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What would Grimoire's flaws be? Genuinely curious


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Oct 14, 2012
The "thrust / slash / ..." attack mode didn't work quite right last time i played though, every other turn, it was preventing me from attacking.

That's a bug, not a UI problem.

My bad, it was only released 19 years ago, i get why it was impossible to improve the UI in such a short time.

What is there to improve? You are comparing the combat UI of a free roaming RPG vs a tile-based one.

Darth Canoli

Jun 8, 2018
Perched on a tree
The attack mode, for once, is set by default in Wiz 8, i don't have to touch it ever if i don't want to, it's bigger than it seems.
Also, drowning right away with 50+ (i think even 70 isn't enough) in swimming...

I'd have to fire it up again to list everything and it's not my priority.


Village Idiot
Oct 12, 2016
There is a whole list of stuff I'd like to see different or improved, but the same is true of every game I ever played, and they mostly had teams to get it right... This is one dude and a crazy amount of work. The fact it came out this well is awesome. I'm sitting here on swanky win10 (haters can gtf) with the game in a window, movies and stuff in other windows. I can alt tab and play for 2 minutes while I'm unzipping my emails or my pants or whatever. And the past few days I've been playing it for longer sessions. I've got Lossless Scaling from Steam for about one dorrah so with one click I can tab to the game and get it full screen. But even in the window it is fine. It has WASD controls and a UI that does everything you need to do without much hassle. Other keys all make sense. I've been using Speed Hack which I prefer to holding enter and I can bind that to anything. It is like playing a goldbox game or something but way better than they ever did. I love EOTB series or whatever, but it is so basic... This game must have about 50 x the number of spells etc.. And when they got slicker with Lands of Lore it also got dumbed down. This is a real meaty RPG and it is really well made. Like a passion project but big and determined and taken to release. It even manages to make me chuckle. Great achievement. Sucks for me because reaching a certain standard means I have to actually pay for it.
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