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Spacer's Nugget

Feb 23, 2021
Strap Yourselves In
Chris Roberts is a fucking genius. Watch and learn, Elon.


Feb 26, 2016
need more star games.

I gotcha bro:



Mar 28, 2014
probably 3.21 star citizen gets vulcan, once they have that they will be going into dlss/fsr and raytracing GI and VR



Mar 28, 2014
The biggest FPS killer in SC since start is CPU as they are still using DX11 with shitload of meshes at high quality which means batching issues. Vulcan should fix more or less that problem.


Feb 26, 2016
"star citizen is the perfect game for a large scale space MMO and it is not badly designed."

CiG needs to hire this mofo and get him writing those progress reports, if he can fit this amount of bullshit into a single tiny ass phrase like this, imagine what he could pull up with the right tools.


Mar 28, 2014
3.20 is released to live

Star Citizen Patch 3.20.0​

Alpha Patch 3.20.0 has now been released and is now available on the LIVE environment! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.20.0-LIVE.8701927.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. The Shader folders can be found here %localappdata%\Star Citizen.

Short Term Database Reset: Yes (Loss of items not stored in LTP)
Long Term Persistence (LTP): Enabled
Starting aUEC: 20,000

Known Issues

Note: QR Code option is enabled by default in this build. This can be disabled in the Graphics Options menu by changing 'Session Information QR Code' to 'No'.
  • UI / Menus - Controls - Keybindings - The Default Preset Images for the keyboard and gamepad control schemes do not match what is bound by default
  • PU - Locations / Vehicles - When spawning a ship at a Docking Port, the ship will spawn clipped into the docking port geometry
  • MISC Hull C - PU - Vehicles - Can't undock the Hull-C
Workarounds: First, If the Hull-C has cargo as part of the end of the flow, try and request detach via the Cargo center rather than regular ATC. Second, if the Hull-C doesn't have cargo, make sure the spindles are collapsed then store, retrieve again, and request via regular ATC on mG comms.
  • PU - Cargo / Commodities / Vehicles / Cargo ATC - ATC fails to detect vehicles within the loading zone or fails to initiate cargo transfers
  • AC - Client Crash - All FPS Modes - FPS Loadouts Customization - Armor / UI - Scrolling down to the very bottom of the leg armor rental list will result in a client crash
  • PU - Crusader / Orison - Locations / Transit - It's possible for turn gates to not open preventing players from entering shuttles
  • PU - Art - Items / Character / Textures - Multiple clothes / armor / undersuit variants lost color / using the default base color
  • PU - Multivehicle - Vehicles / Ships / Ship Components / Weapons - Laser Repeater occasionally stops firing but still consumes ammo
  • Hull C - Spawn / Cargo / LEO - Hull C with cargo can spawn extended in a large Hangar instead of Docking Port
  • Stanton - Multivehicle - RSI Constellation Series - Ship Feature - Snub Ship clips through Constellation variants in vertical position when retrieved from ASOP
  • PU - Stanton - Area18/GrimHex - Locations / Inventory / Respawn - Player loses loadout after dying in the armistice zone
  • Stanton - Actor - Personal Inventory - Right click item interaction menu cannot be closed once opened
  • PU - Stanton - AI / Locations - Combat AI will teleport / pop in combat
  • Drake Caterpillar - ALL VARIANTS - PU - Salvage - All of Caterpillar Hull give invalid material message for Salvager
  • Multivehicle - PU - Vehicles / Actor Feature - Medical / Respawn - Cannot respawn on a ship that has streamed out
  • Room System / Actor / Locations - Room System does not protect player actor from extreme weather conditions in Lorville Interiors
  • ASOP - Ships - Vehicles - Clicked to "Store" ship at ASOP but it was "Destroyed"
  • Vehicles - Players and items can fall through the bottom deck of the Redeemer
  • Reclaimer - Vehicles - Stanton - Reclaimer bridge elevator interaction missing
  • Vehicles / GFX - Client FPS will drop as long as players are inside of the cockpit of the Drake Cutlass series
  • The Carrack's main elevator will get locked in place and begin to spin indefinitely after spamming the floors for a few minutes
  • Vehicle Maintenance Services - Ship repair doesn't happen but still charges you
  • Landing Pads - Multivehicle / Shopping - Refuel, repair, and rearm services unavailable when landed
  • Inventory / Personal Inventory - Inventory can enter a state of becoming unresponsive, preventing the player from being able to eat or drink
  • Stanton - AI - Mission Giver - Wallace Klim is not visible at his location in Grim Hex

New Features​

  • Seraphim Station
Bringing the Crusader Port station in line with the other stations and replacing the long standing Port Olisar, Seraphim Station brings many of the amenities needed to accommodate the various features required of a station such as hangars, cargo decks, shopping, clinics, and habs.

