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  1. Cryomancer

    Decline DiD WoW ruined MMOS?

    Recently, i decided to re play an mmo that i could't play during my childhood due awful internet connection. Only played an little and an at lv 25 at moment but mu online is completely different than other mmos. For eg > No cooldowns, even the teleport skill for Dark Wizard has an casting...
  2. luj1

    Decline Worst travesties in the genre?

    Oblivion - the beginning of consolification and dumbification Fallout 3 - one of the worst travesties in the RPG genre Fallout 4 - same shit but more logarithmic (even worse) Skyrim - travesty to gaming in general, a half-broken unplayable mess Pillars - made some critical errors, but in...
  3. Zer0wing

    Crispy™ Inferior versions of games that you still find amazing

    Inb4 begone boomer. Fuck off "fellow" boomers, I'm too young for this monster zero ultra shit. Most games are destined to be the best to be played on PC or more modern console. But some games released on a console or inferior at the times PC configs seemingly so weak you still amazed by how did...
  4. luj1

    Drop the RPG- and become "the Codex"

    No point in being called "RPG Codex" when you cover popamoles. Amazing that that cluster of cucks called the Watch not only aggregates news properly but does so in a way far more respectful to the integrity of the genre.
  5. Ogg

    World of Darkness Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood - action-RPG adaptation from Cyanide

    https://werewolf-videogame.com https://af.gog.com/game/werewolf_the_apocalypse_earthblood?as=1649904300 https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/werewolf-the-apocalypse-earthblood/home
  6. The Secret Society of Button Critics and Haters

    What's the purpose of this button? So the post's author can be notified someone's been reading his post from behind their company's firewall? Verdict: to the chopping block! And all button critics and haters are welcome to join and contribute to the Secret Society. Special prizes, such as...
  7. Shaewaroz

    The Worst Raped Game Franchise of All Time (Poll)

    Which game series has has experienced the most dramatic fall from grace? Where is the stench of Decline the most foul? Where the anus has been so brutally violated that you can't help but look away in disgust and disbelief? A poll added since lately we haven't had nearly enough of them. Only 1...
  8. some funny shit

    Decline Hey Infinitron, why you don't want to change my name

    Hey Infinitron , whats wrong? I didnt pay you or what? I asked you two times, as you said, by PM to change my name and you didn't even bother to reply. Better explain yourself, I have powerful friends here.
  9. Wunderbar

    Obsidian and inXile acquired by Microsoft

    UPDATE - Announcement: https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/wtf-obsidian-and-inxile-acquired-by-microsoft.123302/page-19#post-5876909 [RUMOUR] Obsidian Entertainment letter-of-intent for an acquisition by MS
  10. Astral Rag

    Decline Apparently the Isozone is no more

    I guess we have nintendo to thank for this too. Fortunately it seems like they are already migrating to another website called the retro zone. In the meantime one can easily find ancient dos and windows games on the oldgameru and the archive.org websites.
  11. howlingFantods

    Guilty Pleasure RPGs?

    Know you all like to think you have irreproachable and rarefied tastes, but let's be honest, beneath that veneer of prestige you harbor a secret love for an absolute stinker (at least I hope you do, otherwise this is going to be embarrassing for me). So let's hear it. Also feel free to try and...
  12. Kyl Von Kull

    Hasbro CEO wants to make D&D esports franchise

    Brian Goldner, douchebag CEO of Hasbro, was on the idiot box the other day and he talked about turning his Wizards of the Coast properties into games suitable for esports. Trigger the codex with a statement: “He added that Hasbro's goal over time will be to build fantasy games like these into...
  13. Goral

    Decline Remove Gaming Drama subforum and bring back its topics to General Gaming

    DarkUnderlord Why is Gaming Drama subforum for "privileged" users only? What's the point? I know it's pointless to ask Inflamatron since he's the one who tries to fix things that aren't broken. The same goes for moving threads like these to Retardo Land...
  14. Iznaliu

    Decline What is the worst RPG of all time?

    With so many threads about the best RPGs out there, you would think there would have to be one on the worst RPGs; however, there hasn't been one as far as I've noticed; so I've decided to fill the gap in the market. Feel free to discuss what method you think is appropriate for choosing one as well.
  15. Zep Zepo

    DECLINE (Grimoire Character Editor) Development Thread of Decline

    ALWAYS MANUALLY BACKUP YOUR SAVES BEFORE FUCKING WITH THEM (The *.SVG FILES). This application is BETA. It may fuck up your save immediately or 20, 30, or 599 hours down the road. You have been warned. The Editor Cleveland Mark Blakemore doesn't want you to see. Banned in 97 countries and...
  16. luj1

    Decline Second-tier gameplay features in neo-RPGs

    Let me start by what I consider primary features in a story-driven RPG, things which could always use more work, developing or deepening the plot core system design writing standard (such as editing passes etc.) improving core gameplay quest design adding more of everything (like Fallout 2...
  17. Codexlurker

    Vapourware Let's Play Decisions --- Lurker Edition

    What's up guys, just your royal cock here thinking of potential Let's Plays. The choices for now include Warrior King's Battles and its campaign mode. Basically I will get your input on which province to invade and which path to go in the tech tree during each battle and I hope witnessing the AI...
  18. luj1

    Edginess vs. fanboyism - Which is more beneficial, and for whom?

    Subject A is a dedicated fanboy. He is always optimistic, has low-standards and even lower expectations. As such, he is very difficult to shock and very easy to please. Most games are just fine according to him, and any gripes he might have are of cosmetic preference, or some other irrelevant...
  19. Snorkack

    The biggest disappointments in your personal gaming history

    The Half Life 2 thread made me think a bit. Throughout my career in gaming there were a few games that were highly anticipated and conceived with great praise but left a bitter taste of disappointment in my mouth. Just wondering what your biggest let-downs have been. I'm not talking about those...
  20. whatevername

    Decline Pole seize naught in aft, DarthUaderLord

    DarkHelmetLord Of make pole IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII cunt ronnan be for sack, no fit alllll muvvy > look hare http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/poll-vote-for-codex-best-movie-s.111665/. Of recumman dation enlarge pole size...
  21. Crooked Bee

    "Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise - And reminds us not to pre-order"

    Alien vs Predator: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/10/26/bethesda-outline-anti-consumer-review-policy/ I don't mean to defend Bethesda because I think this is a dick move on their part, but I did lol at how RPS are pulling the "Stop preordering!" card because they've been denied advance...
  22. Neanderthal

    Formulaic and Unimaginative Gameworlds

    Are modern CRPGs too unambitious? In Labyrinth of Worlds I explored many different realms under rule of the Guardian, I flew, swam, jumped, levitated, water walked, teleported within them and could crash the Flying Fortress of Killorn Keep into the world below killing everyone in it, plumb the...
  23. Wayward Son

    Institute or Legion?

    Which one is morally worse? Me and my brother have gotten into this arguement several times, and I figured with all the playtime Codex users have in F4, they would have more knowledge about it than me.
  24. Astral Rag

    The PC Gamer Top 100 - The best PC games you can play today.

    In case you guys need something to rage about: http://www.pcgamer.com/best-pc-games-1/
  25. sullynathan

    Horse armor turns 10 years old

    The harbinger of decline has now become old school.

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