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Moonspeak Random Non-Japanese Asian RPG News Thread

Vatnik Wumao
Jan 29, 2019
How is Fateseeker 2's combat? I wasn't a fan of the first game's system since it was so easy to cheese.


May 13, 2018
Many reviews for Fateseeker 2 saying that after over 10+ hours of playing it, they only had less than 20 mins of combat lol
And many of them didn't leave the starter village till 5-10 hours of play time cause they wanna finish everything there first.


Dec 31, 2010
I've had five or so trivial fights against mooks and one boss fight in the tutorial area before entering the village. It's 90% adventure game.

The main quest directs you to Kaifeng but I checked and you can actually go south first to Hangzhou.


Codex's Heretic
Feb 2, 2007
Terra da Garoa


Nov 8, 2007
The trailer made it look really interesting, but hard pass playing something like this on DeepL translation...

On the plus side, the full re-translation of Tale of Wuxia seems to be going well. They are redoing everything from zero, and also translating all DLCs and extra content, it's around 65% done: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377530/discussions/0/3443510323253197218/

I posted in that thread shortly after it was made last year, somewhat cheekily suggesting Tale of Wuxia Prequel as a possible next project. They responded by saying that they felt the prequel was perfectly understandable (it's MUCH worse than Tale of Wuxia's) and that it wasn't machine translated (I really doubt this), so who knows what kind of quality we're going to be looking at with their project. Tale of Wuxia Prequel "official" translation was actually harder for me to understand than the DeepL translation of Ho Tu Lo Shu.

Here's hoping though!


Nov 8, 2007
Sands of Salzaar has exited Early Access today!

Wed, December 15
V1.0 is OUT NOW!

Hi travelers,

After the long march through the great desert day and night, we are finally here! Sands of Salzaar is now out of Early Access with Version 1.0 and up to 40% off for the first two weeks!

To celebrate the full release, we will hold a variety of content creation activities and gift giveaways in our official Discord server. Besides, if you encounter any in-game issues or bugs, please report in our Discord channel and we will definitely help!

We can’t express our gratitude enough to all you guys for having been so supportive of the title since EA with your valuable feedback and suggestions. And now, without further ado, let’s dive into sprawling dunes and check out our V1.0 update details:

A Full Summary of Version 1.0
New Game Mode & Difficulty Option
Brand-New Sandbox Mode

In this new game mode, you are free to explore the great desert at your own pace without engaging in set plot choices except that you still need to face the inevitable challenge of the Ifrit Ghoul invasion.


Three Different Difficulty Levels Available

: Recommended for newbies. With such difficulty setting, you could enjoy the main story and exploration more without struggling with your life.

: Recommended for experienced travelers. AI factions will be smarter, and travelers will face more challenges, such as higher damage in battles, limited times to dodge roll, etc. And more skills are needed to recruit NPCs.

: Recommended for hardcore travelers. AI factions will become extremely difficult to deal with, and they will recruit top-tier soldiers, deploy teams and launch attacks dynamically. You will face great difficulty in the journey.

New Quests
Added five random quests related to travelers' titles and merits. In these quests, NPCs may invite you to join a tribe; or your superiors may assign you to capture specific towns, or ask you to persuade a rival tribe's sultan to surrender; or even incite you to want to overthrow them, etc.

Boss, Monster & Dungeon
- Adjustment on the skills and value of some bosses,and increase the challenge of boss fights with more strategy required.

- Added plenty of new Mobs that will get stronger as the traveler's strength increases.

- Adjustment on the loot rewards of dungeons: We have improved the diversity of equipment loot drops, and increased the drop rate of some senior gears.

Classes, Heroes & Troops
All playable characters’ skills reworked

In past versions, our players often report that the skills of different professions are not distinctive enough.

To make their skills more distinguishable, we have reworked all classes, for example, the new Swordsman is positioned as a master swordsman equipped with a newly-designed set of magnificent swordsmanship. The remade Sultan becomes more like an inventor specializing in technology research, capable of creating unique ancient machinery to arm himself.


All heroes reworked

- Modified all heroes' skills: Each hero will cast unique skills, and fight in a more distinguishable way.

- Redesigned the growth curve of upgrading heroes: Each hero has a specific growth curve in "Spirit", "Stamina", "Strength", and "Agility".

- Command Skills: added exclusive command skills for each hero, allowing them to strengthen specific units, and the effects increase when the favorability grows in the Favor system.

- New voices and dialogues lines for all initial tribe leaders.

All arms units remade

The basic properties, attack types, armor types, talents of all troops have been reworked in order to show more clearly the characteristics and upgrade paths of different arms units.