  • Automated Cargo Transfer and New Cargo Packing System
Alpha 3.20 includes the addition of the new automated cargo transferal experience to the PU for the Hull-C. The existing cargo transaction system, which other ships will still use for this release, will instantly pop all of the purchased cargo into a ship or instantly remove all sold cargo off the ship after the transaction has completed. The Hull C however requires a new experience where the player after buying or selling the cargo at the commodity kiosk will be prompted to pick it up/drop it off at a loading area. To do so the player retrieves their vehicle then hails the location's Cargo Services to get assigned a loading area (similar to getting assigned a landing area from ATC). After flying their ship to the loading area they will be prompted to stop moving, and then extend the spindles on their ship. Once the ship is ready cargo will be added onto the cargo grids of the ship over a period of approximately 5 or so minutes, depending on the size of the load. Currently these boxes will just pop into place. If the player moves or someone enters the area the transfer will be interrupted until the disruption is addressed or the loading area is eventually revoked. After transfer is completed successfully the player will be prompted to leave the area, eventually getting a warning for impounding if they do not.

With the changes for the Hull-C comes a complete rewrite of how the cargo system places cargo into ships (any ships, not just the Hull-C). Previous versions of the system only dealt with 1 SCU containers, and could use fairly simple logic for placement or removal. We are now supporting various sized boxes to be placed in the cargo holds (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32) as well as supporting various orientations of placement in the grid to work around grid obstructions. This also includes temporary tractor beam strength changes to support the attachment/detachment of those various sized boxes using the tractor beam.
  • New Mission: Illegal Salvage Coverup Mission
Salvage Coverup is a new variation on the salvage missions. These new missions come as a new, illegal mission contract called The Tar Pits to cover up for the perpetrator of a crime, in this case NineTails, who want to keep their involvement under the radar. You are tasked to hull scrape their entire ship, to remove the NineTails paintjob before the ship evidence is discovered by security. If security forces arrive before you manage to perform the coverup, the security ships spot the hull colors, report back, and you will fail and be attacked if at the location. Do it in time, and the Tar Pits will pay you handsomely for your efforts, and your silence.

Ships and Vehicles
  • New Ship: MISC Hull-C
  • New Ship: Mirai Fury LX
Core Tech
  • HDR Implementation
High Dynamic Range (HDR) is now enabled for players with a compatible monitor. This is activated in Windows by going to the 'Windows Display Settings' and selecting 'Use HDR'. Then, open Star Citizen and select 'HDR' in the 'Graphics tab'.

Feature Updates

Underground Facilities - Rastar Update
Rastar is a tool which is used to quickly build POI’s on planet surfaces by combining pre-built modules together at the click of a button. They also change the way which mission locations are setup and streamed in, essentially, they are the future of creating planetary locations. This update moves all our original UGF’s over to the new Rastar tool workflow. All UGF's have been replaced in the same positions as they were previously, with the settings they previously had applied to them reapplied where appropriate. This means functionally the current locations should be no different than they were before on the mission side of things and also art wise should be the same barring some minor adjustments to the exterior layout of each location.

Wheeled Vehicle Handling Improvements
Updates and improvements to current ground vehicle movement parameters and simulation, allowing for more robust tuning and identity between various ground vehicles.
AI Ship Difficulty Rebalance
Until now, there has been a very small pool of ships available for use as AI in missions. With this new change we have included every ship able to QT into the mix for both Criminals and Civilians, though some that didn’t make sense for Criminals have not been added, like Cutlass Blue for instance. This update includes a full AI Ship Rebalance of difficulties. Ships have been divided into difficulty bands which have mainly been derived from large data sets based on PVP analytics. Finally, we have also made a new ship difficulty band of Very Hard which is now reflected in the Very Hard bounty/assassination missions.
Vaulting & Mantling - Air Ledge Grab Improvements
Implementing updated Vaulting & Mantling improvements that make the process much more smooth and intuitive for players. This update allows players to now be able to grab ledges while running and jumping, low/high vault while running and/or in mid-air, and allows low/high mantle while running and/or in mid-air.
Server Crash Recovery QoL Update
Server Crash Recovery has been updated for PES to now remember the last location the ship hailed for landing and landed/docked at. This will allow players who hit a server crash to have their ship spawn back at the last hailed location instead of their chosen home location where the landing area may not be equipped to handle their ships, such as a fully loaded or extended Hull-C.
Anti Combat Logging
Along with 3.20, we have added a new Combat Logging mechanic to avoid as much of this issue as possible. With this updated mechanic, while a player is in combat and outside of a green zone, the player and their ship will remain in the PU for a short period after exiting the game fully or to the menu. This also comes with a warning while exiting to menu to make sure you are in a safe area before leaving as it will leave your ship and character vulnerable at the location they left the server.
Notifications and Communication Settings
We have added multiple new options to help control what notifications and comms you will receive from other players. This includes blocking comms calls from non-friends as well as block friend requests, notifications from friend requests, party invites, and aUEC transactions.
Ship Quantum HUD Alignment
We have done a full pass on all ships to make sure all the Quantum HUDs have been properly aligned in view. Along with this, much of the Quantum UI has been removed to be much cleaner and remove unnecessary elements until a full, future quantum HUD update.
Argo MOLE Pilot Improvement
Added the ability for the Pilot in the Argo MOLE to use the ships mining scanners. This will not allow the pilot to use the lasers from the seat but will give the pilot the much needed information directly while scanning mineables.
MFD Persistence
Custom Vehicle MFD selections should now persist for as long as you keep the vehicle intact. Players should only have to set MFD menu selection once per vehicle but losing and insurance claiming it will create a new vehicle, thus losing the saved custom MFD.
Mobiglas Background and Darkness Occlusion
Visual updates to help the mobiGlas more readable on bright backgrounds. Vehicle/Ship HUD and other selective UI is now hidden while opening the mobiGlas in a pilot seat.
Mining Stability and Polish
Enhanced lifetime of ROC coolers to help adjust them overheating while in use and breaking down too quick.

