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  1. Rincewind

    DOSBox Staging 0.81.0 has been released — now with authentic CRT emulation!

    Hello friends! I have good news for you: the next major version of DOSBox Staging, 0.81.0, has been released today featuring quite a few absolute killer features! - Authentic, zero-config CRT emulation out-of-the box! (world's first and a game-changer, quite literally) - Aspect ratio correct...
  2. Riddler

    Developer rejuvenation?

    I was thinking a bit about the trajectory of various famous developers: Blizzard, Bioware, Bethesda, Square Enix and how when the decline started it didn't really ever reverse even if it was sometimes halted. Has there ever been a game company that made two games of declining quality in a row...
  3. Rincewind

    Incline Found the bookmark feature!

    Man, just found the bookmark feature! I can BOOKMARK things! I can TAG them! I can VIEW all my bookmarks at will! I can even *FILTER* them by tags!!! This is some quality shit! Why hasn't anyone told me about this before? This should be advertised in big red flashing letters on the front page...
  4. NecroLord

    Captain Claw

    https://captainclaw.net/en/downloads.html Perhaps some of you are already familiar with this game, especially since many of you guys are undoubtedly polish. This game has quite a following in Poland (or, so I have heard), and for good reason. It is really awesome. It is abandonware, but above...
  5. Not.AI

    Incline Is AI the future of AAA RPGs?

    Following up on the other thread, Is AI the future of Indie RPGs? I made a sister thread for the contrarian take on the whole subject. I presume everyone here knows the argument, so skip the post and vote in the poll. The post summarizes things for search engines. --- There is always hope...
  6. Not.AI

    Incline What is an RPG score? How do we measure?

    Ok. THE CHALLENGE: We need a compositional, quantitative, valid formula for calculating the RPG-goodness of an RPG. Give your detailed formula for an RPG review score. This thread succeeds the famous (qualitatively) WHAT IS AN RPG? thread. Now that (qualitatively) WHAT IS AN RPG? was agreed...
  7. Not.AI

    Incline AI Game Review Thread

    Already today more entertaining than most reviews by people. Four exciting predictions for the glorious future. 1. Most parts of most games will be made by AI? 2. Most (I) video playthroughs and (II) reviews of most games will be made by AI? 3. Most of the viewers of (I) and (II) will also be...
  8. Ryan muller

    Fallout 2 was always incline

    No, Fallout 1 isnt better than 2 Fallout 1's better pacing and sense of urgency werent enough to justify it being better than its sequel and you should accept it. Not only density of content but quality itself is consistently higher on the sequel and i will discuss some of those points here...
  9. Darth Canoli

    Grimoire V2 Short Review (or is it V3?)

    I thought it was V2 but Game version is 3.something. I'm not going to babble about the game roots or the history of the game's development or whatever else, it has been covered already and it's not my thing anyway. What I'm going to do is to list what I like and what I dislike, nothing more and...
  10. Dodo1610

    KickStarter Born Punk - cyberpunk point & click adventure game

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/insertdisk22/born-punk-a-cyberpunky-classic-point-and-click-adv https://insertdisk22.com https://af.gog.com/game/born_punk?as=1649904300
  11. Not.AI

    Incline How many new RPG features do future RPGs really need?

    Is there such a thing as compensating for things? How many hot new "amazing" RPG features would a new "big" RPG need to be fun if it was fully 2D and its graphics were too abstract or too shit? Or do we really need graphically inconsistent games instead? I'll play BG3 whenever it comes out in...
  12. Not.AI

    Incline What if flying was unlimited in open worlds from the start?

    The Good Old RPG Formula don't sell no more. The People sick and tired of walking along the ground and kicking rats and squirrels and small komodo dragons. They annoying. Some people just wanna skip all that. As recent experience shows. Jetpacks and open world from the very start lets The...
  13. Not.AI

    Decline What is AAA?