Legendary Elite Troop

Each tribe now owns its unique "Legendary Elite Troop". Besides, some epic creatures among neutral factions and monsters might also meet the qualifications for "Legendary Elite Troop", such as dragons. "Legendary Elite Troop" will have the most powerful abilities, but will also have difficult recruitment conditions and upper limit of units.

Skill pages redesigned

We have redesigned 36 skill pages with different styles consisting of exclusive skills. Each profession or hero has at least 3 skill pages to build your unique fighting style.

Also note that the skill pages are not at your free disposal, which means you need to find out the right fighting style to build up an elite troop. We also have enriched the skill descriptions, hoping to help you train your teams more strategically!


New Gameplay
Brawling in Tavern

"Not good at persuasion? Just answer with your fist!"A fresh gameplay mode - Brawling in Tavern will hit the desert. Travelers can learn simple brawl skills, and fight with strong wrestlers in small taverns. Sometimes your friends might lend you a helping hand.



All tribes will regularly hold “Tournament” where you will encounter masters of tribes with some professional fighters by defeating whom you will get generous rewards.

Heroic Statue Challenge Adjusted

With heroic statues established in each area, Heroic Statue Challenge will open 1~3 times every 10 days regularly. Travelers will obtain powerful equipment after winning the challenge. The strength of the "heroic statue" is greatly enhanced and will continue to be enhanced when you level up.

Troop Crystal System

Players can utilize magical jewels to give arms units unique abilities. That is to say, arms units can also be buffed with equipment. Not anymore fixed ability values and skills. These magical jewels can be obtained from various high-level dungeon maps and purchased from jewel merchants.


Tribal Title System

Travelers can be rewarded in the tribe for their merits, obtaining noble titles and fiefdoms as well as leading their troops with their granted titles to fight in the desert!


NPC Favor System

Each NPC now has unique personalities. With random events happening all the time, their different characteristics will lead to distinguished results, which will further affect relationships between NPCs.

NPCs in the protagonist team will also be initiating different events according to their own personalities and will dynamically change their relationships. The player-character can provide advice to NPC fellows and their behaviors might change accordingly.


AI Rebellion System
When the relationships between the city lord and its tribal leaders start off a bit rocky, a rebellion might be triggered by the city lord to form a new tribe.

Gear, Resource & Specialty
Additional attributes for gears

Added a large number of new attribute entries to equipment, which can potentially buff your gears and weapons with new skills or special effects. A Rare attribute entry can also make your gears more valuable to trade - merchants will be eager to buy your Rare equipment with tons of Utar!

Adjustment on players' economic growth curve

We have reduced the pace of acquiring resources, and adjusted the acquisition difficulty of Utar, Jade, and other resources. Town earnings and high-level troop recruitment costs have also been adjusted. Besides, some extra resources will be used in some new systems, such as salary and tournament systems, etc.

Rework Trading System

We have rearranged the distribution of product types and quantities in each area for trading.


A lot more voyaging merchants and NPCs

They will sell all kinds of animals, skills, mounts, or brawling skills.


Legacy Skills
New assistant legacy & special legacy skills such as healing, summoning, and armor.

Removal of some old legacy skills such as "Sword Slam", "Guardian Mastery" and "Charge".

Talent System
Reworked a number of Talents: Rearrange and adjust their functions and values.

New Buildings
New building - Medical Stations

Added Medical Stations in all major cities where you can spend resources to heal troops, or you can disband your team in exchange for some resources.

New Tribal Landmark

Added landmarks to some special towns.

Visual Art Optimizations
- Remade the illustrations and models of professions

- New heroes' models: New stand-ups for the initial rulers of the major tribes.

- New tavern hostess models: [Sumayah] and [Basha]


- New icons for special tribal buildings: More than 40 new building icons designed based on tribal characteristics.

- Adjustment on the map and landscape: refined the sandbox map and landscape of major main cities.


UI Adjustments
- Adjustment on the team interface

- Modified the skill bar interface

- Adjustment on the inventory interface

- Modified the legacy page

- Adjustment on garrison management interface

- Adjustment on the interface of tribe main city

Bug Fixing
- Fixed the bug of abnormal Talent reset

- Fixed lagging issues

- Fixed the bug of the random quests guide

- Fixed the bug of being unable to appoint city rulers

- Fixed the bug of equipment effects not being triggered

- Fixed the bug where all NPCs would lose equipment durability when the main character entered specific battles and exploration dungeons

- Fixed the bug where the main character's skills were unable to be deleted from the skill bar


Keep an Eye Out! A Box of Events will Pop Up…
In our Discord tavern, we’ve prepared the following prize-giving content creation events for everyone:

1. Gameplay Guide Collection!

Write down your personal gameplay guides or tips you would like to share in any aspect! As long as they are decent TIPS for newbies!

Post it to any forums or communities where you prefer to share, like Steam Community.