Ships and Vehicles
Greatly increased the internal storage of the Drake Corsair

Core Tech
Keybinds Updates for 3.20
There have been many changes to default keybinds in this latest 3.20 update including removing some as default keybinds. Activate Ping changed to hold & release V, Flight ready changed to Right Alt+R, Decoupled mode moved to C, Cruise Control moved to Left Alt+C. (Please note: The default keyboard visual has incorrect bindings shown for this release. Please reference the "Advanced Controls Customization" for full list of updates.)
Updated EAC SDK to 1.15.5
Made Several Server Performance Improvements
Made Further Planetary Performance Optimizations
Made Further Engine Rendering Performance Improvements


September 18th at 11:02 pm

Bug Fixes
Players should no longer spin wildly when exiting a ship into EVA
Fixed an issue that was causing players to take unintended damage at the moment of transitioning from a ship grid into EVA
Fixed an issue causing players to become unbound and invisible to other players
Enemy combat AI should no longer be slow to respond or react
Fixed an issue causing the ROC's mining laser to not function
Fixed an issue causing the glass material to be blocked on ships with an activated view port (Talon, Prowler, ect)
Fixed an issue causing vehicles to be undeliverable from ASOP terminals
Fixed an issue causing interaction mode to constantly re-center the screen
Fixed an issue causing the starmap to not show planets the first time they open it
Fixed misaligned inventory items on widescreen resolutions
Fixed an issue causing looted items to not be equipable after restarting the game session
Fixed Medical Beds sometimes obstructing ships in hangars
Spawning ships causes the requested ship to spawn outside of the hangars
Ships should no longer show as 'Destroyed' when clicking 'Store' on the ASOP
Fixed an issue causing NPC reinforcements at outposts to wreck themselves continuously, creating piles
Fixed an issue causing CryAstro services to not offer the option to repair/refuel/restock ships
The Vulture default Baler salvage heads should now be able to be re-equipped in the VMA
Transit - Area18 - Orison - Shuttles/Trains/Trams - Fixed an isssue causing players to fall through some trams and shuttles to their deaths
Equipping more than 5 components in a single "Save Changes and Equip" VMA transaction should no longer fail
Fixed an issue causing ships to sometimes no load in the VMA
Fixed an issue causing players the sometimes lload in with their character dead, T-Posing, and partially submerged into the hab floor
Fixed an issue causing the Greycat Salvage Backpack to not equip correctly
Female player character should now be able to fully reach the medical bed terminal screen in various ships
Artimex Helmet's respiratory tube should now fully attach correctly when using the set
Fixed an issue causing ships to float away when landed on planets (Separate issue from blown away in the wind)
Players should no longer be instantly downed when transitioning from EVA to Gravity with a Tier 1 leg injury
Deadbolt V Cannon fire should no longer be inconsistent in its damage to players on foot
Ursa rovers outside of Klescher Rehabilitation Facility should no longer spawn under the garages, preventing prisoner escape
Transaction failures should no longer occur when attempting to deposit Harvestables in Klescher
ASOPs and ATC should no longer report all landing pads full despite empty hangars
New Deal and Vantage Rental Kiosks should no longer be missing
Mining Deposits Fracture Difficulty should no longer randomly change
Refinery terminals should no longer give a "Processing Your Request" message and not load the interface
The total transaction cost of renting ships/vehicles that's displayed on rental kiosks should no longer be incorrect to what the player is actually charged
Players should no longer be able to enter the ANVIL Carrack via interacting with the manned turrets on foot or via EVA
Greycat Multitool should now consistently stay attached to the Drake Vulture weapon rack
Paints should no longer cause the captain and crew quarters windows to be opaque in the Origin 400i
Fixed an issue causing Ultrawide resolutions to inhibit cursor movement and block the inventory close button
Fixed an issue causing lootable containers to displays a red loot prompt that is not intractable
Fixed 7 Client Crashes
Fixed 10 Server Crashes

Arena Commander 3.20 Patch Notes
Welcome to Arena Commander 3.20. This patch is the largest Arena Commander has seen since its creation. Below you’ll find all the details for all we’ve been up to during Stage 1 of our revitalization of Arena Commander. This is an important stage in our plan as it sets Arena Commander up for success, though it does deliver a lot of content it unlocks even more. We’re all excited to unlock Arena Commander’s potential and bring it to new heights with each patch. We hope you enjoy everything this patch delivers if you’d like to share your thoughts head over to the Spectrum Feedback forums!

Thank you,
Original Systems,
Arena Commander Feature Team

Unified Frontend & Lobby System
Electronic Access, Arena Commander and Star Marine have merged under a single “Arena Commander” frontend menu. This new frontend, powered by Building Blocks, unifies the various simulation module brands and menus into a single easy to use interface.

