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  1. cyborgboy95

    What would you think if Larian makes Arcanum 2 next?

    Presuming Microsoft is willing to lend the Arcanum IP to Larian (they would be a fool not to after the massive success of Baldur's Gate 3). I mean, Larian clearly is aware of Arcanum and is somewhat fond of the cult classic, given that one of the writers at Larian did acknowledge the influence...
  2. Cryomancer

    Rate Baizuo's Gate 3 from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst game of your live and 10, the best.

    Just to see how the game is rated by Codex community; To be clear, I'm reviewing BG3 as a unique game, unrelated to BG1/2. I would say that is a bit better than unmodded NWN2 without expansions like the legendary motb but still way worse than kingmaker, nwn1, bg1/2 or any other D&D CRPG...
  3. Considering how little Microsoft thought of Baldur's Gate 3, are Obsidian/inXile screwed?

    Officially documents from Microsoft about their Gamepass plans. How much they expect the partners to ask for and how much hype there are for the games. Considering that by the time of the documents (May 2022) BG3 had already sold 1M+ in early access, the idea that the game is worth as much as...
  4. Sarathiour

    Badur's Gate 3 vs WOTR

    Some discussion are already popping about it , and because neither of those games will ever be finished, now might be a good time as any to discuss this topic. In mind, it's somewhat interesting because they're a clear divide in the gameplay philosophy. Disclaimer : I'm only in act 1 of BG, so...
  5. cyborgboy95

    Which Tabletop Franchise Should Larian Adapt Next?

    Seeing this meme begging for Larian to adapt Warhammer fantasy into a turn-based CRPG make me wonder: After D&D, which tabletop franchise would benefit the most from being adpated into a turn-based CRPG by Larian? With BG3 popping off as hard as it did, lots of franchises are gonna want the...
  6. Cryomancer

    Why so many TB RPG's have ultra slow animations and braindead AI?

    This problems aren't that bad in Rt/RtWP games, but when you have 666 mobs in the screen, waiting each one of them to do the same 5 second animation or to walk into the obvious deathzone is silly and uninteresting. This problems aren't as noticiable in RtWP games. And before someone calls me a...
  7. Cryomancer

    Larian cultists reviewing PF:KM.

    Already made a thread about Larian cultists reviewing BG1/2 + IWD ( https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/larian-cultists-reviewing-bg1-2-now-with-iwd-ee-reviews.141531/ ) But I'm creating this thread to : Laugh from their crap reviews Point out how much decline Larian is bringing, by bringing...
  8. Cryomancer

    Larian cultists reviewing BG1/2 - NOW with IWD:EE reviews

    Just Just organize by negative only, press PGDN for a couple of seconds then search with CTRL + F "larian" or "divinity" or "DOS" and be happy. The reason that most reviews are from STEAM and not GoG is simple. Most people in GoG are giving bad reviews to BG1/2:EE due the Enhanced Edition...
  9. Cryomancer

    Larian = Decline. OwlCat = Incline.

    Larian was founded in 1996 and only managed to be a huge success after decades of decline. Larian could't compete with most late 90s and earlier 00s developers. Larian's DOS2 is just less awful than modern BioWare/Bugthesda games, but still awful non the less. That said, why Larian = decline...
  10. whydoibother

    Star Wars Star Wars is no longer EA exclusive!

    Now that Disney has allowed Star Wars games to be made and published by studios other than Electronic Arts, what studio do you want to see have a crack at it, and what genre do you want SW to explore?

    Baldur's Gate Codex Baldur's Gate 3 EA Poll

    What is you opinion of chapter one of Baldur's Gate 3 in early access? Please take into mind that the game is a work in progress, so don't be finicky about bugs and what not, which will be fixed. Not to mention that there will obviously also be gameplay improvements. Just rate the game on its...
  12. Ontopoly

    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 hate thread

    What do you already hate the most about bg3?
  13. DJOGamer PT

    KickStarter D:OS 2 Definitive Edition Mod Thread

    EDIT: Before trying out Divine War I recommend you to check out the Divinity Unleashed overhaul, I talk about it in the next post. You may prefer it's changes, specially in relation to the armor system and the workings of status effects. Like I said in the DMC thread, I recentely started...
  14. Cryomancer

    Why the insistence from devs on changing PnP rules to cRPG??

    I understand that there are some limitations on computers and you can't improvise and that spells like Raise island is almost impossible to be translated to an computer. The same happens when you try to adapt an book into an movie or series. But is really good to adapt when is not a necessity...
  15. Bester

    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 Rumors [CONFIRMED, GO TO NEW THREAD]

    CONFIRMED: https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/baldurs-gate-iii-by-larian-studios.127856/ New colleague of mine is a former Larian employee. He says Swen acquired the Baldur's Gate license. No further information on when they're going to use it and for what, but they have it.
  16. NotAGolfer

    Divinity: Original Sin EE savegame editing

    Hi all. So they released D:OS 2 recently, which made me realize that time is running away faster and faster every year I didn't even play the first game for more than a few hours before, even though I backed it on Kickstarter. So I did the irrational thing and instead of starting their new game...

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