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  1. Jarmaro

    Fallout Which fan-made Fallout game is the best?

    I played Fallout 1, kinda liked it. Fallout 2 I bounced off after a few hours, the tone, references, humor and other stuff I'm not american enough to understand knocked me away from it. But. I know there are fan-made full Fallout games, such as Fallout: Resurrection, Fallout: Soreno and others...
  2. Fargus

    Incline Notable Total Conversion Mods

    RPG: Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos (Gothic 2) released History of Khorinis (Gothic 2) TBD Enderal (Skyrim) released Enderal (Skyrim SE version) released Nehrim (Oblivion) released Arktwend (Morrowind) released Myar Aranath (Morrowind) released Tamriel Rebuilt (Morrowing) released\ongoing...
  3. Ghulgothas

    Underrail Custom Portrait Thread

    In the interest of keeping the primary thread focused, please post any and all custom portraits and packs for this game there are here. I know a few of the older ones have had broken links for some time. Here's the one I made to start with. .ZIP
  4. Absinthe

    Dragon Age Custom campaigns/zones/quests/etc for Dragon Age: Origins

    Someone asked what other custom content there is for DAO and I realized I only know of sea's Thirst mod (which I recommend), and it doesn't seem like there's a proper list anywhere on the internet, so I figure we may as well start a thread and start listing whatever we can think of here. So far...
  5. Gargaune

    Vapourware Fallout 4 Total Conversions - Now with Fallout: London "Coming Soon™"

    "All mods are vapourware until proven playable." Okay, so there's precedent... Oblivion had Nehrim, Skyrim had Enderal and Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. The latter had many other things, like Project Aho, Summerset Isle, Beyond Reach etc., but if we're looking for "new" campaigns with the scope and...
  6. Wened

    Jagged Alliance JA2 Straciatella and FT with Redux and Equilibrium mods

    Hi. I do not want to make separate threads so i will put all my questions into one. Currently im Playing Jagged Alliance 2 moded with Straciatella (Just bugfixes, no new content). Its my first run ever (seriously) and im strugling cause of how the interface works and how little is comunicated...
  7. ADL

    Vapourware Dark Souls/Elden Ring modding megathread (Archthrones demo available now)

    Now that Elden Ring has thoroughly disappointed me, I have been going through the modding scene of the Dark Souls series and people are doing some really cool shit that I didn't even know was possible with the current set of tools. You shouldn't play any of these mods on your actual Steam...
  8. smaug

    KickStarter What happened to Politician?

    Why did he get deleted?
  9. Darth Canoli

    Incline Legends Mod for Battle Brothers

    Where to get the mod : Nexus Discord (latest alpha mod) MASSIVE SPOILERS below Everyone knows this mod by now, i assume but they probably don't know the latest version fixed all the bugs and some features are really game changer in a great way, adding a lot of flavor to the game which has a...
  10. Valky

    Eastern Portrait Pack

    Temple of Elemental Evil is a great game, however, as a wise man challenged me once, D&D has always lacked a certain.. Japanese aesthetic. To correct this oversight, I have created a new portrait pack for the game, adding a total of 77 new portraits for your use in character creation. This will...
  11. Jimmious

    Mount & Blade mods

    So I got the whole collection and I want to try the game. I think I'll go vanilla Warband first to learn the basics. My question however is if there are good visual mods to improve a bit the graphics of the game... anyone?
  12. Darth Canoli

    Wizardry Wizardry 8 : Lunastralis mod

    Couldn't find any thread about Lunastralis mod : Download page Thought i could try it since it's sold as a total reconversion, i'm not sure exactly in what way, i'd hope for a total quests / locations reconversion (i could do without trynton for once). Anyone tried it or have more infos about...
  13. Doom mod that combines every Doom game

    When the Doom reboot came out, there were mods trying to implement some of its gameplay elements into classic Doom, with D4D (Doom 4 Doom) and D4T (Death: Foretold) being big examples. However, something similar kind of happen with Doom 3, but most Doom mods based around its series were either...
  14. Junmarko

    Arcanum Arcanum Multiverse Edition

    Arcanum has finally been given some recent attention thanks to (Russian:cool:) modders. Multiverse Edition comes pre-packaged with the essentials plus some unique tweaks. Most notably, it integrates a launcher with a decent amount of visual and performance customisation options, alongside an...
  15. Abhay

    Bethesda Says Sony Won't Allow Skyrim Or Fallout 4 Mods On PS4

    Earlier this year, Bethesda announced plans to allow mods for Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim remaster on PS4 and Xbox One, an unprecedented move that made console RPG fans very happy. But now, embarrassingly, it looks like mods will be an Xbox exclusive. In an update on their website today...
  16. NWN Neverwinter Nights (NWN & NWN2) Modules Thread

    What mods do you use you can't play without? I don't exactly mean module that is a game on its own, but haks, tools, whatever that enhance the overall gameplay experience. I have gathered a small list of useful mods from nwnvault. The improvement on the game is so great. I was impressed with...

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