Included in this significant refactor is a complete rewrite of Arena Commander’s lobby system allowing you to squad up with people directly from your friends or party list with new squad limits per game mode, which can be seen from the game mode selection tiles.

This refactor sees Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Private renamed to Offline, Online and Custom respectively.

Experimental Modes
An exciting new initiative for Arena Commander has “Experimental Modes” rotate for a limited time throughout a patch cycle. These modes range from simple variants of existing modes like Single Weapon Elimination to brand new modes that explore new mechanics, locations, or even in-development features before they reach the Persistent Universe like part of the new flight model, Master Modes.

Play each game mode to be eligible for the “999th Test Squadron” Spectrum Badge!
Gun Rush
Gun Rush is a fast-paced elimination mode where each kill changes your weapon. Victory goes to whoever progresses fastest through all ranks to claim a kill with the final weapon.
Tank Royale
Tank Royale faces players off in a free-for-all tank battle across various ground arenas. Prove your skill using the new tank tunings & improved physics in this elimination-based game mode.
Team Tank Battle
Slightly larger scale than Tank Royale Team Tank Battle pits two opposing teams against each other, push forward against the enemy team and declare victory for your team in this team-based elimination mode.
Single Weapon Elimination
Ever wondered how you’d fair on an even playing field? Single Weapon Elimination debuts with the ArcLight pistol, the weapon all players have when beginning their journey in the Persistent Universe.
Mirror Match
Single Vehicle Elimination didn’t quite have a ring to it. Mirror Match equips each player with a communal (no purchase necessary) MIRAI Fury. Prove your dog fighting skills in this 1 vs 1 game mode where each player flies the same ship.
Master Modes: Free Flight, Duel & Endless Vanduul Swarm
Try out the brand new “Endless Vanduul Swarm” during this limited test of Master Modes. Come nose to nose with a swarm of Vanduul Scavengers, Hunters, Alphas and the 7 infamous Vanduul Primes that ravaged humanity for decades. There may never be an end to this swarm; but how long can you survive?

Experimental Modes: Master Modes (Detailed)
Experimental Versions of Free Flight, Duel and a special Endless version of Vanduul Swarm will play host a collection of features that update our flight model – the original game modes will be unaffected & remain playable. Dubbed “Master Modes” this feature encompasses many changes to our flight systems, detailed below.

Note below will detail default keybinds.
Flight Model changes:
- Added Tri-chording and Attitude Limiters: Axis combination of tri-chording and combined pitch yaw movement will not yield higher accelerations or rotates rates anymore. Highest G accelerations are now forward, best rotation axis is defined per ship. This only applies to ships used during the master modes test.
- Gladius agility was increased
- Boost and regen were adjusted
Master Modes:
- Master Modes added (press B to swap) between NAV and SCM
- SCM allows high capacitor regen rates, shields and weapons but restricts max speed
- Thruster boost / afterburner will temporarily allow you to extend beyond the SCM boundary
- NAV allows high speed but no shields and weapons. It also heavily restricts regen rates.
- Swapping between master modes in not immediate
- Shield face health is stored in a buffer up to a certain ratio when going from SCM to NAV. When going from NAV to SCM that buffer will be quickly pushed back into the faces. The shield face generation from that buffer cannot be interrupted by incoming fire.
Gunnery changes:
- New aiming system is enabled
- Combined fixed assist was removed.
- Fixed assist per gun was added.
- Auto gimbal mode: Instead of keeping of keeping the target in an 8 degree cone you only need to keep the target roughly around your aim point and your gimbals will track. When auto gimbals are not tracking they will act like manual gimbals.
- Fixed mode: there is one PIP per projectile speed group (you will see one PIP for the KLWEs and one for the GATS).
- Manual gimbal mode now also has fixed assist for each gun.
- Added option: show precision lines (for fixed and manual gimbal mode)
- Added option: Auto gimbal display (focused on average PIP or focused on target with gimbal position indicators)
- New target bracket
- Drastically increased ballistic ammo
- Removed N-1 system: An S3 gimbal will now hold an S3 gun (with penalty)
- Custom weapon stats for the Gladius weaponry
- Shield layout for the used Gladius is now Front / Back
Targeting changes:
- Added bindings to allow setting the default convergence distance directly from an input axis, however there is no UI for this yet
- Added binding to suppress aim assists if the button is held. Use it when you feel that aim assist works against you.

Spawning & Loadout Module Refactor
A rewrite of Arena Commander’s Spawning & Loadout Modules has the legacy code updated to modern standards, utilizing Persistent Entity Streaming, new entitlement service and a new spawn screen being introduced to most game modes allowing players to select their vehicle from within the game.

This is the first part of a series of updates to how spawning & loadouts are handled in Arena Commander, laying the foundations for exciting new additions like in-game loadout customization, multicrew and spawn locations.

We have removed the ability to customize your undersuit and team-based game modes will now overwrite your armor. Ammo and Medpens are no longer manually equipped, instead players are restocked on respawn. These changes allow us to streamline the loadout customization experience while we continue work towards a refactored UI/UX.

