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The Codex of Roguelikes

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May 11, 2012
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Which roguelikes are available for Linux/Ubuntu?
Do a web search of the one you want to play and see if it'll run on Linux.

Here are some free ones to get you started:
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
T.O.M.E. also. I've been playing Tales of Maj'Eyal and Zangband on my Linux rig off and on for years now. Haven't beat either, but I still have fun playing them.

I enjoyed playing Zangband due to the large amount of races you can choose and the fun combos you can make (Kobold Death Knight just for the hell of it). ADOM was fun the other way, as it had a lot of character classes compared to the available races, and the random mutations also add to the craziness. T.O.M.E. rewards multiple play throughs by making more classes and races available as you unlock achievements. T.O.M.E., ADOM, and Zangband all have linux installation files. What is the best rogue-like out right now for varied character builds regardless of gaming platform?


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Feb 19, 2020
anima Bȳzantiī
Which roguelikes are available for Linux/Ubuntu?
There's not a ton of Windows-'exclusive' traditional roguelikes, but with the state of Proton these days I believe that almost all of them -- e.g. Cogmind (proton), Rift Wizard (proton), Shiren the Wanderer (etc.) -- are now effectively compatible with Linux. I'm by no means an expert on *nix, but I just got a Steam Deck which is based on some distro or other, and the only issues are with setting up inputs, or maybe some text scaling. The games themselves run just fine.

Catacombs gave you a great list of free games, though I'd add Infra Arcana, and BrogueCE; and HyperRogue, UnReal World, and Tales of Maj'Eyal all have free versions available (inc. Linux builds).

If you're cool with paying for games, then maybe check out Jupiter Hell, Tangledeep, or Caves of Qud. They're all fun, native to Linux, and quite unique experiences imo.

Out of each of those categories, if I was to only recommend one of each, I'd say try Rift Wizard, Infra Arcana, and Tangledeep. Hope this helped at all. :)


Aug 10, 2017
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If we're being loose on the definition of a "roguelike," I'll throw in Dwarf Fortress. Build a fortress, last as long as possible, die, repeat.


Aug 20, 2022
Which roguelikes are available for Linux/Ubuntu?
If you are comfortable with compiling, there are countless from roguebasin.

One roguelike that is present in Ubuntu repos and I fancy a lot is Allure of the Stars. Gearhead is good too, as is Omega.
Dec 14, 2020
Is the tutorial of DCSS up to date with current features? It's the only big roguelike i haven't played yet.


Aug 27, 2019

Source of Madness

The artwork of itemlist is pure incline

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Jun 14, 2016
Upcoming changes in DCSS v0.29

There are more, but these caught my eye while I was quickly scanning them. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of them.

Ammo for bows, slings, etc. is being removed.
Armor impacts ranged attack delay.
Bows, crossbows, and slings skills are combined into a single Ranged Combat skill.

Monsters adjacent to the player gain a 1/3 chance to gain a free attack if the player moves away from them. Wu Jian martial attacks & rampaging give immunity.
Oh good, it's important that the wildly OP armor/ranged attack combination is being addressed. LOL at least they're finally, finally after all these years, getting rid of the pointless ammo that just stopped you from using your low level hunter's primary weapon early on. After a couple of floors you never ran out of ammo anyway, the ammo stuff was really just pointless after they removed the different ammo types. Sure, why not lump all the skills together I guess? Don't really get it, but don't hate it...

The monsters getting a free attack when players move away is just a difficulty increase for most characters, especially weaker ones. It just means more free attacks on you while you run to the stairs/a narrow hallway.

Wu Jian was interesting before they neutered it because they were mad at the guy who came up with the idea (no really). Spite is a big part of DCSS development. Back in the day, a dude named "Berder" on the forums put up a guide on winning with an octopode fighter of dithmenos, a big part of the strategy was using shadow step on plants to escape sometimes. Devs didn't like Berder, or someone going against the prevailing wisdom of the crowd, so they made shadow step not work on plants.
I have a win with Wu Jian. Most fun run I have ever made. Before they nerfed it because it is slightly OP if you moved perfectly in all occasions, they prefer people mindlessly spamming TAB and Okawaru's buffs and rewards for optimal anti-human runs. I think the patch notes mentioned that melee damage it was better than TAB or standard movement. For a melee God that requires skillful movement! No kidding.

Compare that with all the fun, tense, creative and tight maneuvering to squeeze the win. I didn´t like a bit when they nerfed it. Also almost no one played Wu Jian anyway. It´s not ´optimal´ for streaks, speedruns and all that bullshit.

They are removing the fun from the game alongside everything is not convenient, efficient or strictly necessary.
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Mar 14, 2018
0.29 DCSS "Shooting Stars" has been released.


- New Meteoran species - powerful, but with heavy time pressure.
- Ranged weapons have been extensively redesigned and streamlined.
- Necromancy and Kikubaaqudgha have been overhauled and powered up.
- Many backgrounds have extra consumables to handle early tricky situations.
- The Abyss is deeper and more rewarding.

Longer list of changes and downloads at the link:
Aug 27, 2021
Dwarf Fortress
DF has and adventure mode
The problem with DF adventure mode is that it's not really a game. But then, DF is barely a game...

I say that lovingly, I have spent way too much time 'playing' dwarf fortress. It's fun to figure out the systems and how to automate things in a fortress. Too bad Toady is a huge SJW now, autistic people are just too suggestible I guess...

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Jun 28, 2017
It seems like in the Experimental of CDDA you can't make hand drills because there's no tools with "fine hammering" available? Anyone else got a workaround? I can't craft stuff because I need a drill, which I can't make because of fine hammering. E: A, apparently normal hammers have the quality.
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Aug 30, 2008
Haven't played it in a while but it's cool and quite different. Combat is very lethal (crits can easily one-hit you) and requires a lot of thought. Environment is a lot more than window dressing (the sun has been blocked out or whatever so lighting sources are very important to factor in, especially when dealing with ranged characters). Some regions are swelteringly hot, others freezing cold, powerful winds fuck with you etc

Atmosphere is awesome. Historical conquistador bosses, Jesuit priests casting Catholic rites against you and a shitload of weird creatures from Mesoamerican mythology.


Jan 12, 2012
https://ulfsire.itch.io/path-of-achra Early WIP Demo state, but well in hand given how long the dev has spent on it up to now and positioned to be quite possibly the greatest spiritual successor to the core aspects of DCSS and/or TOME alongside attributes unto itself.
That was really fun actually! I got through 75% of the void on my third run (fuck yeah, pugilist + heal on hit). It seems that some demons do absurd damage though. Had about 500 hp and a green demon two-shot me easily... resists seem extremely rare on gear, only found one robe with two resists and a couple of plates.

Anyway I can imagine I can imagine hours in the double digits spent on messing around with various builds.

Thanks for recommending.

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Nov 6, 2020
Strap Yourselves In

It may have been posted before, but it's received a number of updates.

Currently, it's possible to integrate text generation with either NovelAI or the dev's own $2 a month cloud-based text generation.

Stable Diffusion is also integrated as an option, but you will ideally need at least 8gb of VRAM (shared or dedicated) available on your graphics card (Nvidia). You may be able to get away with less though.





It takes a bit of work to get the images looking decent, but you can go for whatever look you want if you put enough effort into it. This one is using a custom model called waifu diffusion to make things look more cartoon-like. But the default model is more varied, so you should be able to get more styles to work, depending on the prompt.

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