sordid MCA/Prosper Hybryd

    Fallout Fallout: Sonora - new Fallout mod from the Fallout: Nevada team - now available in Russian

    It seems that the same team is working on a new one.
  11. howlingFantods

    Killing kids: why and why not?

    The ability to choose your character(s) actions within a relatively open-ended system is a cardinal feature of roleplaying games. Therefore, a greater and more diverse range of choices could only strengthen the fundamental heart of what an RPG is. Player freedom is and should always be a...
  12. Jenkem

    Amazon lists placeholder Bethesda Softworks title for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    https://gematsu.com/2019/02/amazon-lists-placeholder-bethesda-softworks-title-for-ps4-xbox-one-and-pc how excited are Fluent and TemplarGR right now?
  13. RapineDel

    RPGs with the best late game (or even second half)

    It's a pretty common trend in cRPGs for the game to be at it's best in the first half, often getting weaker or even falling apart towards the end. VTMB is a perfect example of this, becoming a dull combat crawl towards the end despite the first half or so being brilliant. When replaying these...
  14. Shaewaroz

    The Worst Raped Game Franchise of All Time (Poll)

    Which game series has has experienced the most dramatic fall from grace? Where is the stench of Decline the most foul? Where the anus has been so brutally violated that you can't help but look away in disgust and disbelief? A poll added since lately we haven't had nearly enough of them. Only 1...
  15. Daniel Pacheco

    Fallout 76: Who are going to play?

    I am a PS4 player and just take my PS Network yearly pass. I do not stop to hear that Fallout 76 will sucks but I would like to buy it, but not sure if people will play it. Do you think that Fallout 76 still been a good RPG? Are you going to buy it?
  16. Goral

    Project V13 - the online Fallout game that never was

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/9/17665046/fallout-online-project-v13-interplay-bethesda-lawsuit-fallout-76 Adi Robertson a journalist writing for The Verge has just posted an interesting and comprehensive article about Interplay's attempt to release an MMO game long before retards from...
  17. Arnust

    The History of Bethesda Game Studios - Elder Scrolls / Fallout NoClip Documentary

    Pretty interesting stuff. NoClip delivering as always.
  18. JoonaAhonen

    Fallout What does Fallout make you think?

    Please, if you want, tell everyone your thoughts in detail. Personally, I am a bit of an Interfag. I have always loved the originals the most, and they are my favorite video games ever. I do also love NV.
  19. NeoKino

    Modding Fallout: New Vegas for that "classic" Fallout feel

    This is a small mod guide created with intent to add more C&C and deeper role playing elements to Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas does a decent job of adding skill checks and choice throughout the wasteland, but it has some flaws this modlist rectifies that. Note this only gameplay mods if you...
  20. Jimmious

    Fallout FO2 mod - EcCo (gameplay overhaul for Restoration Project)

    Did anyone play through FO2 with this mod? If yes is it worth it or does it break the game in a bad way? EcCo (gameplay overhaul for Restoration Project) (Multidirectional moving the issue here since it came up)
  21. Jarmaro

    There's something very wrong with Fallout: New Vegas music

    And no, I am not talking about radio. I am talking about music in background. I played Falliut 1 and 2 not so long ago so I actually could realize they share many tracks. So... Someone retarded implemented it. I understand they wanted to "bring back old memories" or something like that, it's...
  22. Goral

    Fix old news please

    DarkUnderlord Taluntain Old news are littered with HTML tags and are inconvenient to read. And old news are for the most part more interesting than new news. Please fix it. An example: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/how-to-make-friends-and-influence-previews.19458/ When it...
  23. Sigourn

    Survey of the Reddit Fallout fanbase (results inside)

    A redditor named leemcd56 made a survey in the different subs of Reddit that cover the Fallout franchise. You can see the results in this page. Post your thoughts and feelings on the results. Frankly, I'm amazed at the love Fallout: New Vegas got. In particular the graphics chart. Two...
  24. Goral

    Best Bethesda site

    Some Polish bro has registered http://www.bethesda.sucks/ site and made it actually interesting despite Bethesda content. Todd Howard has personally blessed it. :fuuyeah: Discuss.
  25. Jarmaro

    Vast hour and half long Fallout 4 analysis

    This video is similair to that about Fallout 3, but author is diffrent and in my opinion video is better than that about F3 as author logically and with calm voice pointed out every aspect of the story and explained why main story is shit. Entire video is very good but from 11:37 to 1:00:00 and...

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