New Horizon Speedway Revamp
One of Star Citizens oldest locations sees it updated to include a real, full, planet – Green, the 3rd planet of the Ellis System. Including full atmosphere and refined track layout these new tracks bring a new challenge to Arena Commander’s Classic Race game mode. In addition to the three revamped maps: Old Vanderval, Rikkord Memorial Raceway and Defford Link.

A 4th addition to the New Horizon Speedway Collection, Halloran Circuit, introduces unique challenges with difficulty rivaling Defford Link, the hardest of all the tracks.

Nearly all maps have received a VFX & Time of Day Lighting Pass. Increasing the overall visual quality.
All New Maps for 3.20 Arena Commander
- All Game Modes (excl. Classic Race): Security Post Kareah, INS Jericho, and Winner’s Circle.
- Elimination: Echo 11
- Classic Race: Euterpe Icebreaker, Snake Pit, Yadar Valley, Miner’s Lament, New Horizon Speedway: Halloran Circuit.

New Rewards
Alongside this content drop is several new rewards to obtain from playing Arena Commander! Rewards can only be obtained in Online matches.
The following badge rewards have been added, you can view your acquired badge on your Spectrum Profile.
2953 Pirate Aggressor: Complete Pirate Swarm: Unlocking grants access to The Pirate Gladius and The Caterpillar Pirate Edition pledge store pages.
2953 Vanduul Aggressor: Reach Wave 25 of Endless Vanduul Swarm.
2953 Master-at-Arms: Win a match of Gun Rush.
2953 Tank Commander: Win a match of any Tank game mode.
999th Test Squadron: Play every Alpha 3.20 Experimental Mode to completion at least once.

Game Modes Adjustments
- Duel – Mode has been updated to be round-based. Players will now face off in a best-of-3 match where after each kill both players reset for the next round. Careful, ballistics & missiles will persist between rounds!
- Control (Last Stand) – Alongside a large collection of bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the mode and its maps our objective-focused game mode “Last Stand” has been renamed to “Control”.
- Free Flight – Reduced max players from 24 to 16 after player and performance feedback.

System & Balance
- Competitive Scoring – All competitive game modes now feature a new competitive scoring system where you are measured against the leaderboard rating of your opponent. Fighting the best pilot in the verse? You’ll get increased score depending on the difference in rating or on the flip side experienced players now receive significantly reduced score for killing new players.
- Death Cameras – All game modes now feature new death cameras, originally exclusive to Theaters of War, these new death cameras will follow your killer giving you a better idea of who, what and where for your killer.
- Lobby Recovery – Introduced with the new lobby system players who disconnect by any means from their lobby (be it in-game or forming on the Frontend) you’ll now be presented with an option to recover your instance, reconnecting to your lobby and if applicable automatically connecting to the match they are in.
- New Loading Screen Flow – With 3.20 we have performed a small refactor to how loading screens operate for Arena Commander. Once you begin connecting to your match you will first see a Game Mode loading screen. Shortly following that, as soon as the map which you are connecting to is confirmed, you will transition to a loading screen specific to the map. This resolves a long-standing issue where loading screens would be inaccurate to the map you are loading into.
- Pickup Balance – Ballistic pickups now award 100% of your ammo divided by the number of ballistic weapons (i.e. 4 ballistic weapons will receive 25% each upon pickup, while a single ballistic will be fully restored). Ballistic Pickups now also award Countermeasures.
- Medpens – Resolved an issue that caused some medpens to heal ~3% health. Alongside this change we have made a number of quality-of-life improvements to Medpens overall including that once healed you will automatically switch back to your weapon, and you should now automatically discard empty medpens among other quality of life and bugfixing.
- Scoreboard Updates – The first of a series of updates to the scoreboard was added, including a minor visual update primarily for team-based game modes, now showing team names, logos and rounds won. Squad members will now be highlighted differently.
- Lethal Takedowns – You can now hold the takedown button to perform a lethal takedown, regardless of having a knife. Tap the takedown button to perform a non-lethal takedown.
- Entitlement Refactor & Communal Vehicles – A refactor how entitlements and free vehicles/equipment are handled in Arena Commander. This should provide a faster and more stable experience when using or renting vehicles and equipment. We’re introducing a “Communal” concept, which allows us to grant players vehicles or equipment on a per-game mode basis without the overhead of the entitlement systems. These communal vehicles are free to all players but non-customizable; however, in most cases if the player already owns the vehicle, they will be able to utilize their vehicle with full customization (though some game modes may purposely limit customization).

