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Horizon Forbidden West - sequel to Hoizon Zero Dawn - coming to PC on March 21st


Jul 16, 2009
I don't see review bombing.

Not great. It doesn’t add anything relevant to the main story, it doesn’t prepare at all to horizon 3 any more than the base game already did. Cringe lgbt dialogues,
LGBT is shit.
The content is somewhat decent but everything feels like a generic afterthought that could have been implemented in the base game if it wasn't cross-gen. Sony is dropping the ball lately.
They should make it part of base game.
Visually look awesome, but what about storytelling? Aloy lesbian! What are you doing Sony & Guerilla really? Stop doing it with your characters. That’s awful plot, you create a wonderful world, and absolutely awful minor characters. Bad really bad. I love this franchise, and I don’t want to see how you’ll destroy it. and now I’m start thinking about 3 part, and it scares me.
Yea that makes sense.
Why is Aloy a lesbian now, she used to be one of my favorite game characters but not anymore
They killed personality of main character.
I play fantasy worlds to take a break from reality. But for my own money, they push the same propaganda and problems of the real world into me. Also, the game has a bad plot and no soul.
Yup. Bad design and story.
Game with gay and feminist agenda. Graphics are beautiful and world is interesting to explore. But dialogues and characters are just horrible.
Looks like story matters.
"trans-flag" war paint option
Is it really called that way? You gotta be kidding.
Amazing graphics and gameplay but Aloy is completely out of character! Aloy is an A-sexual character with the story about her fulfilling her role in the world yet we have a homosexual narrative shoehorned into this DLC which makes no sense.
A lot of main characters are asexual characters. At best they don't have time for sex or relations, at worst...

Review from someone who loves this universe very much. I am disappointed. The developers could come up with and show so many interesting and leading to the continuation, but they did... this.

I should warn you that I'm only talking about the main story quests. Let's start with the good. The battle with Horus in the final is tense and dynamic, the gameplay is divided into several sections, each of which is a separate arena. The nature and music is amazing. You can swin on new machine and fly high as you can. Very beautilul clouds.

Remember the most interesting story of Frozen Wilds, where Aloy visited the Banuk tribe and found out mysterious secrets together with the locals? So forget it.

And it's not even about deceived expectations. The second part, in principle, became simpler and more mundane and less focused on the details of Laura, although there were also enough of them, and I liked the progression of the main character on the way to the team. In Burning Shores, it's about the lack of sense in this add-on as a whole. It can even be described in a few lines: One Zenith survived and fled to Hollywood to fix his spaceship there and fly to another planet. The launch of the ship will cause pollution of these lands, so Aloy and Seyka (one of the Quen) try to stop him. Zenith activates Horus, but still loses.

THAT'S ALL. I am not kidding. No clues to the future, no hint of the position of Hephaestus, no reasoning about the nature of Nemesis, no at least somewhat ambiguous antagonist (which was the same Faro), no clear trail that would help stop Nemesis, just a dull wandering around the islands back and forth. And it's poor written. The all situations feels like a bad rom-com. There is a siluation when our characters trying to sneak to enemy base and saying to the guards: "HEY WE MET YOUR FRIEND AND HE TOLD US WE CAN PASS!" Yeah that's bad. It is very noticeable that the screenwriter has changed and he absolutely does not know how to write at least some interesting story. In the main task of the add-on, the hand of the "brilliant" screenwriter is generally seen everywhere in the form of the thought "I live as I want, the team is not a decree for me." No depth and interestingness of the characters, just a direct hacking of the phrase from the screen: BOSSES ARE BAD, LET'S REBEL! This is very much out of the tone of the narrative of both games, and the decrease in the quality of the script is noticeable to the naked eye.

