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  1. Cryomancer

    Worst examples of nonsensical railroading.

    Remember Khrorinis in Gothic 2? There are 7 ways to get into the city. During the trial of fire, there are also N ways to do the quests in G2, but some games insist in doing the opposite and forcing the player into a corridor. Some examples. NWN2 OC During the OC(original campaign), you must...

    My wonderful username (best on the Codex by far) doesn't fit on one line anymore

    How do we fix this evident injustice?
  3. Cryomancer

    Ranting about the decline of Vampirism/Vampires in RPG's.

    Vampires are probably the most iconic monters type among undeads. Blood sucking aristocrats ruling mere humans with an iron first. There are lots and lots of interesting tales and stories about vampires, all of them could make a huge RPG. Only the Scholomance background of Dracula can be a...
  4. Cryomancer

    Larian cultists reviewing PF:KM.

    Already made a thread about Larian cultists reviewing BG1/2 + IWD ( https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/larian-cultists-reviewing-bg1-2-now-with-iwd-ee-reviews.141531/ ) But I'm creating this thread to : Laugh from their crap reviews Point out how much decline Larian is bringing, by bringing...
  5. smaug

    Retardo? Do you still play video games with a vested interest?

    Let’s find out. All game genres apply. Poll inspired by the closing down of RPGWatch
  6. Not.AI

    Decline What is AAA?

    That question needs its own thread and poll. So what is it? Because there is nothing like statistics in the morning. Hey. Also suggest more poll options.
  7. Cryomancer

    Elder Scrolls How would Skyrim have been without the Decline caused by consoles?

    Here is how I think : Attributes will be part of the game. And impact the gameplay way more. Vampires will take sun damage as Daggerfall, Morrowind and late stages on Oblivion Cities will gonna be open like on morrowind hence levitation/mark/recal and other spells would exist You would't be...
  8. AdolfSatan

    Essential QoL features in RPGs

    Let's have a venting/ranting thread in the hopes that some devs will read this and stop taking retarded decisions when it comes to UX. I keep finding issues in modern RPGs that should have been solved ages ago. Keychains. Nobody enjoys keeping track of what key goes where, playing guess, nor...
  9. Cryomancer

    Larian = Decline. OwlCat = Incline.

    Larian was founded in 1996 and only managed to be a huge success after decades of decline. Larian could't compete with most late 90s and earlier 00s developers. Larian's DOS2 is just less awful than modern BioWare/Bugthesda games, but still awful non the less. That said, why Larian = decline...
  10. Cryomancer

    Can the genre decline below ArcaniA, Diablo 3 and other GFCM ""rpgs""? What is the next step?

    GFCM = Gear farming, cooldown managing. This self entitled RPG's that has less RPGs than visual novels. They have zero mechanical and narrative character building. Everyone is just a clone. Attributes got degraded into measurements of your gear. Somehow everyone has the same IQ and muscle mass...
  11. Gamezor

    Game to play while watching lextures

    I have to listen to some continuing Ed for work at about 80 percent focus. Any suggestions for games to play that only need another 20 percent focus? iOS stuff works too.
  12. Corvinus

    Decline The best of the Infinity Engine games

    Let's settle this once and for all. Which was, over all, the best of the Infinity Engine games? The choices include all content up to and including the final patch - meaning the entire product. 'EE' denotes the 'Enhanced Edition'. Which are later, separate versions all together. You get one...
  13. Cryomancer

    Did first person died on RPG's?

    On late 80s/90s : Wizardry games Might & Magic games Ravenloft : Strahd s possession + Stone Prophet Ultima Underworld TES 1&2 : Arena & Daggerfall Menzoberranzan Dungeon Hack System Shock. Eye of the Beholder DeathKeep We also got great first person RPG's on 00s and 2010s(not dungeon...
  14. Cryomancer

    Why crowdfunding worked so well for SP RPG's and so badly for mmos?