While we work on a full refactor of our leaderboards, we have delivered some updates to the existing. In-Game Leaderboards have been removed; however, you can still access the website version here on the RSI Website.
Battle Royale has been removed from the leaderboards.
Duel has been added to the leaderboards.
“Last Stand” has been renamed to “Control” to match the in-game name.
Fixed an issue that caused individual entries per map.
Fixed several missing statistics.Bugfixing
Fixed an issue where switching between game modules or network type would cause you to load into the wrong instance type.
In all maps, fixed an issue where a map would start with the wrong “Time of Day”.
In all maps, fixed several locations which appeared too dark.
In all maps, fixed a collection of cases where the player could get out of bounds.
In all maps, removed the black & red out effects caused by being out-of-bounds.
In The Good Doctor, fixed an issue which caused players to clip under the facility.
In The Good Doctor, fixed an issue that caused the planet to become baron.
In The Good Doctor, fixed a large collection of vis-area related issues.
In Classic Race, fixed an issue where races would end after one lap.
In Classic Race, fixed the “Fastest Lap” appearing incorrectly on the scoreboard.
In Classic Race, fixed an issue where the game feed would report a bad string for checkpoints.
In Classic Race, fixed an issue where players would spawn on-top of each other during the pre-game.
In Classic Race, fixed an issue where with 4 or more players the player would spawn at checkpoint spawns rather than at the starting line.
In Classic Race, fixed an issue where the player would not match cycle.
In Control, fixed the scoreboard appearing inconsistently between rounds.
In Control, fixed an issue where objective text was not appearing.
In Control, fixed an issue where rounds would end prematurely.
In Control, fixed an issue where players were getting stuck interacting with the terminals.
In Control, fixed an issue where teams were scrambled in Round 3
In Control, fixed an issue where players would spawn on the wrong spawn point between rounds.
In Control, fixed an issue where the capture area VFX was sized incorrectly.
In FPS modes, fixed an issue where the pre-game countdown was ignored.
In Squadron Battle, fixed players self-destruct punishment not applying.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where victory score awards were not triggering.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where the game would not end after all enemies were defeated.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where enemy ships would not spawn.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where the AI would fly out of the playable area.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where if a player left during an active wave the enemy AI would stop spawning.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where AI would spawn and not move.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where the match would not end after all players lost their respawns.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where AI names were not present.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where Legendary Pirate or Vanduul names were not present.
In Swarm, fixed an issue where an AI assignment node was failing, resulting in AI behaving irregularly.
In Pirate Swarm, fixed an issue where several voice lines were not triggering.
Systems / Misc
Fixed an issue where pickups were not collectable.
Fixed an issue where pickups did not award the correct number of consumables.
Fixed a collection of issues relating to Rounds with a full refactor of the system.
Fixed a rare threading crash when flying through Racing Rings.
Fixed an issue where players would spawn too early, allowing players to enter combat with them before they had properly spawned.
Fixed a collection of issues with spawn invulnerability.
Fixed team scoring being inconsistent with actual score earned. Teams now gain 10% of player damage & kill scoring.
Fixed suicide & self-destruct punishment contributing to team scoring.
Fixed a collection of issues with Analytics where players events were either not reporting Singleplayer instances or providing inaccurate information.
Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck spawning due to not waiting for the OC to load.
Fixed an issue where games would not end.
Fixed broken weapon audio with Lumin V
Fixed a crash after receiving your second pickup.
Fixed an issue which award players positive score for attacking friendlies.
Fixed an issue where the players weapon would randomly drop.
Fixed several issues with “Join Friend” for Arena Commander instances.
Fixed an issue that prevented players suiciding/self-destructing in all game modes.
Fixed various cases of ship names or descriptions being wrong in the VMA.
Fixed various issues caused by players joining mid-match.
Fixed an issue where the med-dispensers supplied the wrong medpen.
Fixed an issue where the med-dispenser marker would not appear.
Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck in a death/respawn loop after killing an AI.
Fixed an issue where the player would always respawn in the same spot.
Fixed an issue where mineable were appearing in modes other than Free Flight.
Fixed an issue where players would matchmake into games that have already started, resulting in a 30014 error.
Fixed an issue where “Waiting for Players” count would reset when a player died.
Fixed an issue where after renting an item the player would not receive it until they restart their client.
Fixed a collection of issues which resulted in an infinite load due to bad spawn parameters.
Fixed an issue where match cycling would not select a new random map, causing players to get stuck repeatedly matchmaking into the same map.
Fixed an issue where award UI would appear in Offline (prev. Singleplayer), where awards are not possible.
Fixed an issue which prevented the mouse being enabled during “Searching for Match” match cycling.
Fixed an issue where selecting “Cancel” during “Searching for Match” would not work.
Fixed a collection of issues which resulted in the wrong loading screen being displayed.
Fixed an issue where the ready system would not timeout after a set time, causing some servers to get stuck with AFK players not starting the match.


Mar 28, 2014
The man the myth the legend lives !

- They will be doing more QoL from now on.
- PES was success but chosen database which supposed to be best in business (enterprise solution used by big business) failed and neo4j company works on fixing it with CIG.
- Ton of Squadron 42 stuff that will make into Star Citizen SOON(TM)
- CitizenCon watch it and buy ships.


Christopher Roberts@croberts68
Today at 3:26 am

Hi Terada,

I just wanted to thank you for your suggestions for QoL on Star Citizen.

Also your incredibly awesome flying and video capture skills - when ever I want to show someone the huge range of things you can do in Star Citizen your low flying or 100 player get together videos on YouTube are part of the links I share! When I started the journey on Star Citizen over ten years ago, I never imagined such dynamic and beautiful footage showing off both what the technology of Star Citizen can do and more importantly what players can do in the huge Sandbox we are building!

Back to your post, seeing tight, concise constructive feedback like this is super helpful - I also want you to know that I pay attention to the community's feedback as well as feedback by various Star Citizen Content Creators.