    That question needs its own thread and poll. So what is it? Because there is nothing like statistics in the morning. Hey. Also suggest more poll options.
  14. Tyranicon

    Incline What would have to happen for a 2nd cRPG Renaissance?

    For discussion purposes, the first cRPG Renaissance is largely considered to be between the mid 90s to the early 2000s. Games would include seminal works such as Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Arcanum, etc. While cRPGs are still most certainly a niche genre, over the last few...
  15. Tyranicon

    Indie Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall - Isometric Cyberpunk Vampire RPG

    As promised, here’s my next overly-ambitious RPG project as I’m starting to finish up my current game. Posting this on the Codex first, as I shitpost here enough and would like to gather some prestigious opinions. This is all conceptual/prototype stage, so expect some roughness. Here’s the...
  16. Bruma Hobo

    Incline Butthurt Historian: The ultimate historical RPG list

    AKA the shortest list ever. :despair: Historical games (no fantasy elements other than some over-the-top action and adventure): 50 Mission Crush (1984): Turn-based RPG/strategy hybrid about being a B-17 pilot during WW2. Sid Meier's Pirates! (1987): Not really an RPG, but it's a great...
  17. Cryomancer

    War of Dragnorox - Game Announcement Trailer & Gameplay Overview

    Not my coup of tea, I prefer less gear dependent games and love to use magic in RPG's, but I'm wishing success for your project. We need more original stuff and less wow clones.
  18. AdolfSatan

    Essential QoL features in RPGs

    Let's have a venting/ranting thread in the hopes that some devs will read this and stop taking retarded decisions when it comes to UX. I keep finding issues in modern RPGs that should have been solved ages ago. Keychains. Nobody enjoys keeping track of what key goes where, playing guess, nor...
  19. samuraigaiden

    Incline Roe R. Adams III

    Roe R. Adams III was the first person in the world to finish the legendarily obtuse Sierra Hi-Res Adventure game Time Zone, which shipped with six double-sided floppy disks and contained 1,500 screens you had to go through to beat it's many puzzles. There's a Digital Antiquarian article that...
  20. Cryomancer

    Larian = Decline. OwlCat = Incline.

    Larian was founded in 1996 and only managed to be a huge success after decades of decline. Larian could't compete with most late 90s and earlier 00s developers. Larian's DOS2 is just less awful than modern BioWare/Bugthesda games, but still awful non the less. That said, why Larian = decline...
  21. Jenkem

    Incline Intergalactic Fishing, an RPG that will leave you hooked.

    https://intergalacticfishing.com (the 2nd video on the store page is the developer giving a basic rundown of the game) I don't even remember how I came across this game but I had wishlisted it a couple of months ago, and now that it has a decent sale going on I decided to give it a try...
  22. Sentinel

    Incline Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has founded a new studio

    ABSURD VENTURES IN GAMES WAS OFFICIALLY INCORPORATED LAST WEEK https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/rockstar-co-founder-dan-houser-has-founded-a-new-studio/
  23. Wunderbar

    Elder Scrolls Todd Howard Appreciation Thread

    I used to dislike Bethesda after Oblivion and Fo3, but now that triple-A RPG industry is in the gutter, Todd seems like the only savior. You all know the history. Bioware sold out to EA and immediately went gay, each of their new games after DAO turned out to be worse than the previous one...
  24. Ventidius

    Incline New Pokemon Snap

    I played the crap out of the original Pokemon Snap back when it came out in '99, and I was just a wee lad. It was pretty mind blowing to see all those mons I was used to seeing in Gameboy Color graphics in 3D at the time. I waited for Nintendo to announce a sequel for years until I finally...
  25. Cryomancer

    Dark Sun : Wake of the Ravager is underrated.

    Most people here praise the first game, but the second game is often ignored. And is not only because I prefer mid/higher level. I liked much more the story, encounter design, psionics, spells, graphics, quests and ambiance. You have some memorable NPC's on the Wake of the Ravager like Matthias...

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