Oh yes, there is also a love line that was forcibly inserted or what the authors allegedly tried to show us, which is perhaps the biggest pain for me. Why? Because Seyka is boring and uninteresting character but typical interaction between her and Aloy somehow born the "attraction". You know after literally the SAME situation in Ikrie or Talanah arc which you can describe the same words: brave woman warrior and almost match for Aloy lost part of the family and now trying to safe them or memory of them in battle + she doesn't accept any authority. But they decided like this was never happened and Seyka in this situation somehow love interest right now? That's why I don't believe in this story. It comes from literally NOTHING.I love this universe so much and don't mind gay characters whom i met in Horizon games. But if they wanted a romance line i prefer to choose between man, woman or no romantic interest at all for protagonist. But here they just forced one bad line. It is especially hard to believe when Aloy tells Seyka that she has become an example for her in everything. And I sit at this moment and think: why? No, seriously, when? The only thing that Seyka remembers is the incessant comments admiring every action of Aloy like "There you go! Or whining about how everyone around are bad. Or yelling and running away. Nothing more. Therefore, the scene when Aloy holds out her hand to Seyka and says that she cares about this fool feels strained, if not mocking. In Aloy's friendship with Erend or Kotallo, there is more dynamics and real care, not to mention the relationship with Beta.

Previously, everyone could decide for himself with whom he wanted or did not want to see Aloy, and her disinterest in romantic relationships only gave a peculiar character to the character. Not to mention, during the creation of Zero Dawn, the developers said: "Aloy is a woman on a mission and she has no time to think about such things." Obviously, the producer's hand gave a sign to correct this situation at the time of the crisis and earn easy money on cheap hype. The players themselves want to choose, because there are quite a lot of attractive and charming men and women in the world of Horizon. But they just screwed all fans and made a only chose. A bad one. Only a bitter resentment that another character with a gradual development beloved by the fans of the game was sharply sacrificed to the social agenda. That's all I wanted to say


Thread Incliner
Apr 5, 2008
Your ignore list.
You WILL give the PROPER ratings.



Dec 26, 2014
On the internet, writing shit posts.
> Make a shitty game
> Shoehorn in DEI crap
> Watch every review outlet give your shitty game amazing reviews and quell criticisms in your favour

Wow, who'd thought that game design would be so easy?
I can't wait for the latest AAA MSPaint walking simulator about a polysexual gnome that still somehow needs 200GB and the latest CPU and GPU to run properly.


the irascible
Jan 10, 2023
fuck you
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You WILL give the PROPER ratings.
You are only allowed to hate love stories between a man and a woman.

Sony literally cancelled the Days Gone series, because leftoids were deeply offended by the love story.

hear me out...maybe, just maybe, they should play a different game. i wouldn't expect a game about furfags to cater to me, a straight white dude, nor would I ever purchase it to complain about it not catering to me. maybe a game about bikers in a zombie apocalypse isn't made for everyone. maybe having the same generic product ad nauseam is getting tiring.

where's a good '83 crash when it's needed? need to seriously cull the herd of shitty devs and companies.


Mar 30, 2013
Kingdom of Bohemia
Codex+ Now Streaming!
In current year, RPG Codex considers any game to be an RPG if it identifies as one.
Then again, if it was up to certain Codexers the only thing allowed the RPG badge would be the isometric party-based stuff like BG or D:OS.

My definition of RPG is generous - you can build and develop your char(s). That's p. much it. There are degrees to which you can do it, so then you have RPG-lites like most of the AAA popamole stuff like nuAssCreed or Horizon, standard RPGs like Gothic and buildstraganzas like Underrail. All RPGs in my book tho.


Sep 4, 2015
no party - not an rpg. you can have party in non rpg game, but you can't have rpg game without party.

Baron Dupek

Jul 23, 2013
This ride will never end

Guerrilla Games says the Horizon series is "going to be continuing it for a very long while," with 16 "plans" all on the spin.When Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC was released in April, fans suspected it wasn't the end of Aloy's story.
In May, studio director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed that Aloy's adventures will continue. The Horizon universe will expand further than just one more game though, van Beek hopes, as he reveals during a Develop:Brighton talk that the studio currently has around 16 plans "clicking on", including future instalments down the line.
"We're going to be continuing it for a very long while," he continues."As people probably already know, we're also going to be working on a multiplayer game," van Beek says, perhaps making reference to the Horizon MMO first rumoured in 2021. Rumours resurfaced last year following a new report suggesting Sony has partnered with South Korean developer NCSoft Corporation to create it.
With how slow developement is these days - that's a plan for a century.

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