This year has been an especially difficult one in terms of stability and QoL due to the roll out of Persistent Entity Streaming (PES) in 3.18. The whole way we track and record state of the universe changed dramatically which also changed the way we handle the data in the backend in the cloud. Because of how we record state with PES we needed to switch to a different kind of backend database, so we moved from a SQL (relational) database to a Graph database. Unfortunately the Graph Database we selected, despite being one of the best rated ones and intended for Enterprise scale, has had major issues at load, causing the database to lock up and all the queries from the game servers to stall out. This happened on the 3.18 launch, where it took us a lot of effort to stabilize including some engineering on our side to lessen the load on the database. We thought we had this issue solved but the most recent version of the database software was a step backwards and we've had additional lock ups at load, which was what happened for periods on Wednesday just after we launched 3.20 and on Thursday, Friday and very briefly on Saturday. We rolled back to an older version and disabled some of the features last night that we suspect may be contributing to the instability (ironically we think the replication to mirror databases for full redundancy is a culprit to the database lock ups). This looks to have stabilized things. The backend database getting into a bad state manifests in multiple ways to infinitely spinning inventory windows, missing items and degraded game performance. We went with an off the shelf enterprise level database for stability and resilience as there is already a lot of new tech in Star Citizen - so its frustrating as the software that should be rock solid is the biggest offender in making the Star Citizen experience even more unreliable. We have the top engineers from the database company working on this, and we are also assessing other databases to switch to if the unreliability of the current solution continues.

One way or another we intend to have this solved in the very near term and the game coming back to 3.17.x stability levels.

We are also very focused on improving QoL - both annoying bugs that have been around for way too long and some things that we need to address to make the experience fun and welcoming. Your list is great in this respect as a lot of your suggestions are on our list too!

We did get some QoL fixes in 3.20 (like the QT HUD being lined up properly) but not nearly as much as the team or I would like. We will be working on knocking out bugs and improving QoL pretty continuously from here on out.

There is a lot of great tech and features that we are bringing into Star Citizen from Squadron 42 that will dramatically change the feel and polish of Star Citizen. For instance a lot of your suggestions in In Game Comfort and Readability have already been addressed by the changes we made for Squadron 42. The plan has always been to bring this work into Star Citizen, Squadron 42 was just a good way for us to focus and really polish the feel and usability without the pressure of maintaining functionality as we iterated on it for the always live environment of the PU. We've now hit an inflection point in Squadron 42's development that allows us to start bringing this work into Star Citizen in the near future.

I am very excited for Citizen Con, as we will be sharing a lot of these features and more. It will be great to be in front of a live crowd and spending time with the community in person. Its been four years since the last in person Citizen Con!


Mar 28, 2014
3.20.1 changes to 3.21 and it will be released in october.

The reason for change is that "replication layer" part of preparation to turn on server meshing is finished and now they need QA from players.

Basically state of the game will be outside of server and if server crashes new server will be spin up and players will continue as if nothing happened.

Naturally with above being like that if servers don't have state of game on them it means multiple servers can now feed from that data which is the final goal legendary unicorn called server meshing.


Full post from CIG:

Hi everyone,

Star Citizen Alpha 3.21 has just been released to the PTU. The primary reason for the nomenclature change from 3.20.1 to 3.21 is to signify Star Citizen approaching the next major milestone in its online/networking technology.

During the 3.21 patch cycle, we will introduce a new testing channel aimed at graduating new underlying technology. This new channel allows the dev teams to get players on a version of the game that matches the current live release in both content and features but that introduces large tech changes that must be validated, graduated, and ultimately mission-proven before making their way to a Live release.

The first project to enter this new technology-preview channel is the Replication Layer, which is a core networking part of the Server Meshing infrastructure. In this update, the game's networking replication and state are separated from the game server into its own service. Game clients are connected to this new service and the game server itself becomes a client with authority on the Replication Layer. With the replication moving off the game servers, the team is hoping to begin testing server recovery without disconnecting game clients from the universe state on a given game shard.

In short, this is the next step towards testing components of Server Meshing after deploying Persistent Entity Streaming earlier this year. For the time being, the game server will only be managing the Stanton System, so you won’t notice much of a change in your experience, however, this is a critically important step as we progress towards Alpha 4.0 and beyond.

We’ll share more information about Alpha 3.21 in our upcoming Roadmap Update next week, and you can look ahead to CitizenCon for more information about the preview channel and how it will play a vital role in further bringing our shared universe to life.
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Feb 26, 2016
Ah yes, server meshing and pyro, the two oldest carrots in the stable that pop out with every CitizenCON.


Mar 28, 2014
Ah yes, server meshing and pyro, the two oldest carrots in the stable that pop out with every CitizenCON.

They just added 3 jump points to game and SC community is raving about them lol


Feb 26, 2016
Ah yes, server meshing and pyro, the two oldest carrots in the stable that pop out with every CitizenCON.

They just added 3 jump points to game and SC community is raving about them lol

3 jump points? That's another +20 years of work right there....

Anyway, asked ChatGPT to write me something, I hope you guys enjoy it:

In the vast digital realm of Gamingdom, there existed a prestigious game development entity known as Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). Led by a visionary director, they set forth on a grand journey to create the most extraordinary space adventure ever conceived, a game they called "Star Citizen."