    Pillars despite all criticism, sparkled the resurgence of the bg style RPG's and we after one and half decade with no decent TT adaptation, got solasta, pathfinder kingmaker among tons of other amazing games. With mmos, we got ZERO decent mmos coming from KS/Indiegogo and other sites. In fact...

    Delete the Codex Discord Server

    Look at this shit! Just delete the entire thing! An abomination and a disgrace!
  16. Cryomancer

    What is the point of low lethality?

    Oblivion is the most iconic example, on normal, at lv 40+, with maxed STR, magically enchanted daedric warhammer, maxed blunt weapon, some mobs like Xivilais can soak 50 hits. Each lv up of the player gives + 12 hp to a Xivilai but each lv up from the player hardly gives +1 damage and has a hard...
  17. Cryomancer

    No game brought more decline than WoW. Change my mind!!

    Some people blame consoles, and is undeniable that consoles brought decline to SP RPG's, however, WoW brought decline to RPG'S IN GENERAL. Tabletop, SP and MP. Thanks to wow, people see RPG's as gear farming, cooldown managing games. What WoW brought to the RPG market? Normalization of...
  18. KoolNoodles

    In Progress Dominions 5 - Decline Thirty Something: The Return to Madness

    What: Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith https://store.steampowered.com/app/722060/Dominions_5__Warriors_of_the_Faith/ Where: Preferably Discord where I can setup a game and moderate it, but failing that good ol' Llamaserver. http://llamaserver.net/ declinethirtysomething...
  19. Diablo genre is decline

    Yeah I mean it. Hack&slash games are games with every codes of the decline. In Hack&Slash and diablo games: -quests are mostly FedEx with no choice (only Grim Dawn is different)and consist in killing things and recolting an item in a dungeon/grotto/place full of monster. All H&S have WoW quest...
  20. Cryomancer

    Game journalists CRAP reviews.

    I've searched but found no thread to discuss only the dumb reviews of game journalists about many games. So, here is a thread where we can laugh about they. To start, the most iconic "i can't kill a bug swarm with a axe, 0/10" Path of Exile - IGN review Nintendo World Report TV Review of...
  21. Thac0

    Dragon Age I just finished Dragon Age Origins and some parts of it werent awfull

    For a bit of context, if you cruise the more shallow waters of RPG discussions you will see DAO being lauded as the last good hardcore rpg before the decline. The obsession with this game goes so far that it is sacrosanct on more casual sites and insulting it draws a reaction akin to insulting a...
  22. Cryomancer

    Why end 80s/earlier 90s JRPG's so different than modern ones?

    Take final fantasy 1 for eg > Full party creation, if you wanna have 4 thieves you can. Classes for the typical fantasy archetypes(Black Mage, Thieves, Warriors, White Mages, etc) Promotion quests Random/Dice based stat and hp progression Spell slots and "tier based" magical progression where...
  23. Cryomancer

    Why are RPG gamers more tolerant with bullshit mechanics?

    EDIT : PLEASE. READ THE SECOND PARAGRAPH. This is not a topic only about cooldowns. The new Contra rogue corps had the """"genial"""" idea of implementing cooldowns of firearms and everyone is hating it. Mocking it. Saying that is a artificial limitation that makes no sense only to force the...
  24. Cryomancer

    Homogenization(Balance) is NOT more important than immersion, variety and satisfying development

    By the love of Adanos. All masterpieces among the RPG genre are extremely unbalanced. Baldur's Gate 2? Can be soloed with certain builds and is extremely hard in another. Diablo 1 and 2? Some builds can beat the game naked where others rely a lot of gear. Might & Magic VI? Your party composition...
  25. Cryomancer

    Incline Best necromancy on RPG's

    D2's necro https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Necromancer_(Diablo_II) IMO the games with worst necromancies are DA:I and ESO...The The best necromancyes in games are IMO Might & Magic VIII, Diablo 2 and pathfinder kingmaker, I don't like when games limit you to one or two minions and necromancy is...

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