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Why do people hate Oblivion so much?


Most trustworthy slavic man
Aug 17, 2016
don't identify with EU-NPC land
Strap Yourselves In
If only oblivion didn't have the potato faces it would be instantly better than morrowind, because comparing both in their vanilla state oblivion is much more palatable. Morrowind you will get sleepy walking with molasse speed[unless you played the game and know where to exploit] but your sleep will be interrupted by the cliff racer attack. Oblivion rudimentary dialog system still better than no dialog at all in morrowind. Morrowind had less bullet spongy combat i think and more RPG instead of dexterity/action based like in oblivion. Overall, like with many developers experimenting with their later installments, in hindsight, they did two steps forward, one step back with some features. Oblivion still wins with their try to make the quests actual quests other than fetch quests.

Jack Of Owls

May 23, 2014
First time I fired up Oblivion the week it came out I was shocked by the giant font-size of the UI. I had only played PC games prior and didn't realize this is what happens when a game comes directly from consoles (or vice versa). Also, the fact that it ran like ass on my system with more micro-stutter than late stage cerebral palsy, combined with the horrible hackneyed encounter in the cell with the emperor seeing you as The Chosenone was too much to bear. I abandoned it for several months, maybe even over a year (until I got a better rig), but when I came back to it there were all the faults again. However, I found a mod (that DarkUI or whatever it was called - one of the first mods I ever installed in any game) and at least I was able to finish it without feeling like a consoltard. Played it one more time after that several years later with the special Wanderers Edition mod or whatever it was called then put it aside until I got back in a few years later with various tweaks, OOO and texture packs that crashed the game regularly, like, literally every few minutes, in the heat of main quest battles. Haven't looked back since..

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