As the development of "Star Citizen" unfolded, the leaders of CIG became captivated by their own grand visions. They proclaimed a virtual universe of unparalleled scale and detail, promising an experience that would redefine the very essence of gaming. The graphics, they boasted, were beyond the comprehension of ordinary gamers, and the gameplay would be a groundbreaking marvel.

The gaming community, eagerly anticipating a revolutionary gaming experience, listened intently to the tales woven by the leaders of CIG. They pledged their support, investing time and resources into the promise of a gaming masterpiece that would transcend all others.

However, as development progressed, discerning gamers started to notice the gaps in the narrative. The promised features appeared elusive, and release dates seemed to recede into the distant future. When questions arose about the progress, the leaders of CIG reassured the community that everything was proceeding according to plan and that delays were inevitable for perfection.

Amidst rising anticipation, CIG announced a grand reveal of "Star Citizen" at the Stellar Games Expo. The gaming community gathered in excitement, expecting to witness the marvel that had been promised for years. Yet, as the demo unfolded, it became increasingly apparent that the game fell short of the grand vision. Basic mechanics were absent, and the immersive experience was nothing but a mirage.

However, much like the emperor in invisible clothes, the leaders of CIG continued to extol the virtues of their creation. They dismissed critiques as the misunderstandings of those who failed to grasp the complexity of their masterpiece. The gaming community, initially hesitant to question the mighty CIG, began to murmur with uncertainty.

In the midst of the murmur, a group of dedicated gamers emerged, echoing the courage of the child in Andersen's tale. They dared to question the reality of what was being presented. They pointed out the missing features, the delays, and the growing concerns within the gaming community.

The once-loyal followers, awakening to the illusions they had embraced, began to see through the grand narrative woven by CIG. Social media echoed with discussions, memes, and honest critiques. The once-mighty game development entity faced the consequences of overselling and underdelivering.

In the end, the tale of "Star Citizen" became a fable in Gamingdom. The gamers learned the importance of holding those in power accountable, demanding transparency, and not being afraid to speak up when promises turned out to be nothing more than illusions.

And so, the digital realm of Gamingdom continued to evolve, with the lessons learned from the tale of Cloud Imperium Games echoing through the virtual corridors of the gaming community.

Please note that this adaptation is entirely fictional and created for the purpose of storytelling. It is not reflective of the actual situation or events related to Cloud Imperium Games or "Star Citizen."

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Apr 14, 2005
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This might be kind of charitable, but Eve Online must have been unbelievably janky back in 2003, based on how it performs reasonably decently now, but still chugs in big blob battles and probably always will. There's an argument that it took nearly 2 decades for it to get polished and perfected to modern standards. Star Citizen isn't going to be an exception to the rule that MMORPG's are a hard bitch to tame.

But it's still beyond weird that the game runs okish now, as okish as any other, but the spreadsheets are holding everything back for some reason. I'm still holding to the theory that the game could be "finished" within a few months if pushed, but the permanent alpha phase brings in more $$$ so it's going to keep feature creeping for as long as it can get away with it.


Mar 28, 2014
- PES was success but chosen database which supposed to be best in business (enterprise solution used by big business) failed and neo4j company works on fixing it with CIG.
Could someone translate this into a human language?

Persistent Entity Streaming is form of data handling in engine which CIG pursued for years reworking cryengine data handling. Basically it allows like name suggest to stream in and out efficiently ton of data between RAM and database on disc that is not all loaded into server memory.

This allows for virtually unlimited amount of objects etc. in game to keep their state after being manipulated rather than being set to default when players moves away from object and it is streamed out. In single players games it is already a problem and virtually most of games don't do it aside from few (like betsehda elder scrolls games) but even those have "cleaning up" shedule implemented so that cabbage you left in game will be gone after few ingame days at best. In MMO games it is basically unheard off as any object will just get deleted if you leave it somewhere and move away from location. Point is that you can't do it in server RAM in MMO game because sooner or later it will blow the fuck out RAM limit with players littering, leaving objects and so on.

PES got implemented in Star Citizen patch ago and it works well trading data between server RAM and DISC but the database they choose on disc called "neo4j" proved to have some bottlenecks they need to fix working with "neo4j" company.

TLDR: CIG implemented fancy tech that has two components CIG game part and database part. Game part is ok but database they chose is not up to snuff despite being best in business and they work with database producer company to fix issues.


This was while ago as when they launched PES they had major problems with people not even being able to log in into game week or two after patch launch.

But it's still beyond weird that the game runs okish now, as okish as any other, but the spreadsheets are holding everything back for some reason. I'm still holding to the theory that the game could be "finished" within a few months if pushed, but the permanent alpha phase brings in more $$$ so it's going to keep feature creeping for as long as it can get away with it.

Yeah i said it many times. From my testing game tech wise is long finished but they keep on working on those streatchgoals adding new tech

Just like i read a month ago they will be presenting in CitizenCon new "mealstorm" damage system. Their current damage system is already top tier but nope they want more. IDK what is this "mealstorm" damage system but sure as hell this will add up to game dev time.

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