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Recommend me something :(


Edgy Vatnik Wumao
Jun 2, 2017
Hey chaps,any good games you could recommend. I had run out of games i feel like playing. Anything fun with a lot of exploration and side content,good writing too. Have played most of the rpgs and can't find what to play :(. Just finished atlas fallen and baldur's gape 3,now finishing miasma chronicle and searching for something to do after it. Not interested in generic games where it is reaping the same shit over and over again like old dungeon crawlers,unless something more open and interesting like might and magic games. Also no diablo clones lol.

Lady Error

█▓▒░ ░▒▓█
Jan 21, 2021
Strap Yourselves In
Black Geyser, unironically. The beginning is not great, but it is a fine game.

Grimoire is open-world and has great writing.


Nov 16, 2021
I think Kenshi matches your description.
But don't try to play it in an "optimal" way so as to progress in power as fast as possible, or you will just end up exploiting the unbalanced stuff, playing it in a routinely way, and the charm will break. Try to really roleplay, set goals for your party (but without trying to rush to them) or just get lost while exploring, and the emergent stuff will find you. It is a hard game (if you don't use the exploits), but can also be pretty chill when you explore. The world is exotic and mysterious, a bit like in Morrowind, no generic fantasy.

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