Ensure to join our Discord to fill out the entry form with a generated POST LINK, with a chance of winning $20-50 steam gift cards!

2. Montage Assist!

Boldly share your story by making a funny or motivational video to us or among the community. We’d like to make a funny cut which is made by your mind-blowing clips!

Upload your video/clips to any platforms preferred to share, like YouTube.

Ensure to join our Discord to fill out the entry form with a generated VIDEO LINK. The selected participants might take home $20-50 worth of steam gift cards!

Stay tuned for more, and we will see you in the desert!

Loved my time with it when I played it when the English translation first released, but ultimately put it aside after 7-8 hours in favor of waiting for the finished product. Got a lot gaming-wise on my plate right now between Chronicles of Myrtana and Rune Factory 4 Special, but I might just have to try to fit this into the mix too, as I'm very excited about a lot of the changes.


Sep 17, 2018

the huge battles in the trailer look pretty cool but how does it actually play? like a clusterfuck?

Jack Of Owls

May 23, 2014
Re: Sands of Salzaar; cell-shade looks kinda nice in isometric view. I don't think I've seen it used like that in this type of game before, or in any isometric for that matter. I like to poke around in this topic every now and then because I'm kind of bored with western RPGs/jRPGs. Keep the recommendations comin', boys.


Dec 31, 2010
I will play Fate Seeker 2.
Finished Fate Seeker 2. It’s (much) better than the first game.

First things first. I missed the six gurl harem ending because of picking a “wrong” dialogue option with spear gurl (but I’ll replay the game anyway since there’ll be more stuff added). Her subplot had a great finale but overall was a bit too short and predictable.

You’re supposed to be with the walking encyclopedia gurl who helps you during main quest anyway, as she’s the de facto female main character. Anything else doesn’t really make sense.







But I quite liked the Tibetan ink gurl as well. Surprisingly even the Wapanese loli cooking gurl I thought I’d dislike turned out a decent character with a gud subplot.

Some quick thoughts below

The main plot is in essence the same as in the first game, defeating a conspiracy by a sinister organization, but with actually intelligent villains this time around. It gets really gud in the second half and the end is p. satisfying. Aside from the main plot there are several interesting subplots and side quests, especially those where the main character learns about his parents’ past. Other highlights are the cases you solve for Bao Zheng (a historical figure) and Gongsun Ce (a book character).


Some of the humour in the game is absolutely hysterical. At one point you need to unmask an infiltrator by using pepper and some face paste on a group of people, several of which are very important characters. You know they are all innocent but can still mess around to see their hilarious reactions. The best gaming moment of 2021.


In fact it’s usually quite fun to make the main character fail during deliberations or doing dumb stuff on purpose (there are some creative game overs as well, for example a certain female will deservedly stab you to death if you keep harassing her). Both his and adversaries’ reactions tend to be hilarious and can make the game flip from p. serious to slapstick in an instant. But since the main character is such a smug magnificent bastard, it is not so bad to take him down a peg or two at times.


Main character isn’t an idle dolt like in the first game, but almost an anti-hero. He frequently manipulates even good people to obtain his goals and kills various villains in creative ways after passing judgment on them in an almost comical manner. But he becomes a troo hero as he learns from his experiences as the game progresses.

Rather than following the main quest in the beginning I checked how much of the world was actually open. The main quest needs to be completed in order, it’s not malleable like in the first. In some instances there are natural barriers, doormen refusing entry or the main character straight telling you he’s gotta do something else first.

There are definitely two areas in the north related to future dlc.


Combat wise it’s the same as the first game? You’re just not teleported to an arena, which can actually be problematic since you can get stuck in the environment or your view blocked (you’re prolly meant to use a controller, but can’t be arsed). Then again fights against mooks are trivial and fights against bosses aren’t that hard either despite some gimmicks at times, you basically need to hit them a certain way when they reveal a weakness which automatically stuns them allowing you to melt them down.

Maybe only the super saiyan final boss is kind of challenging. But you have so many tools at your disposal at that point you don't really need to make much effort.


But combat is so infrequent throughout the game that I couldn’t help wishing for it to be turn-based like Ho tu lo shu. It’s the least interesting part of the game at any rate, 70% of the game is adventure game playing as Sherlock/Matlock. My only complaint is occasional pixel hunting.

Like in Tale of wuxia there’s some sperging about calligraphy, painting and history (and fukk that Go minigame) but nothing that can't be solved and at least you learn something. There’s a lot of cultural stuff that will completely fly by people outside the Sinosphere… like who in the west has even heard of the moon rabbit.

Like Heluo games it deserves a professional translation, but…

tl;dr I will play Fate Seeker 3


Nov 1, 2017

There seems to be two different versions of this on steam; one in Chinese and the other in English, and more expensive.
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